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MJX Hyper Go 14209/14210 1/14 Scale Brushless 55km/H US$68.72 / A$112.56 Delivered @ Shop1103079706 Store AliExpress


I’ve been looking for an entry level RC truck for a while now. This is the newer 1/14th scale Hyper Go which I haven’t seen for <$250 yet.

The Hyper Go seems to get great reviews across the board, and this one is 50% off, so it’s bargain time.

Quadify RC Review:

Skate park bashing session:

Price breakdown for my order:
$112.56 base price (50% off)
-$2.25 AliExpress Coins
+$11.03 GST
Total =$121.48 + Free 15-day shipping

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UPDATE: 14210 is OOS. Only the 14209 left.

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  • +3

    These are awesome machines coming from someone who has the xmaxx, maxx, kraton 6s, stampede.

    Very tough and tonnes of go.

    • +3

      Almost TOO much power. I turn the speed down on mine or it pretty much always flips over when you launch

      • Does the wheelie bar help with that much?

      • I thought 2s was good but only use 3s now as it's a beast on 3s 💪💪💪

        • Waiting on 3s from Ali express, it's silly already but can use it with the drift car too.

    • can you recommend a wheelie bar?

  • +2

    Obviously some RC experts here. What would be a good crawler RC car. My young fella wants one for Christmas (extra point if it have a patrol/LandCruiser body).

    • What's your budget and how old is your son?
      Depends on how much time you have also to invest in repairs and maintenance too.
      Rc gets expensive pretty quickly

      • 15 years old, maybe $200?

        • Hmmm..not a crawler guy and $200 really won't go very far after batteries and charger.
          I think check out traxxas trx4 to get an idea. Unsure what bargain rc crawlers are out there. Traxxas IS overpriced though. But I'd say u might need to spend $450 ish

          • @misguided_will: Ouch, was hoping with a deal listed that AliExpress or the likes might have a deal in my budget

            • @wayfastwhitie: Might be some. Probably check out yt and see. I think crawler market might be smaller than bashers. Good hobby to get into. You'll learn about mechanics and electronics

        • +1

          Crawlers are dam slow. Maybe a bit slow for a 15yr old?
          That said if you look up WPL c24. / c14 etc that’ll give you something to google. Go on Aliexpress and look up crawlers find the popular ones and google or YouTube sone reviews. There’s a number which are sub $100 and for piece of mind you can spend a few dollars more and buy off eBay if you like. Easy trouble free returns in first 30 days!

          WPL iC54 has a nice Cruiser body but check the Tomley RC review on YT and others as he wasn’t overly impressed.
          Mn99 mn98 c64….
          All very budget entry level rigs. Haven’t owned any but considered for my 4yr old as the other stuff might be too fast for her

        • Axial RC Truck 1/24 SCX24 2021 Ford Bronco 4WD Truck Brushed RTR (Comes with Everything Needed), Grey, AXI00006T2 https://amzn.asia/d/8TiTrDc


        • We got my 4yr old an MN99, which was perfect for him. Goes around walking speed (brisk), so he can actually control it. Looks like they do a waterproof one now too:

          I got a metal diff and suspension upgrade too. Which was probably a good idea because the other diff shat itself after a bit. I also bought a second battery which has a slightly different connector (which can be plugged in if forced). And that’s what led to the motor driver electronics blowing one day when I plugged the second battery in backwards. I’m an electronics geek so I fixed it after ordering replacement Chinese motor diver ICs off eBay, but it shows they haven’t even put in a diode to protect it. The motor shaft chewed out at some point so I complained to Banggood and they sent me another. Anyway the unit is still going, my kid still loves it. But it barely turns, is all unbalanced and the suspension is super soft and twitchy.

          I have an old Tamiya Madcap I built when I was a teenager, which I’m meaning to fix up one day, he’ll love that.

    • +1

      You could look for some smaller scale crawlers to get better value. (Apparently) smaller ones can be more fun anyway, because the same obstacles can pose more of a challenge to the smaller trucks. Quick googling suggests fcx24 or the scx24 as good options around $200.

