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JURA ENA 8 Automatic Coffee Machine $1399 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ The Good Guys


Good Guys Black Friday Sale normally $2,199.

$1323 at TGG Commercial but I had problems with the Good Guys Commercial so I just paid the $76 more to pick up in store today.

Worthwhile combining with Jura's Christmas Promotion https://au.jura.com/en/about-jura/christmaspromotion2023

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    Damn… I have a 10yo Jura automatic machine that I absolutely swear by. I don't know anything about the current range, but if that really is an $800 saving then this is a great deal.

    Hmm, worth noting that a barely used factory serviced version can be had from Jura direct for $100 less

    • But does it come with the same statutory warranty? I imagine that a new one would be at least a couple of years given the cost.

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      Just a heads up, the factory serviced version from @Hinee's link seems to be the older version with the buttons.

      I just picked one up from Good Guys yesterday and it has a touch screen instead. Looked further into it and this touch screen version seems to be a refreshed model launched in 2022-2023. Difference includes the touch screen, newer and better grinder, and abilitity to do double shots/2 espressos at the same time.

      • Thanks! Tell us how your experience with it goes.

        • No worries! Won't be using it for a bit though. Still need to finish off the rest of my nespresso pods!

  • Very tempting! I'm after a super automatic for my new house which won't be ready for another 9-10 months. Should i wait until things are possibly cheaper then or is this as good as I'm going to get?

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      I'd say get it, it's not getting any cheaper. You can still use it in your current place.

      • I was thinking that! Is there any better recommended super automatics at a similar price point? My partner and i mainly have lattes.

        • We have one at our workplace. The milk bottle in this one isn't integrated (and chilled) so it's a bit untidy and fiddly. Ends up nobody bothers with the milk function and just add milk afterwards. So if you are mainly after milk based drinks I would put that into consideration.

  • I just got this (I was sick of nespresso).

    I like that the milk function just uses a tube into a jug or cup (whatever vessel you want really) rather than using some built in contraption. Much easier to clean this way, and it just has an automatic flush function when you are done making drinks.

    I am still working out the settings but so far so good.

  • Wow bloody inflation
    Was 999.98 from Costco in 2020

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