Spotify Premium: 18 Months Individual, 243 days Duo or 206 Days (~7 Months) Family ~A$47.81 @ Spotify Egypt (VPN Required)


This deal is similar to my post last year, but results in a cheaper outcome: circa A$2.66 per month for Individual or A$1.18/month per person if you have a full Family group of six people.

What you will need before starting

  1. VPN with Egypt Server: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost or Surfshark (or another if I am not aware). CyberGhost has a 7-day free trial.
  2. New or lapsed existing Spotify account (can be Australian)

Step 1: Cancel your existing premium subscription to Spotify and wait for the current billing period to end, or create a free account if you don't have one

Step 2: Purchase 1 x 12 Month Egypt Spotify Premium Gift Card and 1 x 6 x Month Egypt Spotify Premium Gift Card from G2A or another site with Egyptian Spotify gift card. Note: Price quoted in title is based on current total price of the two gift cards linked here, however the price may vary depending on where you purchase it.

Step 3: Turn on your VPN and set location to Egypt. Note: Many VPN providers do not have an Egyptian server.

Step 4: While VPN is activated, go to your 'account' here and click 'Edit Profile', an option to set your country to 'Egypt' should appear (this option is greyed out if you have still have an active premium subscription). If it does not appear, check your VPN is activated correctly. Save your changes. This will now let you redeem Egyptian gift cards.

Step 5: Click Redeem and paste your gift card codes that you previously purchased in Step 2. You will see that the confirmation message will mention '12 Months Premium' and '6 Months Premium' being redeemed. Once you have redeemed both codes, here you will see EGP 499 and EGP 300 respectively in your order history. If you attempt to redeem more than 18 months, you will get an error stating that you cannot redeem more than 18 months of premium in advance.

Note: Stop here if you wish to keep your account as an Individual account. If you wish to convert your 18 Months Premium to 243 days of Duo or 206 days of Family, continue to Step 6. If you stop here your account will remain an "Egyptian" account.

Step 6: Go to "Account Overview" and click on "Your Plan". Now click "Subscribe" at the bottom. You will now see "Your Plan" with EGP49.99 / month and the next billing date will be 18 months from now. Beneath the summary, you'll see a payment gateway show up with some Egyptian payment options. Look beneath them and you will see "Change country" in the footer. Click on it and select Australia. You will now see $12.99 per month and the next billing date has been reduced to ~12 months from now. This is due to some sort of conversion rate between countries. Do not proceed yet.

Step 7: At the top, click "Change Plan". On the next page, click on Premium Duo or Premium Family. Confirm that the new billing date is approximately 243 days from now (for duo) or 7 months (206 days) for Family.

Step 8: Choose PayPal as the payment method and follow the prompts to finalise. Your PayPal won't be charged until the date stated in the summary.

Step 9: After confirming, your account will be Australian, so choose your normal Australian address for the Premium Duo/Family as you normally would, and tell your "family" members to enter the same address.

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  • Do we have to wait for the billing period to end after cancelling?

    • +4

      Yes, your account has to be on the “free” plan after lapsing, otherwise it won’t let you do Step 4.

      • Thank you.

      • So this 'deal' will last long enough for the billing period to end? It could be a month?

        • +1

          It’s been a thing for a long time, it’s just a cheaper method than the Brazil method I mentioned in the description.

      • +1

        Why not just create a new account then?

  • +12

    Can confirm NordVPN DOES NOT have Egypt.

    • +42

      Is it because there could be potential pyramid schemes?

      • +1

        Well done mate. I aspire to reach this level of greatness.

  • If the account stays as Egyptian, will it work without vpn? Will the catalogue change to reflect Australian? Sorry if it's been asked before.

    • I think yes and it might affect your catalogue initially but I’m not 100% sure, I’ll let someone else confirm

      • +1

        I did the Turkey method, it just changed my account settings to Turkish language, catalogue stayed the same, and no problems using Aussie WiFi to listen to music on a daily basis.

      • Thanks purchased one year. I can see premium with expiry in one year. Should I leave the profile as Egypt or can I change it back to Australia?

        • I can confirm that it works without VPN after signup. However I do get Egyptian language in the app and also Egyptian recommendations.

          I guess if I change the profile I lose the Egyptian billing and have to pay next month?

          I can't seem to change the language or recommendations anywhere in the app?

    • Yep it'll work without the VPN. I'm currently on an Indian family plan but works fine in Australia.