    • FMS FCX24, you can buy it with a few different bodies

    • Buy one at least 1/10th scale

      Look on YouTube for cheap rc crawlers, Kev Talbot and Tomley RC usually review them

      I’d buy a good 2nd hand one on FB marketplace rather than spend $200 on a new one but there might be some awesome model I don’t know abou. But on marketplace, people are always looking to clear out their RC collection and Christmas is a good time to buy because people want that money
      *edit: if you clean and detail the vehicle, it will look like new

  • +3

    Which body type do the experts on here recommend?

    There’s a 4WD style and a low style

    • One comes wirh two bodies

    • I prefer the truck. More clearance but depends what kind of driving you are going to do

    • +1

      I reckon overall the low / 14210 would be wildly more popular. Lower has better centre of gravity for turning and less likely to be damaged over jumps/flips.

      Edit: I take it back re: handling, on this particular size the truck handles better than the truggy per quadifyrc.

  • +1

    Link no longer works.

    • It’s still working for me..

  • Noooo… missed it! 😔

  • People love this model at full price, what a bargain

    5.5% https://www.topcashback.com.au/search/merchants/?s=AliExpres…

    • +1

      It's one of the best bang for buck RCs even at full price

  • I'm not very good with understand batteries/voltage/etc could someone explain to me what I should be getting if i was to buy a replacement/spare battery for this car? I tried searching the same specs but there seems to be no identical matches I could find.

    • +2

      U need to get a battery that physically fits, has the cells the esc can run ie 2s or 3s and same connectors at a min. Mah and C are capacity and discharge. The later in tests apparently don't make that much difference depending what test you watch on yt but basically higher the better constant and burst C for punchiness

      • +1

        This is a great help thank you - Do you know what the name of the connector is that RC battery uses or is it not a standardised type and I basically need to just look at pictures of it to match them?

        • +1

          Deans connector on this one
          But u can always change if you can solder and have a decent solder.
          Connector not really an issue on small scale re current. More concerned about unplugging while doing flips etc. But u should be OK for this.

  • +4

    Storefront opened since Sep 4, 2023

    • I've found aliexpress sellers are actually very good. U have paypal and aliexpress protection. I find Amazon riskier after sales wise.

      • Was just putting it out there for people to see, I also prefer to buy from sellers with a name rather than lazy (Shop 1103079706 Store).
        Risk v reward

        • +1

          Yep, learnt the hard way. Just ordered a Reolink camera from a shop ####number. Said delivered and signed for in Sydney but I am in perth. Shop now doesn’t exist. Opened ali dispute. See what happens. Should’ve known better lol.

      • -1

        Amazon's service has gone downhill a lot. My last order from Amazon US never arrived and they messed me around to get a refund.
        AliExpress delivers quicker and usually gives me a full refund straight away if anything is incorrect.

      • Username checks out. Been absolutely shite in 2023. If it was 2022 or earlier I would agree with you.

        Sellers shipping wrong items rampant, things not turning up. AliExpress customer support terrible.

  • +5

    I’ll be really surprised if this arrives. I placed an order with a bunch showing in stock only to have it shipped within seconds and appear as out of stock and the listing details change.

    This has occurred too many times recently with both Choice and non choice items. In most cases it disappears in transit or the seller sends the wrong item.

    Aliexpress was great for a while but the last years really frustrated me.

    Fingers crossed

    • I'd be more concerned being sent the wrong item or it being doa and needing to return.

      If it doesn't arrive u have protection by aliexpress and PayPal.


      • or chargeback on CC

    • I've never used ali Express before. Is it easy to get money back if I order this and don't get anything (or get the wrong item)?

      Is there a more legit seller for slightly (not too much) more? Ideally gold. Or other recommendations for a good rc car for an 8 year old (this one might have been a bit overkill, but we'd use it together only)

      Edit: looks like you can get 2 or 3 batteries with different top speed. Is that right, ie top speed needs an extra battery? 55km seems like plenty though

      Edit: was just about to buy the gold one but out of stock. Oh well.

