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[PC, Steam, VR] Half Life: Alyx $29.90 (66% off) @ Steam


For those of us that recently jumped into VR with the release of the Quest 3, this great game is currently on sale again finally!

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  • +5

    Lowest price I've seen

  • +1

    Definitely worth it for this price. Great game

  • +14

    The best VR game out there, and a great game in general. If more people were able to play this then VR would be more mainstream by now.

    • +12

      I think it's not about if more people were able to play this game. It's more like if more VR games were of this calibre, VR would be more mainstream by now.

      • +1

        This VR experience is really blurring the line between reality and virtual reality!

      • +3

        games were of this calibre

        it's quite hard to make games of this calibre even if it's not VR - adding VR makes it even more difficult! That's why it's rare.

  • +1

    How does one go about birrowing someone elses Meta Quest and using their own steam purchases? Seems only one meta account per Quest, but what about Steam?

    • +4

      You can use their meta account and your steam.

      • Great, thanks!

      • Do you have to link the profiles?

  • +1

    SO VR rookie question, how does one simply put this onto their Quest 2?

    And the movement system looks a bit clunky? As in teleporting to move? Loved OG Half Life. This one looks pretty good

    • +7

      You use the steam vr app and run it from your pc via cable or wireless.
      Its not clunky and it is just as good as HL2 but you are actually in that world, its fantastic.

      • +1

        Thank you!

      • Don't you need the Virtual Desktop app to stream from your PC to the Quest 2?

        • There is one in occulus VR but i cant recall if i needed it, certainly didnt need any paid 3rd party stuff.

        • You should be able to use the built-in Air Link, although Virtual Desktop is well worth considering if you play many SteamVR games.

    • +4

      You can move normally, people that get motion sick use the teleporting.

      • +1

        Thank you!

      • Actually the opposite, teleporting is set up because most people get VR motion-sick on the "invisible skateboard" smooth motion of moving with thumbsticks.

        • +6

          That's what he said, in less words…

  • Tempting, despite not having a PC capable of this.

    • +6

      Buy now, get a new pc later!

      • +1

        And then post reviews in r/patientgamers

    • Do you have a Dell, too?

  • +5

    I am just waiting for this to come to PSVR2 (which means I'll be waiting a long time)!

    • +2

      Same here. Portal 2 was actually great on ps3

    • +2

      Whilst many are awaiting for PSVR2 to come to PC.

    • Quite possibly for eternity. :(

  • Cheers OP. Bought it. Now just gotta get a Quest 3!

  • +2

    Thanks OP, this is one of the reasons I got a VR. After patiently waiting years until I got a gaming PC, I can now finally look at playing this!

    I've been a massive HL fan since the original. With each HL entry, it added something big to gaming, I was so hoping HL3 would hit VR, and be 'the' game to sell the platform. Alas, I've heard this one is a must play and a worthy entry.

  • Is a VR set required to play the game? Is it worth without a VR?
    Thank you :)

    • Required.

    • +2

      There's workarounds (mods) that enable you to play the game without VR but would be far from the best experience/way to enjoy the game.

  • +1

    It’s amazing this game stilll holds true even now :D i finished it at launch though but maybe i sould play it again:D

    • There are also a lot of good mods (though they’re limited in what they can do with no code SDK).

  • I really want this but I can't get rid of my arachnophobia

    • +1

      There are a couple of mods on the workshop that aim to help with this by changing or removing certain enemies.

  • Thanks for the post OP - been eyeing a quest 3 for a bit so this'll be the first game i boot up when I eventually get one!

  • +1

    Completely worth if you already have a PCVR of some sort!

  • +2

    Finally biting the bullet, despite not having VR. Can't justify the cost, real-life problems etc. Will try the no-VR mod.

    • +3

      buy a headset on marketplace. play alyx then sell the headset straight after.

      • I saw a lot of comments here (over the last xx months) of people saying they weren't happy… But not that they're selling.
        I checked marketplace, and the prices vary wildly. Like $180-400 all claiming mint condition.
        I need to do some research.

  • +2

    Anyone played this on a Quest 2?

    • Will soon be playing on Quest 2.

    • I see someone else saw the super cheap Quest 2 at Amazon post and is wanting to put 2 and 2 together.

      Does anyone know what Steam, Big Picture, Quest 2 is like? Can I like… I dunno? Make it as good as a PS5 and PSVR2? (kinda?!)

      I just want SuperHot, Alyx and mod'd Synth Riders.

      • I'll be switching to PSVR2 once most of the functionality gets implemented for PC.

        • We love ours on the PS5, it's been good.

    • Yep, I'm ashamed to admit I sailed the 7 seas 2 days ago because i didn't want to pay $87, played a few hours and It's amazing, I will be buying this now since it's on sale.

      The detail in the hands and guns as you hold them up to your face is beyond words.

      I have a 4090 and using the Quest 2 in 120hz, Once you get the height set up, it literally feels like you are in the game walking around, opening cupboards, draws, operating alien machinery, it's off the chart.

      Edit: just bought it, thank you OP.

  • +1

    Bought, thanks OP. I don't have a VR headset but I can see there is a NoVR mod on ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-alyx-novr

    Anyone had experience with it? For someone who wants to play for the story more than anything else, is it worth trying? I don't really plan on buying a VR headset any time soon. Maybe if the Quest 3 has a future sale or price drop.

    • I would consider purchasing a quest 2 used or cheap ($350) and then flip it later, you may even lose nothing.

  • +1

    FFS Valve, release it for PSVR2 already! It's an old ass game now, don't know wtf is wrong with them!
    Will only play this on PS5 only, they would sell another million easily but clearly they're too blind to see that…

    • -1

      Steam is their infinite money cash cow, pretty sure this would weaken its position as the dominant "premium" gaming marketplace.

      • +1

        Yes and no - they're entirely different customers and markets.

        They've dabbled in consoles before. The game is done, the code is done, the assets are done. So the porting work really wouldn't be as hard as it would be say, making it at the same time as they did PC.

        It's "free" money within reason.

        • -1

          It's one less reason to buy an expensive PC and pricier PC VR, which translate directly to steam users.

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