G Shock DW9052GBX-1A4 $79, DW5610SC-2D $99 Delivered & More @ Casio Australia

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Decent prices on some watches

    Decent watch as well

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      in what world are G-Shocks mediocre quality? geez louise

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        I agree. Some of their designs are not for me but there's no doubting their quality. My son is an infantry soldier and he and a lot of his colleagues wear G-Shocks, which can often take a hammering but always keep working.

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          R4 I know quite a few guys who were issued them, no doubting their durability. That said I think it is toughness/cost which has always been their real feature. Well made but still cheap enough to throw away if broken. I saw a $7.5K Gshock on that site, didn't even know they went that high, would be hard to think it is worth that.

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            @slowlyslowly: They use the Mudmaster range. I'm not sure what specific model my son has but they range in price from around $400 to over $1000.

            He also has a Garmin tactical watch which is great but would be useless for extended periods away from power.

    • Still too expensive for a mediocre quality watch

      Watch this, then be quiet.

      If you think any old sub-$200 dollar watch can take that kind of punishment and still work, you don't have a clue.

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    how scratch resistance is the watch face? I bought Casio W800H for my kids but the watch faces got scratched easily.

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      They're all plastic = easy to scratch.
      You can buy films / protectors, or just let them enjoy it and scratch it.

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        The W800H and many other standard non g-shock Casios have resin glass. All regular g-shocks except the premium ones including but not limited to MRG's, MTG's and GWF's have mineral glass. See below for description on the glass differences.

        Resin glass is made of acrylic or plastic. It is the most easily scratched but it can be buffed over easily.

        Mineral glass is harder than resin glass or acrylic glass. 5/10 on Mohs hardness scale. It is more difficult to scratch than acrylic crystals but harder to buff out the scratches.

        Sapphire glass is the hardest among the watch glasses. 9/10 on Mohs scale of hardness, 10 being diamond. But it may shatter if you drop the watch on a hard surface from some height.

        • thanks for the info

      • Any way you know of a DIY fix for the scratches? My casio is 5 y.o now and the scratches affect viewing in sunlight. But I don't want to pay a watch repairman to buff it haha.

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      toothpaste and a cotton/cheesecloth rag will get rid of most scratches

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    That thumbnail has got to be clickbait, it's one of the worst square colourways I've seen :)

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    I'll skip this one, I'm passed my action man phase

  • Do any of these have a pedometer? It doesn't look like it, but someone might know.

  • Beautiful DW5610SC-2D
    Striking contrast. Can’t say no.

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    Be careful, apparently this website is fake

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      I thought it look dodgy too

      • The site is legit

        • no bro

        • Is it fake or legit

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            @1000101: chance of being fake is very high

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              @luminair: There is zero chance of it being fake.

              I understand some people are having issues with the website being blocked, but you'll find that Shriro Holdings Ltd is an ASX-listed company. They're as legit as it gets.

            • @luminair: You guys… What did you work out in the end?

              https://casioau.com is legit or not?
              Doubt they would be seeking fake G-Shock, you can do the button test on the module anyway.

              As mentioned you should report it luminair if you think it is otherwise its just creating confusion.

              I've heard and trust shriro who distributes and sure I've seen them on the warranty cards.

  • Is anyone else only able to access on mobile and not on desktop?

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      It's likely a Casio certificate issue. It was discussed on the edifice thread.

  • Anyone got the DWB5600G-2D and comment on what it looks like in real life.

    Just wondering if it looks 'cheap'… also I have a small wrist. Is the display difficult to read?


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      Just wondering if it looks 'cheap

      because it is cheap

      • But i mean naff looking.. I have solid black G-Shocks that look okay.

      • Lol, "in penalty box".

        Stick to being a milk salesman and commenting on rival Boost Juice deals or whatever it is that you specialise in.

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      I've got the GWM5610BC, which I think is a little smaller but pretty close in size to the DW series. I don't like chunky watches and have skinny wrists and the proportions look good. Mine has a negative display, which although looks good, is a pain to read in direct sunlight, so I have to use the backlight.

      • Thanks mate! ⌚

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        Negatives are easiest to read in direct sun I found, in dim light pretty hard to read. (Talking about the classic LCD displays).

        The square G is the best size imo, not too big on small wrists.

        • Thanks!

  • Does anyone have a rec for a starter G-Shock for a kid around 8. It's overkill, I know, but my kid is into my G-Shocks and a small wrist equivalent would be a winner of a gift idea.

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      I believe the S5600 models are slightly smaller than a standard Dw-5600. That being said, even a F91W would be pretty big on the wrist of an 8 YO!

  • Aww man. I said to myself I wouldn't get a square until they come out with a slightly smaller MIP display, but I also wouldn't mind a clear one for something different. And the DW-5600G-7D looks pretty cool. Plus you can change the order of the month-date on that module. And it looks like a damn good price…

  • Any thoughts on the GBD-H2000/GBDH2000?

    Recently picked up the GBD200 and been pretty happy with it. Very simple. My Apple Watch has been gathering dust.

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      I have GBD H1000, it's my favourite watch. Charged it once when I bought it last year, since then it hasn't needed charging. It's a bit chunky though, but I don't mind. I like the big display.

      • How are you finding the app? Is it through MOVE?

        • I don't use any of the smart features of the watch. The app is used only to connect via Bluetooth to change the time twice a year.

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    fake website

    • Fake news.

    • wrong

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