      Some of the recommended lists are Indian music, but otherwise the AI just learns your preferences and playlists and updates everything from there. You'll barely notice the difference after a few weeks.

  • +2

    Can confirm adguard vpn has Egypt (got from deal posted here)

  • My account is already a family one…. how does this play in to this?

    • +1

      Once the account lapses, the family will be disbanded and you’ll have to invite them again after you do this

      • +4


        Though Spotify members can't join more than two family plans in 1 year.

        However, if the family plan owner stays the same, it's irrelevant. (even if they keep hopping between countries)

  • +7

    Can confirm windscribe vpn DOES NOT have Egypt.

    • NordVPN doesn't either. :(

  • +1

    question on the spotify gift cards is there any reason i cant stack a few of the 12 months together rather than 1 of each?

    • +3

      I think cause 18 months is the maximum.

      The question is, once you have pushed to family and it says 7 months or so, can you do it again to get to 14 months?

    • +2

      OP said it errors out of you try more than 18 months of gift card redemption.

    • +2

      I tried redeeming 2 x 12 months and it didn’t let me. It said “you cannot redeem more than 18 months in advance”

      • What about redeeming using the process you provided all the way to the end so you end up with 7 months of family plan, then repeating & redeeming more gift cards to bring the converted up to 14 months?

        • +1

          Since your account ends up as Australian at the end, you will only be able to redeem Australian gift cards until you let your account lapse and change it to Egypt again. You can’t change the country of your account while you have an active premium sub

          • @siberry: any harm in leaving it as Egypt for the country? That way we could continually purchase the 12 month gift cards, no?

            The only issue would be to change all family members to Egypt, which was the same as Turkey anyway?

  • +1

    I use PureVPN and it has Egypt

    • very tedious to cancel their trial though…

      • I'm on their "7 day trial" right now to get this working and you guys are spot on with how tedious it is. I had to go through live chat to start the process of cancelling my trial. Is that the method you guys went with to cancel your trial?
        I've also cancelled the automatic payment from my paypal in case they try to charge me after 7 days in case the cancellation takes that long.

  • +11

    Surfshark has Egypt. Mummy will be happy

  • Can an individual account be used on multiple devices?

    • +2

      If you’re playing a song on one device, it’ll stop the other device from playing

      • +4

        Confirmed! You have to select one device only using the speaker function on the bottom right!

        • With the exception of streaming to every room in the house on the everywhere group. A house full of echo devices counts as one

  • +7

    For our Android crew, dont forget you have xManager.

  • Does it work if you select duo account instead of family in the last few steps?

    • +2

      It would, but I’m unsure of the conversion rate in months as I didn’t try it. If someone does it I’ll update the title/description

  • Do you have to walk like an Egyptian to claim this deal?

    • +1

      Dad joke much? I'd arrest you but I can't find a cop anywhere.

      • You couldn't Spotify a cop

        • Ended up finding one hanging out in a donut shop

    • +15

      According to Google, “Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and the Sinai Peninsula in the southwest corner of Asia.”

      So technically we are exploiting two continents at once.

    • +8

      I always thought Ozb was middle age, middle income people looking to save a few bucks on tech junk they don't need and KFC coupons.

    • +1

      How do you know siberry is a white man? They could be an African woman

    • +8

      Isn't this deal exploiting Spotify as a corporation and reducing their profit margin. I don't see how Egypt are getting exploited?

      One could also say that Egypt would benefit from increased revenue from OZB'ers purchasing gift cards that they otherwise wouldn't have done.

      Surely there is a tax associated with the purchase that may make its way to government but ultimately makes it's way to the people in some form.

  • +3

    Can confirm deal worked with HMA VPN. Thanks!

  • +1

    Any free vpn services which have servers in Egypt?

    • +1

      Use any of above and sign up for a trial via google or apple. Cancel immediately.

  • +4

    Thank you, OP! I used the free CyberGhost trial

  • +1

    Great guide thanks OP. I have set up the 7 months of premium family. Am i now able to add more gift cards to the account up to the 18 month limit?

    • +2

      No you can’t, because your account is now Australian and you have an active sub, so you’ll only be able to redeem Australian gift cards. It’s a shame but it’s still much cheaper than normal 😊

      • Just to clarify, does this mean we need to repeat this process each time the 7 / 18 months expires?

