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Sonos One SL Microphone-Free Wireless Speaker $186 (Save $133) + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


The powerful microphone-free speaker for music and more
Get rich, room-filling sound
Compact design fits just about any space
Stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad

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  • -5

    I would have thought all speakers would be microphone-free - IOT devices excluded.

    • +2

      Lots of Bluetooth speakers have microphones and do voice calls.

      • +1

        This isn't a bluetooth speaker - wifi only.

    • +7

      This is an IOT device.

  • +29

    $185 at TGG + 8% cashback with Cashrewards.

  • +11

    microphone-free is a feature now?

    • +8

      marketing makes the lack of something a feature now. The lies we fall for…

      btw, this is with the bonus fixed wired system included for uninterrupted power supply

    • +24

      yes, for people liek me holding on to the strands of privacy we are still able to access.

      • +9

        your coordinates are confirmed.

    • +11

      The One SL was created as a microphone free option to the more expensive One/One gen2 speakers with mics inbuilt so yes if you wanted to, you could pay extra for a mic you don't need or you could buy this.

    • Lolol

    • +3

      Next they will make a speaker-free speaker

      • It's been possible to use a speaker as a microphone for a long time

  • +7

    $199 elsewhere, RRP can be ignored.

    Wonder if cheaper at mega price blitz in 2 days, or next Friday….

    • This deal was in the leaked price blitz catalogue

  • +5

    Holy moly, since when did the price go up to $319?? Last time I checked these retailed for $199. Did retailers learn nothing from Kogan and their fake discounts.

    • They're all doing it, cos it must work…so I'm looking at the stupid shopper.
      Slab of frantelle water is $18 at Woolies… Unless you join their stupid club.

  • +1

    Other gear is on sale too.. I was looking at the full arc HT setup which is like $3900, if I downgrade from the new "300" rears to just the SL1's I can get it under $2500 which is tempting.

    I do have a reasonable Onky TX-NR616 amp but it doesn't do atmos, and my speakers are crap, so I was looking at dropping ~3k on speakers alone.

    I may just simplify now and get the Arc+sub+two SL's and have done with it.

    • +5

      Even a modest 3.1 Hi-Fi system will generally outperform any soundbar setup. Personally I wouldn't, but some find value in the ease of setup/use.

      • I agree, I don't care about ease of setup.. but when you hear an arc with a sub it's a little hard to think of it as "a soundbar"
        The clarity very much rivals decent proper hifi setups.

        If I get this and am not too impressed it can go onto the living room TV instead.

        • +4

          It's true, it is a good sounding soundbar, but I would definitely not describe it as rivalling 'proper' HiFi setups.

          For the price of an Arc + Sub you can get a much, much better sounding system.

          For starters you are never going to get the separation you would from using speakers because you physically can't move them further apart than the width of a soundbar. You can't defy the laws of physics - the speakers in soundbars are much smaller than typical HiFi speakers and thus can physically move more air. No getting around that.

          I definitely don't think the Arc + Sub sounds bad, my friend has one, but I can definitely tell the difference between it and my home setup which cost me much less. The separation, warmth and depth of sound are not there. Then again, for most people this is fine.

          • +1

            @j1nx: What HiFi set up would you recommend around the $2k mark?

            • +2

              @PoorStudent: Bit tricky around the $2k mark, but this Klipsch R-600F system is currently on sale for $2,088. Then you'll need a receiver to go with it: https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/denon-avr-x1700h-7-2-channe….

              All of the above comes in at just over $3,000 and will sound miles better than a Sonos Arc + Sub setup. Plus, it's $800-1000+ cheaper than the Sonos Immersive Set, which is what you'd need to even try to get close to the separation and immersion that the above system would provide.

              • @j1nx: The reviews on those Klipsch 600f's are not at all good. How good is any speaker system you can buy in Harvey Norman on sale?

                I was looking at the polk SE 60 $3799 https://www.selby.com.au/brands/polk/polk-es60-package-90090…

                I'm assuming these would kick sonos ass, but it would be a shame if it didnt.

                • +2

                  @DisasterArea: Look, Klipsch wouldn't be my first choice either, but at $2,000 they're a good buy in my opinion. My intent was simply to point out a set that would sound better than the Sonos.

