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Gigabyte RX 7900 XTX Gaming OC Video Card $1529.15 ($1499 with eBay Plus) Shipped @ Computer Alliance


An OK ebay deal on graphics for once. Black Friday always seems to be a let down so looking at deals in the lead up. Not as good as July sales but the aud has also taken a dive since.

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      Hold on for life, dear!

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      What is this "hold" you speak of? Are you trying to say we should hodl?

      • What?

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          you know, hodl?

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    If the 4080 was obtainable at this price I wouldn’t be looking at this card, but sadly that’s not the case…
    Come on Black Friday

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      Everybody wants AMD to be competitive… so they can buy nvidia at a decent price. Sadly, I'm part of "everybody". Looking to upgrade my ol' 2019 GPU and I really wish AMD had more evenly balanced performance when it come to ray tracing. At this price point (remember the days when 1000-1500 would get you flagship performance?), and as much as I would like to avoid nvidia, I also want a well-rounded product, and between RT and the arguably weaker software feature complement, it's hard to not just wait for a sale for a 4080 within 100 dollars of the XTX.

      Of course looking at nvidia, once you start realising you're paying x102 money for an x103-class chip, that also becomes a tough sell…

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        But currently 4070 ti is 1200+ 4080 is 1800+. At this price 7900 xtx for 1500 is a much. Better deal.

        7900 xtx is flagship performance for 1500. Unless your flagship is 4090..

        If you break down the details (how much difference between 4080 vs 4090) I just don't see how I can pay them more money. It is disgusting the way they are treating the customer.

        • Well I guess that's my point, the equivalent of a 4090 could be had for the price of a 4080 not long ago, and sure, inflation, but I'm going to bet that current prices are more a result of nvidia having a complete hold on the ML market.

          The main problem for the XTX is that the 4080 has been down to 1600 before, and at that price point it pains me to say that the 4080 is a better buy (to me at least).

          Anywho, I'll go back to hoping for a Black Friday deal :)

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            @Zedster: Have you seen the AUD to USD recently. We will be lucky to see a $1600 4080 again, even on black friday

          • @Zedster: It comes down to how long you willing to wait I guess. But like others said with our currency right now. I don't have high hope 4080 will be back to 1500.

            I do hope 7900 xtx can be around 1400 or 1500 for a flagship card like nitro+

          • @Zedster: the 4080 actually came down to $1,500 in june. i wish i didnt wait lol. hoping that black friday brings it back down to that. I'd be happy enough for that price. ive set a cap for gpus for a maxium of $1,500 lol

        • One can always hope… or be deluded.

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      The saddest part is: they used to be a few months ago. I missed those prices :(

      The 7900 XTX were also available for about $200 cheaper than this one

      • Cheapest 7900 xtx on ozbargian 1400. I never seen one for 1500-200=1300.

        Unless you are taking about that Italian shop (which you have to pay custom and shipping) so no that is not true price.

        This deal can be cheaper but not by 200. At least we never seen it.

    • a ventus 4080 costs 150 more ?

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    This is better value (RX 6950 XT for $1000):

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      This is still overpriced for a 7900 XTX, but a 3 year old card that runs 30% slower while using more power really isn't better value.

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        7900 XTX costs 50% ($500) more.
        6950 XT is more like 20% slower, not 30%.

        There hasn't been much improvements with the new gen.
        3 years old, is still relevant. You get a lot better pricing for slightly less performance.

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          It's 50% more cost for 35-40% more performance at 4K, depending on which review you look at. The performance gap is smaller at lower resolutions, but realistically you should only be spending this much money on a GPU for a 4K/Ultrawide high refresh rate monitor.

          Generational improvements aren't particularly impressive this time around, but the die shrunk from 7nm to 5nm means it does that while using less power.

          I personally don't think the saving is worth it, and if you want to spend a bit less I would be waiting for a 7900 XT (not XTX) deal rather than going with a last gen card.

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            @Shrew: Harder to stomach paying $1K for GPU, let alone $1.5K :-)

            • @congo: IMHO, those who need to "stomach" paying $1K for a GPU, should not be getting $1K GPUs. Get used ~$300-$400 like me.

              • @xrailgun: How long does the warranty for used last?

                • @congo: that varies quite a lot… usually no warranty, or a few months of seller trust-me-bro warranty if you're buying ex-mining.

                  • @xrailgun: ok, I was hoping you know of a seller/shop that has 6 months warranty.

  • Hodl

  • Does eBay have this 15-17% off every month?!

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    I bought a 4090 for $2600, am I screwed?

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    Holding for a black Fri 22% off, with no (!) jacking (at least CA doesn’t generally seem to do it like shopping express et al do…)

    Can’t see that we’ll get any base price reductions with AUD tanking so much. Nvidia don’t seem to be budging much on msrp too, though that might mean a play by team red for the big sales. Will see. I just…gotta…hold

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      Jack always shows up to the party.

  • Buy or hold? I bought a 7700 xt for $1200 1•5 years ago

  • how does amd's recording compare to nvidia? i heard at low bitrates <10Kbps nvidia has better quality

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      how does amd's recording compare to nvidia?

      Not even close

      On VMAF, NV 40 series 1st, Intel Arc a close 2nd and AMD 7000 series a distant 3rd

      And since you would want to encode AV1 - one of they key points of upgrading to RDNA 3 is AV1 hardware encoding - how about this nice surprise:

      AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin - Known Issues
      Audio may intermittently become out of sync with video when recording from AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition with AV1 codec.

      If any part of your workflow is reliant on proper software support right now for AMF, ROCm, FSR 3 etc you will struggle with AMD

      • damn that sucks balls, i was hoping amd could compete in h264

  • GPU deals have been terrible lately or no deals at all. Australia gets robbed when it comes to GPU pricing, availability and no sales or deals. Disgraceful.

    • Agree. only minor glimmer has been 4070 on eBay plus with recent codes in combo with disc GCs. Can get down almost 800. But it’s hard work and not driven by suppliers… hopefully see something decent soon for black Fri

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        at this rate i feel my 1080 will have to carry me for another year..

  • Ah I went for it, yep, I know it'll be cheaper one day, the earlier deals in the $14XXs were great, but its far and away the best deal for right now. I did the maths its the best bang for buck when put in a new system for the games I'm playing.

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