Lamb Leg Roast Whole $8/kg, Cutlets $34/kg, Chops $22/kg @ Coles


Coles is finally reducing the price of a lot of lamb lines after having made boatloads while screwing farmers. Some seem to be temporary ‘down downs’ others white label change (“normal price”). Expect woolies to do the same and farmers to remain screwed. Try shop your local
butcher where possible.

Pro tip: Find any item with the old price and take to the register. When it scans wrong -> free item.

Description Deal Type Was Now Commencing Wed 8 Nov Wed 15 Nov Wed 22 Nov
Lamb Leg Roast Whole Down Down $10/kg $8/kg NATIONAL
Lamb Leg Roast Half Down Down $10/kg $8/kg NATIONAL
Lamb Forequarter Chops Down Down $16/kg $12.5/kg NATIONAL
lamb Mince Down Down $7 $5.5 NATIONAL
Loin Chops White Label $28/kg $22/kg VIC QLD TAS NSW SA WA
Cutlets White Label $43/kg $34/kg QLD VIC TAS SA NSW WA

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  • -3

    Lamb Leg Roast Whole $8k/kg

    Does it include the trotters?

    • +2

      Occasionally, sometimes, yes. Check the pack. It’s often a point that pierces the vacuum seal so always have a looksie.

  • Of course there matching WW special this week .

    • +7

      Yep all comes from the same processing facility. Check the EST number on the pack which tells you which plant it’s from. You’ll notice the same numbers at coles, woolies and aldi. Separate the fact they’re in cahoots profiteering together.

      EST number also allows you to know if a product is halal or not.

      • Very interesting insight.
        Any recommended EST codes?

        On a related note. I bought loin chops for $9 at SM marketplace last month following a tip on OzB.

      • what's a processing facility?

        • This instructional video should help … It’s beef but same concept University

    • It's not a "this week" special, it's their down down/price dropped for Christmas promo campaign.

      Woolies will last until end of Dec, Coles into January, which will likely roll into "standard pricing" (ie non special price that can change at any time)

  • Yeah cutlets been 33-34 for a while at Coles
    Which is just in my no brainer splurge point but I feel the quality has gone down heaps since last year

    • Local butchers have had cutlets from 28 to 34, with premium butchers sitting around 38 - 44.

  • "Pro tip: Find any item with the old price and take to the register. When it scans wrong -> free item." but wouldn't the cashier look at the price printed on the product and say it's right? Or are you going to take a copy of the catalogue with you to the register?

    • +1

      Coles has a policy "if an item scans higher than the shelf price it's free" - but getting them to do this sometimes can be more trouble than its worth as they'll blame things like "human error".

    • +4

      Nah, usually they call a price check when a customer says the price is wrong. But if you show the website or app or catalogue it should streamline it. As long as you’re polite usually it’s pretty quick. But sometime the service team act as if you’re personally stealing from them, but if you vaguely quote the policy it should be pretty rapid.

      I find it’s best to play dumb and act surprised that the price is wrong and not like you’re on a mission for free meat.

      • +5

        And make sure you do this AFTER you have paid.
        I've questioned prices at self service to save everyone time, but they just change to the correct price.

        • +1

          I hate when they do that, it's a hassle and embarrassing having to get the manager involved.

      • +1

        Nope, I had a Woolies chick say 'because you scanned it and it came up wrong price I have now adjusted it'…what you need to do is pay, then go to the service desk I think.

    • This has been honoured recently at my local self-checkout. I bought a clearance item and it came up full price. Price checked and they gave it to me for free. But I needed to fill my $50 flybuys spending quota, so I thought I’d just grab another $10 item next to it. Same price error so I got that one for free too. Had to go and grab another $10 item far away from that shelf this time. Still grateful for the freebies.

      • They always refuse me on the clearance items - they blame user error.

        • I was surprised they gave it for me for free, was expecting a correction. I have three Coles near me, this one is a bit more posh and I always preferred it to the others. Maybe that changes things.