                  If you just want speakers, I would go:

                  KEF Q350s $1,040
                  KEF Q650c $936
                  SVS PB-1000 Pro $1199

                  The above comes out at $3,175. That's for an insane subwoofer (seriously, it'll blow your head off) and excellent, quality speakers. I would start with this and add surrounds later when budget allows. Or, if you'd like to add them now, you can kinda go with whatever but I like the Monitor Audio FX speakers because of my awkward lounge layout, using KEF 150s as surrounds is a popular option too.

                  • @j1nx: I'd probably put rears above a sub, but given there's sales on I will definitely start delving into the KEF reviews, thanks for that.

                    I may get an "arc lite" setup with the SL's and the sub mini just to try it out, as I can use it elsewhere if it's not up to the job for my media room.

                    Trouble is I've got so much clutter in that room that I'll never get clean audio in there , spending big is probably a waste!

                    • @DisasterArea: No problem! I'm a big fan of KEF. You won't be disappointed if you decide to buy some. Word of warning though they are very detailed and precise - too precise for some. An alternative would be Dali's, they are very warm and full sounding, it's all down to personal preference though really. I'd go into a HiFi store and try different speakers out if you can.

                      Grabbing the Sonos system first might be a good idea if you have somewhere else to use it anyways. Just don't make the purchases the other way around (Sonos after HiFi) because I almost guarantee you will be disappointed ;)

                      Any questions feel free to PM me.

                  • @j1nx: The KEFs always go on sale at Amazon for black friday as well. The current prices can be easily had cheaper.

                    I have a similar setup, I've been gradually replacing my old Energy e:XL speakers and now have the KEF Q350s and Atmos upfiring Q50a as fronts and will soon replace the Energy centre with a KEF Q250c. I feel like when paired with the Q350 fronts, the Q650c is slight overkill and is probably best paired with the KEF floor standers (Q550 or Q750, but more $$$)

                    I recently replaced my old and failing Paradigm sub with 2x SVS SB1000 that have absolutely exceeded my expectations.

                    Huge fan of KEF, their speakers are fantastic.

                    If you're patient and wait for a good sale you can probably pickup 2x Q350 = $750, Q250c $650 and an SVS 1000 ~$1000 = $2400, then add an amp and add surrounds later.

                  • @j1nx: I have the Q150s on my desk, they're brilliant!

              • @j1nx: Thank you!

              • @j1nx: Would I be correct in assuming that besides the difference in price between soundbars and HiFi setups, all HiFi speaks will need to go back to the receiver but soundbar setups are mostly wireless now so it only needs power?

                • +1

                  @PoorStudent: Yep, that's correct. There is definitely an advantage to soundbar setups in that there is much less wiring involved. All you need are power points and you're good to go, aside from connecting cables to/from your TV and media peripherals, of course.

                  One of the downsides of soundbar setups is that rear speakers in a soundbar setup require power. If you don't have power points at both the positions of the left and right speakers you have to get them installed. HiFi speakers are passive so all you'd need to do is run a speaker wire there - no need to get a sparkie out if you don't have the points already.

                  You CAN get wireless audio modules to plug into your receiver but they're quite costly AFAIK, I don't know much about them.

          • @j1nx: just curious what's your home setup?

            • @Bacons: I will clarify my comment above by saying that I was referring to the "Sonos Ultimate Immersive Set", that comes with the rear speakers. I wasn't aware that there was a set containing the Arc + Sub on their own.

              My current setup: a pair of KEF Q350, Q650C, pair of Monitor Audio Bronze FX, Denon X1700h receiver. I'm currently in-between subwoofers. This can all be had for around the same price as the Sonos Arc + Sub + Era300s set.

              • @j1nx: Arc + gen3 sub + 300's is the "ultimate immersive set" and $3700 - discounted $600 at the moment on sonos own site.

                You can go in JB now and get an arc, a sub MINI, and two SL's which are going to be quite a steal under $2100

                I have an amp already , just speakers alone what can I get (5.1) that's going to sound better than a sonos setup as above around $2100

                Genuine Q as I'm this close to going buying the sonos.

              • @j1nx: a single KEF 650C centre is $1500 on its own…
                a full 5.1 setup of KEF (cheapest) is over $5000, on sale $3700 all lower than the ones you are using which would be $10k for a full setup


                You're comparing apples with peanuts.

          • +1


            the speakers in soundbars are much smaller than typical HiFi speakers and thus can physically move more air. No getting around that.