      • +1

        Money back is easy if it never arrives. If they send the wrong item or doa it’s a pain in the ass.
        One seller requested I post it back but for the life of me I could not find any advice on what to do if they claimed it never arrived, what shipping and tracking to use etc….
        If I receive the wrong item or doa I’ll open a forum post here for advice.

        • Some items have "Free Returns" on the listing. If it's not right you can request a return and get an Auspost label to print out. The address is in Aus and you get refunded when it arrives there. There are some restrictions (like only 3/month) but is very handy if you need it.

        • PayPal protection is worthless these days. Aliexpress too. They wanted me to file a police report for a $7 item that was missing… PayPal just sides with the seller

        • I got ripped by this.
          REceived the wrong item with promises of return postage covered.
          Now down $160
          Raised a claim with Paypal and I now wait.

      • Other sellers so should be able to find I think in gold hopefully

    • Yip I bought this car from very similar store name last month for about the same price , what arrived was a $30 RC trike. I goty.money back but it was annoying. Of the price seems to good to be true on Ali it probably is.

      • This exact same thing happend to me, Aliexpress closed my refund request after I returned the item to the address they told me to and then claimed I sent it to the wrong address

  • Looks like a good truck.

    Any one recommend something similar, but with no batteries?

    I have 3x 3S LiPo Battery 5200mAh 100C 11.1V Deans

    • +1

      Had same issue finding alternatives.
      I have 2s and 3s so enough really for my sessions and then fire up my maxx or other rc

  • Pay in USD if you have a CC that does the conversion for free. It's even cheaper.

  • +1

    Ordered - fingers crossed!

  • Does this need batteries? I thought it had one included? Any recommendations on additional batteries?

  • +1

    Does anyone recommend the 2S 3000mAh over the 3S 2500mAh? The 3S is only $7 more.
    Is there a difference from the 14209/14210


    • I got both.
      Alternative batteries hard to find, at least when I bought a while back.

    • +1

      I’m no expert, but I believe the 3S battery has a higher voltage and thus the car runs faster (closer to 70kph), whereas the 2S battery runs at the stock 50kph. I’ve seen a couple of reviews say that the 3S battery puts too much stress on the diff & gears long term, but YMMV

      The 14210 w/ 3S battery was OOS when I posted. Now seems that all 14210’s are OOS & only the 14209 is left.

      The difference is minor IMHO, but look up some reviews on YouTube. Here’s one that compares some aspects, start around 4 minutes:

      • Thanks for that and the link. I got the 3s. Might be a bit overkill though.

  • +3

    I bought from a similar seller with a very similar name about a month ago for about the same price. Completely different RC car arrived and I had to go through the refund process. I have been wanting one of these for a while but this is too cheap.

    • What was involved with the refund? Did you have to send it back?

    • Looking at this sellers page, feedback on very low priced items is OK, high priced items such as this (a drone) is terrible. Really want to pull the trigger but not worth the hassle.

    • Same happened to me . Similar store name same price. They sent me a $30 RC trike ..managed to get a refund but it was annoying

      • Judging by that first review the same thing happened this time. Same trike as well.

  • Damn OOS

  • +1

    14210 is sold out

  • Page gone… Have I been fleeced?

  • Aliexpress is good, but i won't recommend to buy from a no name shop.

    • I did once and tried to cancel the order, I didn’t notice the shipping date was about 8 weeks away and offered to pay express shipping ( rc cars again )

      The seller responded with: don’t worry, it won’t take that long.
      So I took the gamble rather than forcing a refund and re ordering with someone else for an extra $20 per unit…
      I think they showed up in less than two weeks. Very happy. Never had a problem with Ali Express stores but someone did steal 2x Crawler body shells from my front porch after being left there for about two weeks. *edit those were from Banggood

    • Maybe the "pay after delivery" option be better option?

