Kogan Mobile Small Flex Prepaid Voucher, 365 Day Expiry, 120GB Data, Unlimited Calls, SMS, MMS $100 Shipped (Save $20) @ Kogan


Here is one of Kogans long awaited BLACK FRIDAY MOBILE SPECIALS.
(Others have been posted here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/812466)
Only $100 for 12 months. Normal price $120. (2022 Black Friday price was only $90)
For those looking for a BUDGET PRICED mobile plan with plenty of data (120GB).
Comes with VoLTE and Vodafone Wi-Fi calling capabilities.
Instant eSIM connection or FREE physical SIM delivery options.
The $100 Voucher can be used for 365 day Small Plan Renewal Recharges until 31/12/23 if you are an existing Kogan Mobile Customer

CONDITIONS (updated)
Voucher must be purchased by 11:59pm AEDT on 03/12/2023. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2023. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. .

Runs on the Vodafone network which is fine for metropolitan users but terrible in regional areas as I and many others have experienced.
So only consider this plan if principally for METROPOLITAN USE ONLY.

If looking for a cheaper budget 365 day plan or prefer not to be on the Vodafone network then check out CatchConnect's "no frills" 60GB 365 day plan for $89 (Normally $120).
Seems to be the last Optus MVNO plan standing at present offering a 365 day plan with 60GB data and Unlimited calls and TXT for under $100. (No data rollover)
So get in quick before this one disappears as well!
See here: https://www.catch.com.au/product/catch-connect-365-day-mobil…

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +11

    It's important to note that the sim must be activated by 11.59pm AEDT 31/01/24 so you can't buy it in advance and activate it significantly later like other sim providers

    • Thanks for pointing that out - was wondering what it was

    • good to know, thats me out then, i wanted to buy now and activate when my boost runs out in June

      • Generally there's a sale around that time for Kogan mid to end of June EOFY sales.

        • excellent

    • +3

      Wow, apparently Kogan adjusted the activation date now to be by 31/12/23. I can't edit my comment anymore, but this has been commented further below

      • +1

        Well, that rules me out. I was going to leave the Jack that Boost built in mid January - but I'll need to look for another option. I don't use much data outside the house, so WiFi meets most needs.

        I won't neg the deal (I'll remove my +ve) but this sort of ham-fisted marketing shenanigans is what makes Kogan the king of numpties.

        • +1

          Every January for atleast the last few years I know of, since that's when I buy mine, Kogan has discounts on all their mobile deals so it may turn out there is a better option for you then.

          • @Goldenwarrior: I certainly hope so!

            Perversely, I think I get a better signal at home from any network OTHER than Telstra! So a move to a Voda or Floptus reseller makes sense in for me as a city-dweller.

            For country trips, a little planning can mean popping in a profitable Boost 28-day SIM into the secondary tray for data and any dial-out needs.

  • Edit: answered above

  • +2

    kinda confusing having 200GB written massively if its 120GB

    • yes, its a BIG TYPO!

  • Thx for pointing that out. I have added conditions to post

  • Any deal for data only plans?
    Can it be used on a pad?

    • No data deals with Kogan
      iPads are basically an oversized mobile phone.
      Just pop it out of your phone and into the iPad.

    • No, the wings get in the way.

    • Not sure about Kogan/Vodafone, but we use Telstra's sims (voice & data service) in 4G modems for data only and they work.

  • +4

    For those who like going to Mt Buller in the winter. I can confirm Vodafone has awful coverage. Telstra was best and Optus was OK for most of the mountain.

    • +1

      yes as pointed out in post. This plan not suitable for Regional use.
      Poor or No reception in many NSW coastal regoinal areas as I found out whilst on holidays.
      Thats why I will never use Kogan mobile again, regardless of how cheap.
      No point having a mobile plan that you cant use wherever you go (within reason)

    • +2

      It doesn't really work that well on trains in metro region either I noticed. Boost always worked better for me

      • +1

        That's news to me, I travel on trains in Melbourne at least 5 days a week and the Vodafone network works everywhere I need it on the trains, including the city loop.
        What metro region/route are you referring to?

