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PlayStation 5 Disc Console + Bonus Spider-Man 2 $679 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Combine with 15% off gift cards to get a console and game for very cheap (~$580).

Update: Price dropped to $679 for this version with the physical game and is now available earlier than advertised.

Mod Edit: Found on the first page of the JB Hi-Fi Black Friday Catalogue

Get MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN 2 when purchased with PlayStation 5 Disc console (600814) in the same transaction for $679!
Both items must be added to cart transaction to receive bundle price. Excludes delivery charges.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Ask JB Hi-Fi to price-match Big W then use discounted Gift Cards.

    EDIT: Might not be able to price-match as they are different 'bundles'. Digital vs Physical copy of the game.

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      Will this deal still be on when the discounted gift cards are available?

      • +1

        The JB Hi-Fi Deal should be available until 27th November, as per their Black Friday Catalogue (assuming they don't run out of stock, nationwide).

    • +1

      Big W deal is the spiderman bundle, so it'll be a digital code for the spiderman 2 game, whereas JB looks to be the physical game as a bonus. So really depends whether the physical game worth $15 more to you

  • +4

    I’m going to buy 10 of them and a DeLorean.

  • Oversupply?

    • +6

      They're trying to clear stock for the next model, unofficially known as slim.

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    Was waiting for the newer PS5 mainly due to the smaller size but now thinking I might get this instead as it comes with the game.

  • This one seems like a disc game and not download code, I would prefer this over bigw deal.

    • +2

      Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 full game voucher

      No disc.

      • They didn't mention anything about 'Spider-Man 2 Bundle' in the catalogue, so let's wait and see what's going to be.

        • +1

          Model number and SKU listed in catalogue match the standalone PS5 product (MODEL: 9799696 SKU: 600814).
          The bundle with the digital code has a different model number and SKU (MODEL: 1000039658
          SKU: 661250)

    • Like the good old days, bundle console with a game just released at a discount price.

    • Will be the same offer from sony to both. They will both have the disk.

  • +4

    Fat or slim?

    • +23

      JB Hi-Fi don't discriminate…

      Anyone can buy them.

    • +1

      Slim isn't even released yet. That probably won't be out until early next year.

      • What. Available from late Nov.

    • What you really want is that slim thick.

    • Big boned?

    • Big Yikes. That's known in the biz as fraud

      • +1

        And thats why we can't have nice things.

    • Even though the box isn't sealed, I'm pretty sure the staff will check the contents before giving you a refund.

      • -5

        OK, that's fine. Just a thought came up to share with everyone. For fun.

  • Hmmmm now that Microsoft has deported me from Turkey and dumped me back in Australia my game pass doesn't seem like such a sweet deal.

    Wonder what am Xbox series X sells for second hand… Would I get $500 for it?

    • Is that way of turkey cards no longer possible?

      • Nah fun's over on that one unfortunately.

  • +5

    Pfttt, that game is only worth $20. 😛

    • Gee i'd like to know where Spider Man 2 PS5 goes for $20 at normal price. Every where i see it shows $99.

      • Here If your order didn't get cancelled.

        • That's the result of a pricing error. They are just lucky that their C&C orders slipped through the cracks before the pricing error was caught. It's priced at $99 at MyDeal (Sold & Shipped from Big W) and the Big W web site itself right now. That's how much Spider Man 2 PS5 is worth on the market at this present time. $20 was nothing but a pricing error. Which means that it's worth more than $20.

          You see because the comments of all these people from the MyDeal (Big W) thread who selected delivery are having their orders cancelled.


          • +1

            @hollykryten: I picked up the game and the bloke said " your one lucky sob"
            They knew they made an error and chose to fulfil the orders , props to big w

    • +4

      Some folks don't appreciate good humour, but I got you ;)

  • Good guys on sale for $679 with hard copy of the game sale starting tomorrow

  • If someone waiting for the PS5 slim, prob best to get the gift cards now and wait

  • +1

    Sale appears to be up already - $679 for bundle with Spiderman 2 (digital) and also $679 for non-bundle + add disc version of Spiderman 2 for free

  • Oh crap.. can I cancel big w order and get from jb??

    • Big W now has both versions disc/digital SM2 game bundles for the same price

  • +1

    Don't forget to add Spider-Man 2 PS5 disc version into the cart with the console. By default just placing the console into the cart it only comes with the console itself so you might accidentally order only the console itself. You need to first place the PS5 console in the cart and then manually place Spider-Man 2 PS5 in the cart and it shows up as free.