  • -6

    This whole "buy whatever is cheapest" attitude is what screws farmers. I shop at my local butcher. Prices are higher, and so is quality, and so is the wellbeing of the supplier.

    • +4

      To be fair, the level of disposable income the average Joe has now compared to a year ago makes this a necessity for a lot.

      Unless you're keen on sharing some of that disposable income you have with others? It'll greatly increase their wellbeing.

    • +4

      Yeah, not everyone can afford your ‘ high quality’ .

    • Do you really think that the higher prices go to farmers from Coles or Woolies? Ask one if you don't know. The beef and lamb prices have been down for the last 12 months due to various overseas bans, yet consumer prices for both at the majors has peaked.

  • +3

    Midwest Meats have Lamb Loin chops on sale at 2kg for $30.00…

  • Anyone else feel like lamb just doesn't taste as good as it used to? Just feels like there's something missing.

    • +2

      They are probably killing them too old

    • mass bred no idea what they're fed on (is it just grass hmmm), the difference between Colesworth & a good local butcher who can tell you where they were sourced is noticeable, yes you pay more

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    sure they've dropped the prices but lamb shoulder bone in was down to $10 now it's $11 how is shoulder more expensive than leg $11 v $8, they're still up to their tricks it's all marketing. Look at how many items used to go on special that are now always full price, their catalog is just bulked out with competitions & stuff, are people really fooled, not that there's much can be done

    • +4

      Yep it’s all spin. Sales revenue already up 6.7% compared to same quarter last year. No sign of effort from the SDA to improve workers right and conditions, nor effort from ACCC to pull their finger out.

      But honestly customers need to vote with their wallet more. It always shocks me to see empty gaps on the shelf at night, where full price items and non-homebrand stuff was fully stocked in the morning. Obviously there are still plenty of people who are happy to buy Pringles at $5, Chobani pouches at $2.50 a pop or Salmon at $21.50. Ridiculous

      • +1

        I accept prices have risen for a number of valid reasons but I have no doubt Colesworth have absolutely taken advantage of the situation to hike prices, profiteer & reduce deals / discounts while not passing on falling prices or been slow to act, the ACCC need to grow some balls

      • +1

        That's why employees should flip to RAFFWU. The SDA have never looked after members.

  • +1

    If the company is listed on the stock exchange, there's only one way to please shareholders.
    Screw the staff, customers and suppliers. Ask a farmer what think of Colesworths.

  • +1

    Always support your local butchers over Colesworths when possible.

  • +4

    I follow a bunch of local butchers on Facebook, and if they have specials which are competitive with woolies I'll go to the butchers, however right now, affording groceries + mortgage + fuel is a weekly challenge.
    Some people on here need to realise that we're in a recession and not everyone is doing as well as they are.

    • Which ones that deliver to Sydney?

  • Sometimes pendle Hill meat market sells lamb cutlets for $24 per kg and other times its 2 kg for $60

  • +3

    @quagmirejohnson What's your association? You seem well informed and not just a shelf stacker. Don't feel obliged to answer, I'm just curious. Thanks for the deal and the reminder of the pro-tip.

    • +1

      Nup, pretty much just a shelf stacker. Work at one of the busier stores as jack of all, so I sort of pick these things up through osmosis when it comes through the office.
      As others have said this isn’t exactly a great “deal” but I was surprised to see such “large” white label price drops, to a something I would consider buying them at.

  • How come lamb shoulder is still sitting at a record high $14/kg?

    • -1

      May be because it’s doing all the lifting

  • -1

    not eating meat > eating delicious meat that pays farmers a fair price > paying extrordinary prices for meat and farmers getting screwed

  • Bought some lambsee fank you

  • Chops are $18kg in WA . For those wondering why Lamb has been so expensive when farmers have been selling their product for such low prices, This explains it a bit…

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