  • +1

    Can you get sms when u are overseas?

    • I could receive OTP`s when needed. Data roaming was a ridiculous daily price.

      • Their 3 or 7 day roaming pack is priced fairly for a prepaid service: https://www.koganmobile.com.au/plans/mobile/international-ro…

      • Roaming on Kogan is better than what it use to be. 1 day use to be the maximum period you can buy a roaming pack.

        Of course, it's no where near Amaysim's $50 5Gb datapack that lasts 365 days. I would get a second Amaysim sim for roaming. Local sims still the best option IMHO.

    • I believe so.
      Also works with WiFi-calling in Aus when insufficient mobile signal

  • Is this the cheapest yearly esim deal out there?

    • +1

      If you need a plan ASAP then yes.
      CatchConnect dont offer eSIM unfortunately

  • +3

    Can existing customers buy this and recharge for another 12mths using the voucher? Mine current 12mth Kogan plan expires tomorrow.

    Update: Nevermind. Found it in the terms and conditions that this offer is avail to new and existing customers :)

  • +2

    120G(200G?) plan, Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2023. Not 31/01/2024

    • +3

      My GOD
      They have just changed that, litterally in the last hour !!!
      I copied conditions just after I posted

      • All promotion plans changed to 31/12/2023…..My current plan will be expired on Feb, might have to wait for new year promotions.

      • +1

        Does not surprise me with Kogan, dodge-ville plus.

  • +1

    Found vodaphone pretty good for metro Perth out to northam,at least if anyone thinking of using this

  • +1

    Does this support visual voicemails on iPhones?

    • Normal Voicemail retrieval is included free.

      You can use the data when in Australia for iMessage and FaceTime Video and voice calls.

      Never heard of visual voicemails..what are you talking about???????????

      • It’s new in ios17. It’s basically video voicemails

      • Visual voicemail is an iPhone iOS feature that downloads the message onto the phone and you can playback the message without calling the usual voicemail number. Is has been available on iPhones for many years now.

    • +1

      Yes. I can confirm that it supports

  • I use Kogan and my reception without Wi-Fi calling is woeful at home and I'm 15km from Melbourne CBD. I definitely check your call quality with vodafone before porting. I do still recharge year on year as I need 500gb data when at work and I'm on wifi calling at home.

    If you need lots of data the best value is the buy one get one free Kogan 500Gb Flex plan for $300. Which is $150 when you split. Normally comes out twice a year IIRC.

    Otherwise for low data Coles mobile 1 year 120gb when on catalogue for $120.

    • +1

      NOTE: Coles 60GB 365 day plan for regular price of $120 ($99 on special) is no longer available.
      But yes, the Coles 120GB 365 day plan on special for $120 is great value

      • +1

        Catch Connect 120GB at $109 is even better value for many, only issue is that it's Optus :/

        • +1

          CatchConnect is a "no frills" plan
          No data rollover, no international calls included.
          But yes, fantastic value at $109 for 120GB plan if these things are not important.
          Optus is much preferred to any plan on Vodafone network.
          You will pay way more for a Telstra MVNO plan these days.
          Woolworths mobile offers the best value 365 day plan on telstra network but $170 for 120GB

          • @Amayzingone: For me it makes no difference whether I'm on Telstra, Vodafone or Optus, they all have coverage everywhere I travel and all my international calls are through WhatsApp, Skype or Teams, so I'd never pay a tel$tra premium as it's of no benefit to me, personally.
            But for those who travel/live regionally, it's obviously a different story.
            Optus I wouldn't touch right now after the data leak (I was one) and massive network failure that was additionally, poorly handled by their CEO, and continues to look disastrous.

          • +1

            @Amayzingone: Would you please quit this. It always depends on where you live and where you travel to.

