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50% off Kallax Shelving Drawer Inserts (Free IKEA Family Membership Required): e.g. White Insert with Door $7.50 @ IKEA


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    Noticed there is a Kallax with underframe. Why would someone lift up the Kallax to introduce more areas for dust to settle?

    Btw deal expires Nov 27th.

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      Stability, aesthetics, dent carpet in smaller areas, extra storage for flat items. I personally wouldn't get it but I can see why some people would prefer it.

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      Prevent uneven floorboard fading and the robot fits underneath.

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      You can add wheels

    • I got a black Kallax with a black underframe. Mainly for aesthetics reason to match the rest of the room.

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    Looks identical to bunnings inserts - must've completely missed that during pandemic year when I got some. Obviously manufacturered in same place.

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      Not the same.

      • Have u bought both?

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          No, but saw them in store.

          • @superforever: Is the IKEA one glossy?

            The knobs look different upon closer examination.

            I have called the bunnings supplier up before and they do distribute to multiple retailers

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              Is the IKEA one glossy

              Glossy one more expensive, also have non-glossy one.

              Bunnings one is thinner, so not the same.

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      Ikea manufactures inhouse

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    Doesn't entirely fit the KALLAX' predecessor, BILLY. Sauce

    • +12

      Expedit was the predecessor of Kallax. Billy is a completely different product that has been around for ages.

      I have an Expedit and I believe these inserts will fit.

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        Correct on both.

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        Oh my bad, I confused the systems and looked up BILLY vs KALLAX.

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    Does anyone know if the pegboard insert still leaves you with enough room to fit 12" records inside?

    • +2

      Record sleeves are about 32CM and these inserts say they are 33cm x 33cm so yeah, I think we'll be all good. But just barely.

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        It's hard to tell what the thickness of the walls on the side and rear are, but let's hope lol

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    Wish they would stock the bottle insert here, looks like you can only get them overseas.


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      Bunnings sell something similar. Never bought any of the inserts from Bunnings but dimensions look to be similar as IKEA, could get it to work with some tinkering.

      Really wish there's a place to get glass door or acrylic door inserts for display though!

  • I wish this deal was here 10 days ago! I ordered exact same items and colour for $300 and now only $150!! And they just got delivered this morning… :( HAHA

    • Oh … I received their email on 9/11 and bought it two days ago.

      Return it and buy it again without opening?

      • +1

        Yeah… might do that, just a waste of delivery fee that's all… sigh*

        • +4

          You don't have to return. Just give them a call.
          Last time this happened to me they gave me a refund

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      Pretty sure Ikea have 365 day returns!

    • How much was your delivery cost?

      • $79 I think…

        • Ouch.

        • I saw online that it was $5 so do you know how it works? Is it incremental per items? I don’t want to drive to Ikea for a few items.

          • @1bargain: Yes, I believed so for smaller items but as for large items it's calculated by size, weight and of course distance. To my understanding, it is much worth it to use the delivery service if you have multiple large size items.

            • @PAXA359: I’m only buying these inserts. Are they considered small? Was that all you bought or did you include bulkier items?

              • @1bargain: Yes, I also got the shelving unit with these inserts.

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    I wish the glass door insert came to Australia: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/kallax-insert-with-glass-door-w…

    • Ohh! That's what I have been looking for too! I know Eket has glass door but sadly it's too small for Kallax…

  • i just bought this few months back, should i refund? i havent opened the package at all

  • Order cancelled. IKEA is unable to process NAB CC and wants me to contact the bank.
    Apparently a known issue with IKEA.
    Waste of time

    • +1

      Sounds like more of an issue with your bank than IKEA…

      • It’s not. Else I wouldn’t have found it documented online with others. My card has since and before worked flawlessly.

  • Not letting me order and collect from Ikea Perth at checkout, although says on product page it’s available to click and collect at that store :/

  • Does this stack with 15% off store wide this coming weekend?

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