    I'd hate to be the person who orders this and afterwards realised they didn't place the game into the cart with it.

  • Will the Spiderman game be shown as free on the receipt? Can it be returned for a refund of $99?

    • It shows as free in the checkout. So i would say on the receipt it will show as $0. It's a promo giveaway. So it's pointless trying to take it back. They wouldn't take it back any way unless it was faulty and that would be for a replacement. You could sell it on ebay or some thing if you don't want it.

  • +1

    FYI - in the store 1st thing, had shown stock 30mins before store opened.. none left when I (being 1st person in the store) actually got in..
    however with the normal PS5 console and the Spiderman 2 game off the shelf, when scanning both it reduces to the bundle price..
    So everywhere showing the bundle as sold out however you should be able to get it at this price like i mentioned, as it worked for me..

    JB also price matched Big W on the controllers at $75

    also swung by big w first for ultimate gift cards, give yourself another 10% off.

    • +1

      I did similar. JB price matched Harvey Norman, $648 with spidey. Then use 10% Big W gift cards. Comes sub $600.

    • when you buy games from JB in-store are they factory sealed? I somewhat can't stand them putting the disc in themselves as it might as well be pre-owned.

  • I walked in to JB and asked for the console and they gave me the bundle and assured me it was a physical disc. Their kept out back so I hadn't seen it. They carried it out and put it behind the counter. After paying and leaving I realised it was not a physical disc. I rang and they say I can swap it. I'm wondering should I keep the download version or go swap it? Whats better about having the physical copy? My kids would never trade it in sell it.
    Any advice?

    • +1

      yeah only worth getting physical with bundle for trade-in/selling.. otherwise its no issue as far as i know, just like Steam games on PC..

    • +1

      Don't worry about it then. At least there isn't a disk to lose or scratch.

  • +1

    If anyone need JB online priced matched to $649, let me know, I did not use it as my ready for pickup order had to be cancelled and then reorder, then wait for refund, too much hassle.

  • +1

    So I got JB HiFi to price beat the Harvey Norman deal but the TCN gift card deal (15% off) doesn't start until next week….

    Wonder if I should wait - the 15% is a pretty big discount even if buying the PS5 for ~$680

    • +2

      Big W still have 10% bonus load on Ultimate gift cards
      Just make sure if you do get them to let the cashier know its $110 on the card for example, not $100.
      They input what the card shows.. BIG W does a bonus load
      $50 card tell them you have $55 on there
      $100 card tell them you have $110 on there

      • Thanks for this.

        Never had any luck with the coles deals.

        So this is way less troublesome.
        And actually a lot of 100$ cards available, with no purchase limit too.
        I got 8.

      • Does this work for online purchases?

    • what day does TCN deal start?

      • Tomorrow

        • I'm in Melbourne. and I'd need $650 worth right? what are the chances I'll actually find that amount? from what everyone is saying it's very rare they have stock as people hide in advance or shit like that.

          • @uinstitches: Well i think theres a 5 card limit per person. So you would want the highest value cards. Which is $100 ones.

            As for people who hide the cards in advance. Yeah. That shit happens.

            • @xoom: I spoke to JB live chat and they said 1 gift card is the limit you can redeem when checking out online. is she wrong? others on here have said 5 is the limit.

              • @uinstitches: Well being its an online system jb live chat could be wrong.

  • +1

    Chances this’ll go even lower on the official Black Friday/cyber Monday dates?

  • Has any one purchased this using coles gift cards? I need to confirm before i go and buy the gift cards.

  • Was able to do this yesterday by buying the TCN gift cards at Coles (15% off) and then going to my local JB Hifi. The Gift cards were very hard to find and by now they're probably all sold out. At 2pm I had to go to 3 different Coles in my area, and had to do two separate transactions (some Coles are very fussy and wont let you do it so get your partner or friend to do it) because you're only allowed 5 cards per customer.

    JB Hifi were no drama at all they're used to people paying on gift cards. You need to do it in store though. I don't think the TCN Cards work online with JB.

    It's a little bit of work but worth it overall, very happy!

    • You can actually convert the gift cards to JB ones on TCN website, which you can use an unlimited amount of online so online will work.

  • if the Slim arrives in Australia on December 6 as rumoured, will it be discounted for Boxing Day? it's not a "new" model per se, it's the exact same hardware but in a new housing. so surely it's eligible?

    and if it is, will it just be the $679 again? or a smaller discount like $729 or something.

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