Free Formula 1 Mercedes Autographed Driver Cards @ Mercedes-Benz F1 Store


Full credit to Cheapies

For the F1 Merc fanboys

You can get a FREE F1 Mercedes Driver Card and it's so easy to claim!

Click the deal button to be taken to the Mercedes store. Confirm AU as the location, then fill in your details and that's it! You have a choice between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Your card will be sent to you. Just got mine, took about 6 weeks after filling in the details.

Use a throw away email address as they will send you marketing stuff.

By submitting this form, I understand that information (including personal data) entered into this form: (i) will be processed by Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited (“MGP”) for purpose of considering and responding to responding to my fan request; (ii) will be held as long as is necessary to achieve this purpose; and (iii) will be shared with the postal service MGP utilises to deliver printed driver cards to fans. For more information about how MGP processes your personal data please see Privacy Policy for more.


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  • Can this be used as identity proof?

    • -1

      Oh dear - Poor Lewis. He’s been relegated to handing out freebie autographs. Looking forward to Verstappen getting the 20 wins in a season!!

      • -1

        Didnt realise signing autographs is the bottom of the pitt. Some find it an honour.

        Poor Lewis. Getting 35m a year to put name on signatures

  • Thanks OP! Is the card just a printed autograph or have they actually signed the card?

    • +1

      Not quite sure but I would interpret it as printed.

      It says "await the arrival of both 2023 printed driver autograph cards on your doorstep".

    • +4

      0% chance these are genuine signed cards. The website says "printed driver autograph cards".

      • Yeah I’d assume that too but just thought OP could give insight since they've already received the card

      • +7

        Imagining the drivers being chained to a desk for half a day, hunched over and signing thousands of cards individually

        • There's an episode of Drive to Survive where Yuki is doing that. He had an assistant taking away the top card of the stack after each signing to make it efficient for him.

          • +5

            @Domingo: For that level of driver involvement I'd expect the output wasn't given away for free

            • @andresampras: Question: are drovers cobtract just for driving. Or do they get extra for anything else they get involved in

              • @mikeoxlarge: i would imagine it's like most other sports, they have contractual obligations for promoting races and the sponsors that sponsor their team

      • +2

        Just trace over the print with a sharpie. No one will know

        • +2

          Get your mum to sign them. Ahem, looking at you Luka Doncic.

        • That dude from Pawn Stars would know

          • +1

            @whitlam: Not until he calls in a good friend

            • +1

              @jsediv: Haha! I was thinking his good friend Steve (I think) who does the signatures.

      • My assumption is that these are cards you can take to a signing event but not actually signed.

  • Thanks for sharing OP - good fun and a nice way to cap off the season

  • +15

    10 sec penalty for Ocon, methinks

    • Pastor Maldonado has asked me to ask you to hold his beer

  • +2

    Thanks OP - important FAQ, needs Adblock disabled else the registration form doesn't show

    • +8

      You must be blind and deaf if you think Lewis is the bigger complainer out of the two..

      I have never seen a bigger baby than George and I know many babies

      • -1

        He's both telling people to stop complaining about the vegas track AND saying the locals deserve compensation

        George is a gun and HAM44 is in his way.

      • Lando worse than George

        “Guys, I’m so much faster, tell Oscar to let me past”

        “The team let me down today” - when he told them to shut up when they told him to pit and get wets.

        • I hope lando never wins a race, after his immature attitude at sochi, i always hope he loses :)

          entitled, spoiled pay driver like george

          • @Kozhutki: Entitled I understand. But pay driver? George & Nando can be arrogant but they are not pay drivers.

  • anyone know if 1 per household or 1 per person?

  • +4

    Will the FIA steal my Lewis Hamilton card off my door step, just like the 2021 WDC?

    • +2

      they will send you a bridge to get over it

      • +1

        I happily stepped over the stream and moved on with my life back in 2021.

    • +2

      Down voted for light hearted bants? Lewis isn't even a driver I support…

      Oh well…if it does get stolen, it's called Australia Post, Toto.

    • It's called racing Phattattak, we went motor racing.

      • +1

        Your post has lifted my spirits like a Las Vegas drain cover.

  • +3

    Do other teams (Red Bull?) do the same?
    I don't really like either Mercedes drivers but getting a season card with Max / Ricciardo's autograph would be awesome

    • -3

      Apparently the Max card helps you rig races, and win a fake championship.

    • Interested in Mclaren/Piastri card for my kid :).

    • Put it in your will, youll have them remember you for generations to come about what a true cheapskate their grandpa is

  • +1

    Why do people care so much about autographs, much less these ones that seem printed? You’re giving away a lot of your data to have a piece of ink from a person that doesn’t even know you exist.

    • +2

      free is free use your neighbours adress 😉

      • Better to use neighbours email too for the marketing stuff that will follow

  • OP, got an image of the cards? Curious to see how they look :)

      • Damn, I should have waited before going through with this. I'm not really a fan of F1 but thought it would be a bit of a novelty having Lewis Hamilton's autograph. Seeing it's just a printed card, I think it's just destined for the bin as soon as this comes.

  • I got some from Mercedes for my son once (both Hamilton and Bottas) but never received any the last two years despite requesting them both times.

  • Oh, I love this, I watch F1 quite often.

  • For other teams:…

    I emailed to RBR but also asked for Alpha Tauri cards few years ago. Worked.

    • Also this one more recent.…

      I think usually you send them physical self addressed envelopes for more chance to receive the driver cards. Definitely just printed autographs though so don't know why anyone would bother with 1 free card if you're not going for complete yearly sets.

  • Site says you actually get both cards anyway, regardless of which driver you choose.

  • An error occurred when submitting. Please try again later.

  • +1

    Form submitted. I think needs to disable ad blocker. Used disposable email.
    First name = Wewill, Last name = Spamyou. 😀

    • Like it

    • last name Rockyou works?

  • wow they can write

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