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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB $1587, (Dyson V8 $449 Unobtainable), 10% off Apple Mac, 50% off ChromeBooks @ JB Hi-Fi


More banger deals coming soon to JB.

20/11 update: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB price decreased $10 from $1597 to $1587.


I believe these are close to some all-time lows for all items, except for the Dyson, which as pointed out by Alvian is actually not an all-time low

Two can play any game.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Were you finding these deals? Is new catalog available for everyone?

    • I was speaking to a JB worker on Wednesday.

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        Okay nice any deal on iPhones ?

        • No. Just the iPhone 12 64GB for $898.

      • Any idea what the Pixel 8 will be for on black Friday? Wondering if I should take the bonus 300 trade in for a Z Flip 3

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    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB $1597

    Got the same phone cheaper with a free galaxy watch 5 a few months ago… from the Samsung store direct

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    $1499 from Telstra for the S23 Ultra
    Still cheaper from Samsung if you have a phone to trade in or headphones if you havent updated the Samsung Trade up app.
    It would be $1399.60 through Samsung if you make a $5 phone trade to get the $200 trade in bonus, 10% loyalty discount, $100 loyalty discount, $50 newsletter. Could be about another $175-195 cheaper if you have the 10% discount for first order through app to make it about $1208-1228.
    Not even close to all time low for an S23 Ultra if you include the trade in deals as that was under $590 and included 2 mSD cards.

    • I have $100 for samsung.com from CBA Yello - check your cards if you have.

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      yup, the ultra's been way lower: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/765619

    • $1 Headphones no longer an option

      • Headphone option showed up on my app. I havent updated it though and mentioned something about if you havent updated it.

        • The trade up app no longer has the "other" headphones option. Also, I think you can get a 15% loyalty discount voucher but it no longer stack on 10% off first order in the Samsung shop app, not sure about the discount codes generated earlier.

          • @geek001: Did you update your app or does it auto update because my trade up app still shows the "other" headphone option as of now?

            • @8azinga: Oh ok, I had a friend who wanted a Samsung S23 Ultra recently, I told him he just missed out on an epic deal, but he should still be able to get it cheaper than anything out there by doing the loyalty voucher + newsletter + $1 "other" headphones trade up + 10% samsung shop. He went off and tried to do the things I told him, and that's what he responded with. The discounts no longer stack and he couldn't find the $1 "other" headphones in the trade up app.

              Most likely he downloaded a newer version of the app.

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                @geek001: I said before it was for people who hadn't updated the trade up app. The discounts do stack on the website. That is how i got my price above. Unsure if it stacks with the 10% first order on app though.

                • @8azinga: I stacked 3 codes about 10 days ago on samsung.com $50 subscription,10% first order, $100 discount, plus I got $500 trade in bonus using an s7 (trade in value $5). I forgot to ask for the loyalty bonus and they wouldn't do it retrospective (Doh!). Brought the s23 512 down to $1422. FYI the 15% discount was for fridges and washing machines. Phones 10%

                  • @freesteakknives: How did you get a 10% code for first order to use on the website? That is the first i have heard about 10% first order discount for the website. I thought you used the app to buy from your previous comment and if your first order discount code began with P10, then i doubt it would stack anyway.
                    You also didnt get all the codes to stack properly. I explained that to you before in the comment i linked. If you got all those codes working properly, it would have been $1369.60. [(2249-5(trade in))*0.9]-500-100-50 = 1369.6.

                    I never said anything about a 15% discount.

                    • @8azinga: Apologies, it was geek001 who mentioned the 15%. I have asked Samsung about the stacking and their email confirms that they were all applied but they haven't confirmed the order in which they are applied . They told me about the first time 10% discount during a chat. I said I was on the web page and not the app so they generated a code for me.

                      You did explain that the stacking wasn't applied in the most generous way possible.
                      For their calculation they probably applied the 10% after $500 cash back was applied so the discount value is less. It is a P10 code

          • @geek001: How do you get loyalty discounf? Apply online or ask from a person?

  • This or Google Pixel 8 pro?

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      S24 ultra

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      the ultra has comparable camera performance (though the 8 pro is superior). it also has a lot more hardware grunt. the pixel has many more years of software support, if that's important to you. the samsung includes a stylus, which you might find handy.

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    How could anyone consider S23 Ultra to be even close to a deal at this price - I just got it a couple of months ago for $834 (yeah, a few codes were needed - but took all up maybe 10 minutes!)

