XU1 Blue 18 Volt 6 Piece Cordless DIY Kit $149 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Credit to bugman, original price was $200. Thanks.

This is part of Bunnings clearance sale. This is a new thing seeing items marked clearance on the website.

This kit is going to be aimed at very casual diy, so may suit those on a tight budget.


1.5Ah Battery
2.0Ah Battery ,
Fast Charger
Drill Driver,
Impact Driver,
Circular Saw
Angle Grinder,
Reciprocating Saw,
SDS Rotary Hammer.

Not a lot of stock and very scattered. https://nrby.in/bunnings/0497462

Also a link to all the items on clearance in the tool shop, the majority of which have already been posted here, but there is some other stuff of interest. It may be worth checking this link over the day as they have added a couple of things since I posted this.

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    normal price $200

    • Thanks for that, appreciated.

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    Lots of tools on OzB today,

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    Please don't buy this. Not only does it have a short 12-month warranty, if it's clearance you won't be able to get replacements for when it inevitably breaks.

    I know I'm an Ozito fanboi but this kit is so much better value.

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    Cheap for a reason.

  • Any idea what battery family these work with?

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    XU1 cheap and nasty. It's good only for very light home DIY. Most of Bunnings staff will tell you to avoid it. Apparently most of them gets returned back and the company basically bins them as it is uneconomical to repair.

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    Got the XU1 Blue 18 Volt Cordless Drill Driver almost1 to 2 years ago on special and can say that its great for small jobs, use it mainly to screw and unscrew tent and awning pegs,still looks new and holds charge, feels like it will last for a long time.

  • My cousin has one of these XU corded drills. IT has been going for many years. YMMV.

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      @Naigrabzo & @Northroo1
      I am not sure if you guys remember the Ozito Green 18V lithium drill Bunnings used to sell back in 2011. Back in those days, Bunnings staff member told me to avoid Ozito. I wanted something cheap to put together furniture and kitchen cabinetry so bought the Ozito 3 piece green 18V combo kit for $180 or so. 12 years down the lane, it is still going strong. It is my goto tool for small jobs around the house. Btw, I had to repack the lithium battery myself as it was not holding the capacity. I will keep using it until the chuck or the brush dies :-) :-) As you rightly pointed out YMMV

      Found the link to my Ozito tool which was posted here on Ozb

      • Damn , that's nice. It's the problem with these battery tools. IF they stop making batteries it's bit of a pain.

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    Better to spend a bit more n buy quality tools, both for safety n durability. these are destined for trash in short time.

  • All these tools for $150 🤯

  • Thought it was Makita when I saw the thumbnail :(

  • Id like to emphasise "very casual", i had a xu1 grinder and it was a total heap of junk

    But it was cheap as.f, i recall10bux cheaper than ozito

  • Anyway to view all clearance items on Bunnings website?

  • There are some of these being sold on Gumtree for $150 as well if you cannot find stock in store.

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    I was contemplating getting this for my son for a cheap set to start him with but decided against it. Went in to my local store today to get something else and they had one sitting on the tool shop counter with a slightly crushed box marked down to $50.01. Couldn't say no. Pretty sure it was their last one so they just wanted it gone by the looks. I had a $50 Bunnings voucher I'd redeemed with Flybuys point with me too so if it's crap, who cares.

  • Got a pack, and used the Reciprocating Saw today. Cut a few pallets apart with ease. Seems the be as good as the dewalt ones

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