Anko Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter $1 (Was $5) + Delivery ($0 OnePass/C&C/in-Store) @ Kmart


Good price for $1 delivered if you have OnePass

Product Details
Dimensions/Size: 25.5cm (H) x 8cm (W)
Pizza cutter: Stainless steel
Black cap: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Blade protector sheet: Polypropylene (PP)
Colour: Silver
Dishwasher safe

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    onepass ftw

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      Also noticed Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer$1.00

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        Now everybody can cut the cheese and not feel quite as guilty since it’s on clearance

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        how do u use that thing

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        This Anko cheese slicer as crap compared to the $3 IKEA UPPFYLLD cheese slicer.

        I definitely recommend spending the extra $2 for a far less frustrating cheese cutting experience!

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          But you must go to Ikea to get it?

    • landfill ftw

  • Awesome thanks. I’ve been wanting one to cut pastry with.

    • Glad you've found one. How long have you been wanted it?

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    Finally, some use for onepass

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    But Domino's & Pizza Hut already cut it.

    • No use for a corkscrew, but worth carrying one pizza cutter just in case they don't cut it.

    • honestly, I don't even know why they cut them. They're so small already, the whole pizza is like a slice from the kebab shop haha

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        Is it not also a possibility that your mouth got bigger?

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          Don't bring my mouth into this!

    • Nah need this for the 100% Pizzahut cash back, usually tear slices across because they barely even cut through the F all toppings they put on.

    • But Domino's & Pizza Hut already cut it.

      Pro tip: cut it again and double the number of slices.

  • Nice! Thanks!

  • saves me washing them awesome!

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      That’s not a knife, that’s a spoon!

      • I see you’ve played knifey spoony before.

    • Agree. I wouldn't cut enough pizzas to make it worth having an extra utensil in the kitchen for it. Knife works fine.

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    I find the ones with a larger diameter wheel much better for cutting pizzas - the small diameter wheels tend to just push the ingredients instead of cutting.

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      Yep, agree with your experience.

      Although I ended up getting a rocker style one. Even better again.

      • Rocker style is far superior!

  • Check on the quality. Rubbish stuff is not a deal even if there's a reduction on the RRP
    - the planet

    • To be fair, its not like the metal in these are mined to order

    • Hahahha people don't like being reminded that they are consumer zombies. Neg away

      Linkindan, you're right. But we can vote with our wallets and demand better

      • My wallet votes for using one of the knives I already own

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    Great deal but once you go with a decent pizza cutter there's no going back in my opinion.

    Here's a cheap example I found;…

    • +1

      I have a cheap aluminum one, which is also great.

      Not sure why people buy the rollers, they're usually horrible.

      One OzB'er said they use it to cut pastry. I think uncut pastry if an amazing use for the pizza wheelscutters.

      As an aside, my mate has the Amazon stainless one you mention. It's great

    • I got one of these and it's great for my homemade pizzas (baked on steel in home oven)

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    Just get a pair or scissors. Multiple uses and not limited to pizzas and less junk in your kitchen

    • Spot on, I find a good pair of scissors is the way to go, much neater slices and can use on both Neapolitan style and thin and crispy (Roman style) pizzas.

  • This looks like something else I use on weekends

  • Been waiting on a good deal for a pizza cutter. Thanks OP.

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    People ordering stuff like this using onepass pretty much just for laughs are gonna be the reason membership cost will be jacked to like $100 next year instead of $40

  • Accidently threw this in the dishwasher and it came out all rusted.

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    these are gimmicks….We have two. we never use them. We use the large knives to cut pizza on chopping boards. Save space and money

  • I'm a noob on this tool, but a roller like this is easy to use?

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      Yes, but there's always topping-push to varying degrees.
      Depends on several factors like thickness of crust, how far it's cooked, type and amount of toppings, how much it's cooled…it's a blue-collar science this Pizza Caper.

      The rocker cutters are far superior for the job.

  • Only people who make pizza buy these? I don't make pizza. I only get pizza delivered or picked up so I don't see any need to buy this

    • Thanks for the story

      • This is a warning for those who buy stuff they'll never use just cos it's cheap

      • I ended up buying 1 anyway just in case

  • Can anyone recommend a really good pizza stone for the oven, that's a 'reasonable price'…whatever that is?

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