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[Prime] Fantastic Noodle Beef (OOS) / Chicken Cup Bowl 85g - $1 each ($0.90 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Not all time cheapest.. But good enough to stock up.

Long live MSG

Chicken Flavour

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  • Why no pork flavour?

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    Nice. Dinner for $1.

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      This is not dinner. Your body would be healthier if you just fasted for the night rather than eat this garbage

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        What happens if you end fasting with this garbage..? 😅 I've fasted for 18 hours a day for 95% of the last 4 years but regularly eat this garbage.

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          Not sure why your comment is getting downvoted?

          • @Mondorock: Me neither. Maybe sore losers who can't fast for 18 hours for 1 day..? 🤣

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      Let 💩 eat 💩 and float away, hey, it's all about convince, flavour and texture. Who gives an F if almost everything in shops now has at least few artificial ingredients. Eat, smile, die! 😊

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      I still can’t believe Americans call all instant noodles “ramen”.

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        The Japanese ancestors are rolling in their graves

        • Not really. It's what they were called originally.
          Also, the inventor was Korean. Also, Ramen is just an adaptation of Chinese noodle soup. No Japanese were offended. Just non Japanese claiming on their behalf.

      • That's because it was called Ramen in Japan from the very beginning.
        "Momofuku Ando was born on March 5, 1910.
        He established Nissin Food Products and founded the Ando Foundation.
        In 1958, Momofuku invented Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant ramen, creating the instant ramen industry."

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    MSG Fuiyoh!

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      Make s.. t good

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      MSG is the least of your worries of this meal.

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    Too much litter

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    Thanks ordered four in separate orders

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    These are really disgusting. Sure they're cheap, but their popularity is stupefying.

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      This. Absolutely putrid.

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    If you’re eating these as an adult it’s time to reassess your life :(

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      Anyone eating these needs to check they're actually alive first.

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      I thought the same thing as I drove my Hyundai Getz into my $250k+ job today. $1 noodles or high yield investment vehicle. The struggle is real.

    • I remember taking these on school camps back in the 90s and cooking them outdoors on trangia stoves.

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    These are absolutely disgusting, at least eat suimin if you are going to subject your body to this garbage, or make some indomie or something..

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      If they're so bad then why the 4.5 star rating on Amazon?

  • Same Coles or Woolies atm

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    The noodles in fantastic cup noodles are just mush in the shape of noodles when they're dry.

    Go with any other instant noodle from Asia and you would be far better off.

  • "Long live MSG" - is it healthier than salt?

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    Wow, noodle elitism, that's an un-expected first for me.

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      In my uni days i always looked down at these fantastic noodle eaters while i consumed my far superior mi goreng.

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      Yeah not sure why all the hate… these are fine. The health/nutrition comments are hilarious, since most probably upvote the KFC deals and throw on some extra MSG/Salt!

  • Are instant noodles unhealthy only because its high in calories salt and has no protein and vitamins or is there another reason? What if we add meat and veges to it?

    • Its mostly the high sodium.. even if you add meat and vegies you still are consuming the high sodium. Having said that I doubt anyone lives off these things and much like anything else in moderation there is nothing wrong with it

      • What if you work out a lot and sweat it out?

      • I'm sure plenty live off them. Also I hear they're hugely popular in prisons, basically staple food.

    • its salt, fat, preservatives, and ultra refined carbs. nutritionally desolate garbage.

  • out of stock for me, chicken in link above available, max 6 per order.

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    for those special kind of folks who are poor and lack any kind of self respect

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