Buy 1 Get 1 Free - $19.99 Microsoft 3000 Wireless Mobile Mouse


Warranty: 2 Year (with manufacturer)

2.4GHz Wireless
Nano Transceiver
10 Months Battery Life

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    I dont think this deal is right. It shows as $15 per mouse for me. No BOGOF offer seen… OP?


    It show as $15 per mouse so even if the deal is real, they jack the price to $20?


    For when you need two mice.


    the deal already expired. please see the link was 5 days ago.

    sold out online as well. you can pick it up in stores( Vic only) for $15 ea.

    OP…could you please mark the deal as expired? thanks.

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    wireless mobile mouse series has really bad range. cant even detect my computer which is 1m away


      That's heaps bad