            This is where the sub comes in…

            A friend of mine has a Hifi setup which sounds awesome, clearly better than mine… when you are in the room next to the speakers.
            I have a Yamaha wireless setup through the house and outside verandahs. The quality isn't to his level in any one spot, but as soon as you move around, the levels are maintained everywhere which results in a better 'party' experience IMO.
            His setup was about $3k from memory and mine was about $2.2k.

        • Our store Premium Sound ran the Sonos display at the last hifi show in Melb and so many audiophiles were blown away by the Sonos system.

          We did have arc, 2 subs, era 300 rears so it was a good system.

          Cant compete with the ONESL price above but arc/sub is fine.

      • Too many details missing. Depends on budget & requirements, amongst so much other aspects.

  • +4

    I got these 12 months ago for 225 each for my Sonos sub/arc setup as rear surrounds. Have never needed the microphone feature for this purpose. Good value at this price. Microphone only necessary if you use Alexa/Google and you NEED them as independent speakers.

  • +2

    man this is good price

  • -1

    Confused by Mic thing …. why does this type of speaker ever need a mic?

    • +1

      it's a smart speaker? like a Google Nest or Amazon Echo

    • I don't use them but plenty of speakers in this market segment have mics. People use them for voice commands e.g. Alexa/Google Assistant.

      • If you're streaming amazon music to them you can use a $19 puck echo as your control mic… These seem to be a cheap option for the surround channel of a HT setup though. The Era 100's might be better? but they are $399 each.

    • Hey Sonos, pause. Play next. Increase volume or decrease. Plus more.

      So the Sonos does these for u and I am using it flawlessly having baby in my hand. Have Arc which has microphone.

  • +2

    IKEA Symfonisk is also made by Sonos and compatible with their apps and also lacks a microphone.


  • +2

    I had a Sonos One which has a Mic for Alexa etc and I grabbed a Sonos One SL when it was on special a few years later and paired them as a stereo pair. Only one of them in my case, needed a mic.

    • +1

      Yes, and if you are using these as rears paired with arc/beam/sub etc then no need for mic as arc etc have one and they are grouped together.

  • +2

    Sonos have Black Friday deals on about 8 of their products, so you'll see a few more of these over the next week or so. Should all be live as of today.

  • Would these speakers bundle together to create a party like feature?

    • Yes, up to 32 speakers can be connected together iirc.

      • Do I need to buy additional devices other than these speaker to connect them together?
        Or, they can be connected together by thelselves via app configuration without buying additional devices for it?

        • No additional devices are needed. The speakers will connect to one another using the app 👍

  • +1

    Using this as rear speakers.

    Current set up is Beam + 2 Sono One SL. :)

    • +1

      Nice. Time the the Sub mini!

      • +1

        yeh actually been looking at it. I live in an apartment, top floor however my complex is full of elders and they complain just about everything haha..

        • Aaah yeh oldies hate the Bass!
          Tbh my missus always complains too lol

        • I have the Sub Mini with 2xIkea Symfonisk bookshelf speakers and its so good.

      • +3

        Sub is really worth it.. I am currently running, Beam, Sub, 2 x One SL. my neighbours haven't complained… yet.

        • +1

          great to hear, waiting for a sale for the mini.

          my strata is a** lol, I'm just waiting for them to fix up a few things and I will reno then gtfo

  • +4

    Anyone after some stands for these.
    Great price, great quality, minimal, not height adjustable though.

    • Hey nice !!! Thanks for the share … I've got the Sonos ones in my HT setup but these look a good option as I add more Sonos ones.

      • These stand are great for the rears in your HT setup, they sit just diagonally behind my lounge, paired with the Arc and Sub gen 3. Perfect height for my needs.
        I paid $65 each and that was the best price at the time so at this price they are a steal.

  • Making way for the Sonos move 2?

  • +1

    Not the greatest ratings: https://www.rtings.com/speaker/reviews/sonos/one-sl
    Downmixes stereo to mono

    • +3

      Buy two and pair them for stereo.

    • This review is pretty bad. I’m shocked as I usually rate rtings reviews. This speaker is widely reviewed as good to excellent - particularly considering the sale price.

      Alternate review (of the standard One) from The Verge

  • +1
  • Dang, I got exciting thinking it was the Era :-(

  • Its worth noting the version with the Mic (Sonos One Gen 2) has been discontinued for the Sonos Era 100, which is substantially more expensive. The SLs are still being sold mostly as rear surround speakers, though of course you can use them standalone.