        • Yeah I’d say so - otherwise you’ll start being billed in Australian prices

    • hey mate, how did you go with adding your family members? mine keep coming up saying they're not in the country

      • Change your members' country to Aus (in profile). Then, click the invite link and type in your address. It will work.
        Ps: I had the same problem just a few minutes ago.

        • Brilliant, worked a treat, thanks

  • trial purevpn or one of the others that people have mentioned like purevpn

  • +1

    So much easier than the Spotify Turkey set up that was shared recently. I never got it to work and managed to get two Google accounts banned from Google Pay during it. I used PureVPN which I have a subscription for, just with the Google Chrome add on. PureVPN also has free trials (7 days standard), and referrers can give out longer free trials for 30 days.

  • If I sign up for this one, would the content be restricted to what's available/offered in Egypt? For example, would some songs in my list, potentially, be unavailable?

    • +1

      If you stick with 18 month individual, others have reported that having an account in another country might just change the language in the settings but the catalogue is the same

    • +2

      There are some songs previously added in premium subscription that are unavailable. Seems minor at this point.

      There are many recommendations with Egyptian songs, Egyptian language and playlists. No way to hide them. No such settings.

  • +1

    If I were to continue the family plan after 7 months, would I need to re-invite everyone into the family again (and repeat the steps above)?

    • +1

      Yes unfortunately, if you cancel and let it lapse the family is disbanded

      • spotify breaking up families since 2023 smh

  • When I invited my family members to join the family plan, they get an error saying it appears they are in another country. So they may need an Egyot VPN to join.

    • Did you do step 6 “change country” to Australia?

      • Yep my country in set to Australia and am using an Australian address.

        OK i figured out the issue was that my family members account country was set to Turkey (this was because I was previously using a Turkish family plan). After they set the country to Australia, they were able to join the Plan.

  • +2

    In case you need an idea, try Spotify Vietnam. 12 months individual only costs ~$36.

    • +1

      In this case 12 months individual (if you keep your account in Egypt) is like $29.50. 18 months is ~$47.81.

    • How much is family in VN for a year?

  • +1

    Thanks, worked with the cyberhost trial, 18 months added without issue.

  • +2

    Thanks so much. Worked for me with CyberGhost trial. I was stuck trying to figure out the Turkey method for ages.

  • Hello, apologies for the ignorance as I am sure this info is somewhere here but I am not able to use the correct keyword to find it.

    Where is the guide for a person to accept a spotify invite? A friend from Vietnam is joining my family plan in Egypt.

    • If you followed this method start to finish (ie you have a family account now), your account will be Australian. You can verify this by going to your Account, edit profile and check which country.

      If so, your friend in Vietnam will need to VPN to Australia then edit their profile, select Australia as the country (while they have an inactive sub/free plan), then accept the invite.

  • lmaoooo

    • zoom zoom zoom

  • Anyone have a breakdown on duo?

    • I know when converting to Australia it reduces from 18 months to 12, so I’d imagine duo is somewhere between 7 and 12 months. I’m waiting for someone to comment and confirm

      • +1

        just signed up for duo, it's 8 months

  • Thanks, it worked. Question is do i need to go family or stay on individual.

  • +1

    I still have two available slots on my Spotify turkey family plan for $1/month, please DM me if you are interested.

    • +1

      All available slots are sold out now.

  • Dumb question but does this require VPN use everytime you use spotify thereafter?

    • No, just for signup. If you do the family option your account ends up Aussie anyways

  • +1

    تحيا مصر

  • +1

    Legend this worked thanks, my Turkish acct ended today.

    • Same for me, just ended today. Happy to jump on this Egyptian bandwagon, way better method with 18 months of peace of mind and no turkey central bank vs. Oldubil dramas lol

  • +1

    Thank you OP! Instructions worked perfectly to set up Individual account for 18 months!

  • +1

    Great instructions OP - all sorterd for me and my daughter for 18 months. Excellent

    • did you do duo or 2 individual accounts?

      • +2

        We thought about it but for the money difference thought it better to do 2 x individual accounts for the max period.

  • +1

    Thank you OP

  • +1

    Thanks worked!!!!

  • +1

    Omg. I just found all recommend songs are Egyptian songs after this methods, even though my all play lists and liked songs are not.

    • I’ve seen reported that this will change back within days, but if you end up proceeding to the family (or duo) step it’ll be an Australian account

  • Sorry if this has already been confirmed, but after locking in 18 months worth of gift cards on the Egyptian account, is it fine to change the account settings back to Australia and still benefit from the 18 months or must the account stay in Egypt?

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