AGV K1 Grip Helmet (Matte Black/Red) $195 Delivered @ MotoHeaven


First post on here.
This one’s for the motorcycle enthusiasts of OzBargain. A local shop near me is running a clearance sale on some big brand helmets. They’ve got the K1 down to $195 right now. There’s 4 styles to choose from as well as a couple of sizes in stock. Free delivery on orders over $100.

They also have other helmets on clearance too if the K1 isn’t for you.

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    Maybe the K1 S is finally getting local stock soon then (ECE 22.06, rather than the ECE 22.05 standard these meet)

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    Is the Ninja ozbargains fav bike

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      I have one.

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        I go to 2024 zx6r

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          Nice, I got a 2019 zx6r.

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            @1r4n14n: OZB Motorcycle meet up

            • @he11bent: OzB 1%er's lol

            • @he11bent: Bike night Melbourne 27th October 7pm Ron Barassi park Docklands…..

              I will be riding my Ninja.

              • @rodericb: I'm in Sydney and my bike is getting put back together this weekend.

        • I've got an 09 zx6r. How do you find the 24? Been thinking of upgrading.

          • @Camm90: It's amazing but I went from a 250 so anything would be. Which it had electronic throttle body but other than that. Love it

        • I ride 2012 Honda CB400 and super happy

      • Is it true to size mate?

    • Laughs and sips espresso in Ducati

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    • Try using code WELCOME10 on top. Periodically works.

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        As an OzB'er even though I don't own a bike I went and tried the WELCOME10 code ….. it doesn't work ;)

        • It seems to work around sale periods. Worth a shot!

  • How do you guys buy an helmet online and then you return it because it doesn't fit?

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      Can't return helmets

      • Certainly not when bought online, but when I bought mine instore the shop was happy for me to take it home and make sure it fit, and gave me the option to return it so long as it wasn't taken out on the road, stickers not removed etc. (The sticker on the visor which is next to impossible to put back on 100%)

        Might have just been because i was a pain in the arse and not sure which helmet brand/size I wanted..

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          That makes no sense…you could try it on in store but you can't online and you are just as able to drop the helmet at home as someone ordering online.

    • Have bought two online and both have been ok. 1st Scorpion Exo R1 Carbon in size small, had to get xs liners for the inside, has been brilliant, my favourite helmet.

      2nd was from this deal - in size XS - My second most used helmet.

      Just have to do a bit more reading and researching on the shape.

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      Best to go to store and try one on, all the brands are different sizes.

      I bought a L shark and it was perfect, later on bought a L agv and it was too small. I was getting migraines after a few minutes.

      • Best to go to store and try one on

        The main problem is stores don't have in stock what you're looking after.
        I bought an helmet online and it put pressure on my forehead so after 10 minutes I couldn't wear it anymore.
        And I was looking to buy a Nolan helmet, nothing in stock to try on, I even contacted the Australian distributor and they told me to suck it up.

        • If the store doesn't have stock, try a different brand

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        100% this. You could easily be throwing your money away unless you know it fits you well.
        I can fit Nolan and Arai. Shark, AGV and HJC are a no go.

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          200% this. Arai and Shoei for me. HJC and AGV also no go for me.

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    Nah, no plastic lids for me, but of course you are not getting into a decent fiberglass or carbon fiber helmet below around $500.

    Although there is this ……

    • The Sydney Squids 2nd favourite carbon helmet

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        Right after their #1 squid lid: Ruroc

    • I still have my RHOK helmet.. 😅 M13 sponsored!

      Now I use a Nexx XR2 Phantom. 😁

  • This is prob no better than my Shark Skwal 2?

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    Good looking helmet but unfortunately, it's plastic.

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    are the helmets in the deal and the comments suitable for Karting?

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      I took my AGV K1 to a rental cart track. No one questioned it. Although you may be asking regarding pro karting?

  • Don't need a helmet at the moment but the one advantage in my life is having a small head. I only fit small and they are always the ones that are usually on sale lol

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    For an extra $50 I'd definitely recommend the AGV K3 SV. The K3 SV's are generally regarded as being more comfortable.…

    • Can confirm, K3 is a much better buy.

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      Can confirm. Have a K3, very comfortable, plus the internal drop-down sun-visor is worth the extra money imo.

    • Can confirm too

    • Agree, had the K3 as my last helmet and it's been great at that price point.

    • The color scheme asking to get trolled on, I'd avoid at all costs

    • No good for a thick rugby-player neck though, All AGV's end up with the chin bar too close to my face - a lot of Arai's used to be similar, though I haven't tried one since the mid-90's.
      I have almost always owned Shoei's for the fit on my head shape and high quality.

  • Decent budget lid but as other have said, best to go to a store and try different brands on. You might be a medium in one brand and large in another.

    Only helmets that fit me right are Arai. Managed to snag a nice pedrosa Corsair for $699. Beats the 1100 to 1200 MSRP haha

    • Yes, you can luck out sometimes. I got an Arai Chaser-X by some fluke for $416 delivered. I need to keep my eye out for the next deal like that or go to Japan and pick one up!

  • How is aldi helmet? Thanks

    • I’m assuming it would be okay, but probably not great in terms of comfort or safety. At the end of the day, safety gear doesn’t really matter until the one moment when it truly does. If you are able to pay a little bit more for a helmet that’s gonna perform a lot better at keeping you safe, then I would highly recommend it.

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      For city traffic maybe ok, once you go faster though I found the wind noise unbearable. Upgraded to AGV K3 within 3 months and haven't looked back.

  • Pretty average safety rating:

  • This is an awesome helmet for that money. Nothing like a little bit of knowledge rather than assuming this or that. Only downside appears to be sizing with these - those with tiny or huge heads won't be happy

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    Helmets are just one of many things you shouldn't skimp on (like keyboards and shoes). Highly recommend everyone look at something more comfortable, quieter, cooler (as in temperature) and cooler (as in street cred).

    • Keyboards and shoes are meh for me, I do wear good shoes, but only buy them cheap.

      I spend good money on;

      the first two for safety, the third because you buy cheap, you buy twice (or more)

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        I forgot tyres. Agreed on that.

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    Nice looking helmet! Good to see some motorcycle stuff!

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    Perfect for my 2000 watt ebike. It has peddles so it's an ebike.

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