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      ikr the best price I got for a S23U 512gb was $705 including trade-in

      • What did you trade-in?

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          Wife and kids :) :)

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            @syswong: Shit i thought that cost you to do that.

      • I got just $1 for the headphones. But then I sold my S22U for $750..

    • How did you get it so cheap? Still possible to get it for this price?

    • 'Cause some people can't wait ?

    • My trade in has close to no values.

  • Any Apple Watch discounts?

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      Apple Watch SE, both sizes, $50 off.

  • Ya’ll can talk to anyone and get the deal and then post on Ozbargaaaainnn

  • If you do it on the 19th could stack the trade in bonus of $500 for S23 Ultra.

    • Does the actually $500 coupon expire on the 19th, or do you just have to trade in before that date? We are away on Sunday :(

    • And phone will give you 500$? Or just the last model?

  • Where is the 10% off Mac? I can’t see that advertised in the website or catalogue

    • In 4 days

      • Yes it starts in 4 days but where is the deal info?

        • The upcoming catalogue.

          • @HamBoi69: I see. I thought we could only post deals with some kind of evidence or corroboration. I can now see in a previous comment you were told about the offer by staff so that's where I got confused. Thank you for elaborating.

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    How is this a deal when there’s no confirmation??

  • Any deals for Garmin Forerunner lineup?

  • This still makes me feel better that i picked up a 512gb s23 ultra for $1500 second hand virtually brand new.

  • There is currently $500 coupon for S23 ultra if you trade in a phone. Might be able to trade in now and hold out till 20th and use the coupon with the black friday sale price


    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    JB HiFi Terms & Conditions

    Campaign Go live: 12 October 2023
    Campaign: 12/10/23 - 19/11/23
    Redeemable end date: 19/11/23 11:59pm

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      Go live is now! I just used the $500 coupon.


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    I believe these are close to some all time lows for all items.

    Dyson V8 $449 is a deal? It is $399 now without ANY discount. Dyson V8 Plus is $399 now with $50 discount.

    I fail to see how a price rise is a deal and I fail to see $449 is anywhere close to an all-time low.

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      Interested to know why you're so negative on OzBargain? Nearly all your votes are downvotes.

      • Not the cheapest is a valid reason for a negative vote. I also find your claim of "all time low" misleading.

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          I was never suggesting your downvotes were invalid. I was just wanting to know why you never seem to find positives in amongst all the endless bargains that are posted on here.

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            @HamBoi69: My votes are precious, and I don't cast them for just any deal that comes along.

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              My votes are precious

              I'm sure you're well aware that you're not actually limited to a set number of upvotes within a 24 hour period.

              and I don't cast them for just any deal that comes along.

              Great. What floats your boat.

              • -3

                @HamBoi69: Limits do not apply to moderator accounts, and that is more the reason we exercise them judiciously.

                • @alvian: Watch out! We got a moderator over here!

              • @HamBoi69: I'll add to the pile-on. I thought this exchange was totally out of proportion and plain rude.

                • @Techie4066: Gees what a mess that was. Borderline threatening defamation. That would land the rest of us a warning.

    • JB sometimes don’t reflect the RRP on their website if it is a reoccurring sale or has been at that price for long time

      But the Dyson V8 was actually RRP $799 per Dyson, and JB did drop it by another $50 to $399 (instead of $449)

  • Dyson v8 is a good deal to buy or wait for the better one.
    Looking for one to buy now. TIA

  • Any chance on s23 base model?

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    Is the 10% off on macbook going to apply on top of cyrrently discounted price? I saw a macbook air which is already discounted.

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    What's the best deal I can get for the S23 Ultra withour trading anything in?

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    How ia the dyson V8 going from the current $399 to $449 a deal? It's going up by $50.

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    256GB S23 Ultra down to $1599 on Samsung site. If you use the app for 10% off first order, it would come down to:
    App 10% off first order - $1439.10
    Add $100 loyalty code - $1349.10 (Only gives $90 discount in the app due to 10% first order discount)
    Add $50 newsletter sign up - $1299.10

    Appears there is no more trade in bonus available but if you have something to trade in, you can add an additional 10% discount code from the loyalty. It still stacks even though some claim it doesnt anymore and it should come down to $1151.14 with a $5 value trade in item and additional 10% discount code.

  • What a joke of a sale. Was going to grab the Dyson V8 plus 2023 in a few days with the Coles 15% off TCN giftcards. Price went up $45 during this sale than it's previous listed price of $399.

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