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[Prime] Beelink AMD Ryzen5 5560U Mini PC, 16GB DDR4 + 500GB SSD Windows 11 Pro $349.30 Delivered @ Beelink Amazon AU

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Beelink AMD Ryzen5 5560U Mini PC, 16GB DDR4 + 500GB SSD Desktop PC, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, Dp and HDMI Mini PC, 4K@60Hz, USB 3.0 Gen2, WOL, Auto Power On

Thoughts vs the N100?

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  • i think it has always been around that price. check out the 1tb version its cheaper than its inflated rrp for the 500gb version

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    i wonder if i should waste my money…

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    1tb version for $384. Better value imo.

    • It's wierd the RRP of the 1TB version is cheaper, trying to work out if anything is removed but looks identical except for ssd size

      Actually the 1TB version listing is screwed up, it shows int he specs as having a 6600H in it which is more powerful but generates a hell of a lot more heat and sucks power. I am assuming listing is just wrong.

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    Or go all out with the UM773

    MINISFORUM Venus Series UM773 Lite Mini PC AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS up to 4.75GHz 32GB DDR5 512GB PCIe4.0 SSD AMD Radeon 680M Mini Computer, 2 x HDMI,1x USB4,5X USB Ports,WiFi 6,BT5. 2 https://amzn.asia/d/dG8lnPg

  • The Ryzen is better at everything unless you want the lowest watts.

  • What do people use these for?

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      Home assistant (locally based smart lighting and such that works even if your internets out and is fully customisable/scriptable), pfsense software router, home theatre (kodi, plex, etc) and sharing that with family/friends like private netflix, private vpn, radio scanning (and a whole world that unlocks, like pulling down live weather satellite images)…

      The list goes on. If you like to tinker, you can run an astounding amount even on ones less powerful, using linux especially, etc.

      People have made insanely energy effecient houses doing things like turning off the air con ahead of a cold front, then activating quiet and low power ductfans to ventilate their home / roof space. Or the reverse if its warm outside. Etc.

      Automatic garden watering that doesnt if its rained already, or about to.

      • I see. Just seems alot to run linux on. I saw this one on special the other day, are they all fairly similar or is intel too hot? https://www.amazon.com.au/KAMRUI-Desktop-Computers-Computer-…

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          This one is relativeoy very beefy yes, and defeats the point imho, being low power usage.

          If you go proper cpus in this form factior theres almsot always a sting in something. Like gimped pcie lanes on the cheapie motherboard etc you may as well go mini itx etc.

          • @Ademos: $300 bucks in a neat tiny format is tough to beat. I just wasn't sure if people were using them for some other use.

      • Wow this is another level of smart might have to do my research and get my head around this sounds like something i will need

    • Nice retro gaming unit as well.

  • Would something like this be ok to run Photoshop Lightroom etc??

    • It can run it but it won't be a particularly enjoyable experience. If you need to do photo editing, you should get a proper PC/laptop with the appropriate amount of processing power. These mini PCs are cheap for a reason.

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      the SER5 Max would be better
      Lack of a DGPU will hurt if you're doing any AI related photo work (like denoise etc)

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