    • +1

      The Era 100 is newer and a single unit can produce stereo sound where the "old" 100 is a mono speaker and you would have to pair two for stereo sound…
      Also worth mentioning you pretty much need a paid music service of some kind to do anything much with them unless you're pairing to an arc for surround sound from your TV or "single HDMI source", and no, there's no HDMI passthrough on the soundbars so you're pretty dependant on the Source device passing ARC to the soundbar which is then paired to the speaker.

      A friend has the older sonos soundbar with a pretty new TV, and he needs to tweak the lip sync delay every time we sit down to watch or it's annoyingly out by 100~ms.
      Just something to be aware of (samsung high end QNED tv)

      Other than that they sound perfectly fine for rear atmospheric sound… not sure if they're really that good standalone. Stump up for a Play5 if you really just want to add music to a room, it's worth it and arguably better than any other brands standalone wifi speaker (i.e. google home max is definitely not as good, having had them side by side)

      • The Era 100 also has bluetooth, this doesn't.

        • -1

          Does anyone seriously play bluetooth to speakers anymore? I mean… you have to leave your phone running, in range , and connected… what's wrong with casting and leaving the device to play its own music?
          Genuine question, as bluetooth seems utterly pointless to me and I wish I could turn it off in all my other speakers.

          • @DisasterArea: The Sonos Era 100 only supports AirPlay - Google Cast is not supported. It's also a good way to let people play music while not being connected to the same wifi network as the speaker.

      • +1

        A friend has the older sonos soundbar with a pretty new TV, and he needs to tweak the lip sync delay every time we sit down to watch or it's annoyingly out by 100~ms.

        Nahhh sounds like something wrong with your mate’s TV or the optical cord he’s using - I have a 2022 75” Samsung the Frame and the OG Sonos playbar no issues whatsoever. Remote works and everything. Also why does he need to tweak it every time?? Does his settings not save either on his TV or the Sonos app?

        Anecdotes like this make people worried about investing in the Sonos ecosystem - that the speakers quickly get superseded - they really don’t despite the recent press.

  • This or HomePod mini?

    • +2

      This will definitely give you better audio quality than the HomePod mini.

  • Anyway to plug / connect this to Google home speakers? I have like 7 of them and a number of Sonos speakers. I just wish I could blast music to all of them.

  • Just noting that there are other Sonos speakers on sale with JB HiFi :-)

  • +1

    Based on the picture, if I bought it, I'd end up throwing rubbish at it when I'm tired :(

  • How would a pair of these go as computer speakers?

    • +2

      Not very well. If you don’t already have a Sonos soundbar, you can only use them with AirPlay which is inherently laggy. They’re really designed to be used as complimentary surround speakers for the Arc/Beam/Ray.

    • Not good. They are effectively connected via wifi. So there will be a latency lag between the computer visuals followed by the sound

  • This or the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker? HK at Mobileciti ebay $259 with code.

    • They are totally different purpose, battery powered vs no battery, bluetooth vs wifi, stand alone vs echo system etc. If you are talking about sound quality, sonos one sl is better than onyx(old and more expensive version than onyx studio) in my ears. Never tried onyx studio 7 though.

      • Thanks for the info!

  • Whats the sound quality like? All these comments about connectivity and not a single comments on the sound quality which is what the main purpose of speakers

    • Honestly not that great as standalones. I use them as rears for my surround setup but wouldn’t use them as normal speakers

      • What Sonos speaker would be good as standalone just to play music?

        • I have the Era 100, and they are good. Just not quite as good as $200 Edifier R1700BT speakers.

          Sonos is really good for "lifestyle" speakers. Controlling it with your phone is great. It doesn't play over phone's BT, so music doesn't stop when you get an sms.

          The R1700BT has decent sounding BT, but you can't even adjust the volume with your phone.

          • @WorstAgreeableRadish: You’re joking - for connectivity and broader use (TV, computer speaker etc) the R1700BT is great but they have terrible muddy sound, very unbalanced EQ…a stereo pair of Ones is not even in the same league.

    • As a pair they are amazing, especially for higher frequencies

    • Sound quality is awesome for it's size. It has everything you need at lower volumes (ie, around the same volume as you might watch TV). It has surprisingly deep bass up to a certain volume level (maybe 20-25 out of 50), but after that point the bass can't keep up with the highs. Its better than my old bose soundlink mini. I think if I ever added on the mini sub, it would be amazing at higher volumes too

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