    • +1

      $11 cheaper for the same network (Optus) with Catch Connect - Catch Connect 365 Days Prepaid Plan: 120GB $109

      • I didnt realise catch was the same as Coles. Thanks for pointing out that is a great deal,

  • Anything for Telstra? Vodafone is frustrating when travelling out of city.

  • NOTE Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2023

    • +3

      Yes as already addressed in EDIT to post.
      was literally changed by Kogan within an hour of posting the deal
      very sneaky of them. Also the 200GB typo…Hmmm

      I dont trust Kogan any more

      • +3

        Did you ever trust Kogan? They've been caught red-handed a couple of times misleading consumers by the ACCC ;)

        They've just corrected the 200GB to 120GB LoL

        • yes. I used their SMALL 365 day plan for 2 years when I wasnt travelling outside Sydney very much.
          Till I was away one year and found they had ZERO reception in NSW most popular holiday destination (NSW Mid-North cost). Also went down the NSW south coast and found they had terrible reception there as well.
          That was the END of kogan mobile for me.

          • +1

            @Amayzingone: Ah yeah, fair enough :)

            I was more referring to their shonky advertising standards or lack thereof.

            • +2

              @SimAus007: yes agreed.

              They falsely advertise refurbished iPhones that have been thoroughly checked and supposedly come with warranty.
              I have found None of this is true.
              Unlike ebay and AliExpess, Kogan take no responsibility whatsover for thier 3rd party suppliers advertising on thier web site

      • They also did a ninja-edit on the 5G offering earlier this year with the BOGOF deals, actually had 5G service for a few days before it went back to 4G permanently. These guys are shady AF and need to take screenshots of everything….

  • Is this for new customers only or for existing customers as well ?i can't find it anywhere, thank you for responding.

  • +1

    Aimed at New customers but existing customers can use the voucher to recharge before 31/12/23

    • thank you. .

    • +2

      I've just recharged using this offer. So works for existing customers!

  • +2

    Bought a Kogan gift card using shop back and earned $2.50. added to voucher to Kogan account. used the credits to purchase the sim. $ 97.50 deal.

    • You lost me. But seems like a lot of trouble to save $2.50

      • Hand in your card at the door.

      • +3

        no just seconds. go to shop back app and buy a 100.00 gift card. . you get 2.50 cash back from shop back .
        now login to kogan account. not kogan mobile.
        add the voucher code under vouchers section.
        so, you will see 100.00 credit.
        now look for kogan sim card.
        add to cart.
        finish to pay then credits will apply automatically.

    • Bigger discount with the Prezzee cards if you can use the remaining amount. Yes these can be partially swapped for Kogan.
      Comes to $93.75

  • A bit off topic,
    Already on Vodafone with main phone and looking for a 90 day or 180 day small plan running on Optus for second phone. Any idea?🙏🙏

    • +1

      Catch mobile does some pretty decent prices using the Optus network. I just ported out and planning to port back in. Used them for 2 years with no issues apart from the intermittent Optus outages that people lose their minds over that inconvienience you for a day.

      • Thanks, I saw that post but really just need 3-6 months just in case i want to sign up to a plan.

        Also mentioned on another thread that wife has 300G with Vodafone and getting a $20 data sim as sim 2 to tap into that which is quite enough for me. So really just need really cheap and basic as SIM 1 for call and txt.

        My second phone is on the half price 60G 365 days esim from Amaysim, May be I wait if they have similar deal for black Friday…..

  • You can do monthly with Catch which I think just got increased to $12 a month from $10. You could if you are happy to port check the 7/11 app as they seem to have starter sims at a heavy discount for around $8-$15 dollars every month. I just ported to Lyca for $8 for the month so could see if there were black friday deals. The port process for them was a pain but its working fine now.

  • I noticed this doesn't have a monthly limit for data usage, it just gives you the whole 120GB all up front.
    I want to get my parents something with a hard ~10GB/month limit so they don't accidently use a whole years worth of data in the first few months. Can anyone suggest a good plan for this? Is the Kogan Medium $140 plan the best option?

