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Catch Connect 365 Days Prepaid Plan: 120GB $109, 200GB $150 (New Customers Only) @ Catch Connect


Cheaper than the Coles sales prices of $119 and $169. Combine with 3.5% cashback from Cashrewards.

See Also: 365-Day 60GB Prepaid Mobile SIM Plan $89

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Catch Connect


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    Sorry OP but I can't recommend these guys.

    I was with them in 2021 and the network was PAINFULLY SLOW!!

    • Isnt it optus?

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        and with that… i'm out

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      Depends where you are as they run through Optus. I used them the last 2 years and had no problems apart from the irregular issues Optus had. For the price they are good.

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      We understand how important it is for all our customers to be connected and we’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by the recent network outage. All Catch Connect customers will be receiving a gesture of gratitude. Run

    • Yeah same here. I went from Boost to these guys to give them a shot and the service was absolute crap. Never going back unless I want to slap it into a spare phone or cellular ipad.

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    Ignoring the Optus malarkey, the good thing about Catch Connect is they generally offer to renew with 15% off. Normally you'll buy these 365 day SIMs with a decent discount (especially Boost), however the renewal is always full price.

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      Can’t you buy a new sim from them at the discounted price and on activation say you want to keep the same number ?

    • I port out and port back it in with boost.
      For me to be on the Telstra network is worth the hassle.

  • Still $89 for the $120 plan here

    • Thats the 60GB plan

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        Take it and just wait for Optus to go down again, they'll throw another 50GB for ya :)

      • Yes, OP didn't mention it for some reason…

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    My recharge is due in 2 days and in the app they offer 25% discount for recharge - $150 down to $112.50.
    $3.50 more expensive but saves the hassle of churning to another provider and churning back

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      How are you getting that discount? Mine still says the recharge is $150

      • Just shows in the app and they sent me a text message as well

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        They do it when you are close to the expiry date, not so much when you have used your data early. I for some reasom chewed through data at one point and used it a few months before it was supposed to expire and no deals came up but the year before a deal popped up a couple weeks from expiry.

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        Make sure you have auto recharge off else you won't be offered the discount, you normally get an email in the last week before renewal

        • Thanks. Turned auto recharge off. Will see if I get the discount.

  • Optus + sub contracted So < and <<

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    No OPTUS clowns plz.

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    Been paying $120 for 500gb kogan. When they have discounts and specials. Dunno with you all I've never had problems with Voda.

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      Voda network coverage falls over very quickly after leaving the suburbs. If you travel regional at all, it's just not even worth consideration.

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        I will testing out Felix in the NSW South coast at somestage.

  • i'm with them but have problem with sending sms, nothing goes through. phone working. very odd

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      Normal day at the office.

  • Can these plans be activated at a later date after purchasing?

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      Yes, up to 30 days if you want EXACTLY what is in the description. Otherwise it will fall back to whatever is on offer after such time.

      • Gotcha! Thanks Snoop.

  • does this have a new sim card and phone number? Need to get something for my kid.

    Also, can you load more data if it runs out?

    • yes new sim and number. More data can be added but it is very expensive. Better options are to change to a different plan on sale if data runs out or buy a cheap 30 day sim on sale from supermarkets. OR get a Boost profit sim if data runs out.

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    just bought the boost 160gb 365days plan for $180ish last night on ebay…

    • Full Telstra 3/4G Coverage (Boost) versus Floptus and their decent but only roughly half the land area coverage… That's the "Catch"

  • FLoptus? Might be good because some people may leave em leaving some openings in their bandwidth??

  • 4G or 5G?
    Any deal that actually gets international calling?

    • -1

      This is the boost 12months deal I got
      UNLIMITED calls & text to standard national numbers
      UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 20 selected destinations
      1200 standard mins to 30 selected destinations
      1200 text to standard numbers to any country in the world
      150Mbps download speed cap on 4G and 5G

      • I noted the boost… but I’m new to catch connect.
        No idea whose network they use and what’s cover

  • +1

    7% CB from cashrewards now….

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