  • Anyone has any recommendations on the best price for this rc car from a reputable store/seller?

  • +1

    Worked for me, thanks op, where can I get a cheap spare battery? google is not my friend

    • +2

      Amazon. Probably 3x zeee batteries, same day shipping

    • I haven’t bought a 2nd battery yet either.. I’m no expert, but apparently this one is a little limited on battery space - I can’t find exact measurements online..
      I was planning on waiting until mine arrives and then measuring and finding somewhere to buy a 2nd battery that fits.

    • Thanks for the tips, this seems to be same battery with dimensions to find cheaper elsewhere


      Battery Size:Length 3.6(inches) x Width 1.3(inches) x Thickness 0.86(inches)

      • Let us know where you find a cheap battery - bought the car with 3S… Keen to buy a second battery (either 2s or 3s)

  • Does anyone know if this is v1 or v2?

    V1 had CVS issues popping out.

    a good video of the 12409 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VYcI2hBTmg

    The reviewer prefers the 12409 over 12410

    it is a bit slower because it is heavier, mechanic / electric wise it is the same car 12409 and 12410

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Bought two.
    MJX hyper go 3s cars are too much fun to pass up.

    Sending them to my mate in Melbourne and his son. Can’t wait to meet up with them for a game of tag

  • +1

    If this deal is still alive in 15 days, will definitely buy 2 if someone who's bought can please post that they received the correct item without issues. Thanks in advance

  • How would you know you've received the original and not a fake?

    • +1

      You can usually tell a fake by mis coloured and pixelated graphics, logos, text, manuals etc.
      Missing, or different parts than on the products web page. Different coloured, size and other differences in wiring,
      These things are usually shipped in a box but I have received them in polystyrene and they are genuine.
      I don't really see how they could profit from producing a counterfeit when the originals are such a low cost and niche market but I'd wouldn't be surprised if there's a fake YouTube video saying look out for those fakes…

      Pm if you like, so I remember to let you know.

      • +1

        Tried to PM, your PM may be disabled.
        Thanks anyhow

  • 16210/16209/16208 better than this? Being sold by seemingly more reputable people on banggood for just a little bit more $

    • The ones you’ve listed are a 1/16 scale rc car & a predecessor to the 14-series. The ones in this deal are 1/14 scale.

      It’s my understanding that the 14210/14209 are based off the older 16210/16209, but physically larger.

      Better? Dunno. Different? Yes.

  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered one. I'm new to RCs, Can someone recommend a compatible 2s battery pls. I can only find the 2s 3000 for around $29Usd. Are they that expensive?

  • I notice the car weight is 1490gram but the shipping info is only 789grams 🤔

    • Where are you seeing shipping info?

      • +1

        Select the car you want and then click "choice delivery" and you see the dimensions and weight.

  • +1

    Beware, I bought one on an old listing for about this price from the same store few weeks back. They sent a completely different $30 RC trike… I got my money back but was annoying. The other 200+ people tjat bought it had the same experience according to the reviews. They deleted the listing and made this new one though

    • How’d you get the money back? Did you lodge through Aliexpress? Did you have to send it back?

      • Through Ali express , because it was a 'choice' Seller it was quite straight forward. They never requested I send back what I received (cheap RC trike) which was surprising. Not sure how they come out on top with the scam? Maybe some people don't bother to open a dispute? Seems as though there were alot people with the same experience so it wasn't a mistake.

        • It's good that the dispute r resolved fast, but when you get the refund it doesn't Include the import tax that was added.

        • Might not be a scam… Just underpaid, tired workers :(

    • Thanks for letting us know about this. I thought it is a bit strange that the seller still has zero rating, even though it was established more than a month ago.

      Also, can't you leave a negative rating against the seller from the wrong RC you were sent?

    • +1

      I THOUGHT I had the same issue and was irrate.

      Turned out to get around customs/carrier issues sending lipos, they sent the battery implanted into a cheap $10 rc car, then the hyper go came afterwards.

      Not sure if that's the case for others but that's what my seller did.

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