    • Take a look at Lebara 180GB plan which is currently discounted to $149:


      180GB total data to use, split into 30-day blocks of 15GB.

      • And Lebara is on the crappy Vodafone network

        Not a good idea if you want to keep in touch

        • That really depends on where you are.

          Where I live Optus and Voda is so strong and Telstra is just garbage. If it was not for that I would have jump on a Telstra MVNO or JB plans already

        • Kogan is also Vodafone?

          • @bio: Yes and also TPG, iiNet ….

            • @syswong: What do other providers have anything to do with this? This is a Kogan Mobile deal. The GP is happy to use Kogan (so Vodafone) and asking for alternatives.

          • -1

            @bio: Kogan is Not Vodafone actually
            But they ride on the Vodafone network ether in part or wholly.
            Not sure if Kogan cut a cheap deal for part of the Vodafone network.
            I cant believe Vodafone can be so bad.

    • Can't you set the data limit on their phone?

      • Yeah, probably. I'll check that out. But I'd prefer a hard limit. I don't know why the larger Kogan plans offer it as an option, but this one doesn't.

    • This can be set through the phone data settings. You can set for warning and turn off data limits. I do this on my kids phone so they don't over use their monthly limit.

    • Just a monthly cap on their phone settings. Takes 30 seconds to set up. I use Kogan 500gb when they half half price sales. I set my data limit for 1.4gb for the day. So I know I won't go over.

  • +1

    Waiting to see what Amaysim will do for Black Friday

    • I'm still on their eofy offer from this year. Pretty good value at $60 for 12mths 60gb. Hope they offer another next yr.

      • Unfortunately that pack is no longer available so it would be more expensive this year (if they are going to have a deal).

        • Well if they are not doing that deal then I am going to Southern, have not sign up as not sure how bad / good they are.

        • +1

          Amaysim do offer great (targeted) deals to renew the 365 day 60GB plan

          See here:

          • @Amayzingone: Yes I saw that Amaysim deal and also your reply above on Catch Connect.

            Price wise you can't beat Southern for $5 a month. It only comes with 2Gb but for a sim that is for voice and txt then it's ok.

            • +1

              @syswong: Saw that deal.
              Its only discounted for the first 6 months and comes with 2GB/mth
              Then what?
              It goes to $15/mth forever (if not more)
              Ends up costing you $120 for the first year so false economy.

              If you dont lock into a cheap 365 day plan NOW you will miss out FOREVER.
              They are killing off those cheap monthly plans too.

              The writing has been on the wall for a few months now.

              Suggest you check amaysim on Monday to see what Black friday specials they have posted

          • @Amayzingone: I'm on the 180 GB Amaysim plan that I got for $100 last year and got that targeted offer for 230GB at $150. Is that a good deal compared to Catch?

            I've tried using as much data as possible this year and still have 100GB left that I presume will bank over if I stay at Amaysim.

            • +1

              @Eragus: gotta watch more TikTok!!!

              • @donotuse: Haha. Youtube Shorts are basically the same thing right?

            • +1

              @Eragus: Correct
              Amaysim plans include rolling over unused data.
              Catch Connect do NOT include unused data rollover.

              Amaysim also have much better customer service and do nice things like giving you BONUS data in your birthday month and offereing nice renewal incentives.

              Those are the major differences between these two Optus MVNOs.
              Personally Im looking to stay with Amaysim.

              The way Optus is forcing MVNOs to drop thier cheaper monthly and 365 day plans, I may stay with Amaysim for quite a while

              • @Amayzingone: Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that the cheaper 365 plans are basically gone on Amaysim's website. I think it's only Catch Connect that's left offering sub $100 365 day plans as an Optus MVNO. I might see what happens Monday and call Amaysim if there are any better deals since the targeted offer is open until the 28th.

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