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[Prime] Anker Soundcore Q35 Noise Cancelling Headphones $109.99, Q30 $99.99, Q45 $164.99 Shipped @ AnkerDirect, Amazon AU

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Was browsing Amazon and saw the Q35s (black only) for $109.99 which is appears to be a low on 3xcamel. Q30 and Q45 also on sale but have been these prices before.

I have no experience with these but thought I'd get a pair of the Q35 to try on an upcoming trip.



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  • anyone know if these are any good especially the Q45 ones please

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      I grabbed the q45s a month or so ago. They sound pretty damn good to me. Noise cancelling is very good aswell. I'm no audiophile though but with Amazon 30 day free returns can easily return if not happy with them.

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      I've had the Q45 for 3-4 months, doing quite a bit of travelling with them. Sound quality is quite good, noise cancelling is decent - not perfect, but excellent for the price. It cancels out almost all of the lower hum sound of a plane - not so great at the higher pitched stuff, but I think that's pretty common for NC devices. Catching the train for example, it removes the sound of the train itself, but you can still very much hear the hiss of the aircon, if that makes sense.

      In terms of the sound quality, I'm quite pleased - there's quite a good equaliser in the app and the overall sound is quite warm and comfortable. Former drummer, so my hearing ain't what it once was and I find that I get sensitive to that cutting treble feel of a lot of cheaper headphones, that hasn't been the case here.

      My son has a pair of Q35s that he absolutely loves - that's what encouraged me to give the Q45 a try… They're definitely not QC2 or XM5s but they're close enough that I find it hard to justify a $300 price diff I guess.

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      Q45 are good but Q35 are 90% the same so its a no brainer to go with Q35. They also don't have the limitation of Q30 which didn't allow you to use NC in wired mode.

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      I have q35's and have been happy with the performance of them recently replaced the pads as they were peeling. Decent bass on them and like the transparency and noise cancelling mode change by touching the side.

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      Good sound quality, but they are HEAVY.

      • well, it is 17g lighter than by Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

        • How do you find they compare to the Plantronics? My pair is finally starting to die after 6 year or so - the ANC kinda just rustles now. Got a pair of the Q35s coming tomorrow.

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    How do they get away with almost the exact naming convention as Bose?

    • +1

      Plus their logo kinda looks like Beats

    • Hard to trademark the letter Q - even harder when one of the selling points of your product is to make things quieter… Same for a versioning naming convention really.

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      Boring Overpriced Sound Experience.

    • Because it’s the model name not the brand name

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        Great Wall Corolla?

  • Q35 for that price is fantastic value!

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    I own one of Q35, good for the price for sure, performance is okish.

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    Q35 vs QC35?
    Other than the obvious 3x price

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    I bought the Q30 for my son last year. Be aware that there is no noise cancelling in wired mode. Yes, if you're on a plane you can't have noise cancelling when watching a movie (unless you buy a Bluetooth transmitter!)!!

    The other thing is it isn't a simple on/off switch, you have to hold the power button for three seconds to turn it on and off. This sounds simple, but practically it's a pain

    • +2

      and does q35 fix both these issues?

    • (unless you buy a Bluetooth transmitter!)!!

      So glad you said this. The plane thing gets brought up every deal, but you can pick up transmitters for $5 now. If you plan ahead it's really a non issue.

      In the past bt transmitters had some horrible lag, but I've tested a handful of the cheap ones based on v5 (working on a system so that two people can watch the same tv with different things playing) and lag is like 20-30ms. Practically imperceptible

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    Got the q30's and for $100 they're a steal. They're great for big heads

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      I found the clip broke easily

      • Yep mine too. Taped the spot as it happened outside of warranty and was an import model. Apparantly soundcore have replaced for some people under warranty. The q45s seem to have fixed this design faiult.

  • No blue no deal

    • +1

      Q45s are blue :p

  • Great deal, OP - esp on the Q35's. Grabbed a pair.

    Such a shame the deal isn't available in the soft pink model too. Damned Amazonian misogynists…

  • good bang for buck, q35 is decent (i have it)
    mic sucks tho

  • -3

    I thought Bose qc45

  • I have a pair of sony wh-ch720n that my wife had decided are hers. Are the q35s better than my/her sony wh-ch720n?

  • My AKG N700 headphones recently stopped charging, good timing to pick up the q35s in this deal, Thanks op.

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    Be warned q30 have shitty plastic clips on the head band that are known to crack. I have a pair of them gaffed into a fixed length. I got another pair via warranty and sold them. The q45 appear to be more robust.

    • Yep mine are taped as happened outside of warranty and was an import.

      Bought the q45s when they went on sale from soundcore recently as was $153 inc delivery when using 10% off first order code.

  • So the only difference between Q30 and Q35 is that Q35 has ANC in wired mode? Curious as to whether they're worth the extra $10! Usually find a bunch of very helpful people in the comments of these deals explaining it all but not this time!

    • +1

      Other differences include support for ldac and slightly redesigned earpads (they seem to be similar to my q45s)

      Rtings says that the q30s seem to have better anc then 35s though I can't confirm this as I only have 45s and 30s.

    • Q35 is a newer model so hold more value?

  • Will this beat SONY & BOSE ? My sony is almost broken. 1000XM2

    • Got the Q30s, terrible until you turn down the bass in the app. Then they're as okay as any on the ear BT headphone.

      I've compared to Bose and Sony, they all sound much of a muchness, and you're buying for the convenience and ANC, certainly not the sound quality.

      • Gotta disagree, Sony XM3/4 sounds very different from Bose.
        Sony has more bass, Bose more neutral

        • +1

          I'd agree with that, but overall to me none of them sound very good (very lacking detail). Base vs neutral is easily fixable with EQ, which is also mandatory for the Anker Q30 which are out of the box very bass heavy.

          So as to which beats which, imo it's down to comfort and how much ANC you need. Anker ANC is definitely behind. But they are cheap.

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    I bought the Q35 Jan this year from amazon, it was working fine until a few days ago it just suddenly stopped working, cant charge cant turn on, anyone with experience getting replacement? Do i need to contact Anker?

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      Contact anker directly. I had a pair of Q45's that wouldn't charge and they replaced them.

    • How do you find the Q35's?
      I have some older Taotronics soundsurge 90's iirc, and i've heard they are very good, basically knock off 'Bose' or whatever. Feel like the active noise cancelling carked it recently, otherwise wondering if the Q35's are a good option?

      • My wife had the Bose QC35 and I have this Q35, listening to the two i feel they are very similar, my Q35 does break down after about 9 month though, i am in the process of trying to get an replacement within warranty.

        • Bummer if they tend to break down 😐

  • Q35 vs G435?

  • I have some older Taotronics soundsurge 90's iirc, and i've heard they are very good, basically knock off 'Bose' or whatever. Feel like the active noise cancelling carked it recently, otherwise wondering if the Q35's are a good option?

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