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Dell 27" QHD IPS 165hz Gaming Monitor - G2724D $350.12 (Was $399) Delivered @ Dell


Original Coupon Deal

Been keeping an eye out on this monitor for a while since Dell increased the price. They have now dropped the price down to $369.60 and with the promo code brings it down further. Not sure how long the reduced price will remain.

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    $350.12 (Was $299) ?

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    "G2724D $350.12 (Was $299)" Might want to check the pricing. ;)

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    $350.12 (Was $299)

    NotAnOzbargain.com.au deal post ?

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    Hmmm. Not sure if that's how a bargain works. Was $299 now $350.12

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    I love buying stuff at over $50 above the original price !!!!111!!11!!

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    Measure twice cut once. Or in this case, read twice, post once

  • Now need to find a time machine deal to get this deal better.

  • Best bargain evaaa
    Paying 50 bux more

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    Even at $300 it’s still overpriced. What’s the point of this post?

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    Haha love the replies. Sorry ozbargain team, mistyped. Title updated with the correct price.

    • Gotta do the description too!

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        Thanks lordra!

        • All good my fellow ozbargainer.

          Even if you didn't fix it, it wouldn't be a
          @deal-breaker 😜

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    Is this the replacement of the insanely popular S2721DGF?

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      Seems to be.
      But it has lost a couple of features. The blue lighting at the back is the one I would miss the most.

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      Yes, and seems to compare favorably in a few ways. Notably, better contrast, decent calibration out of the box, slightly better response times across the refresh rate range and decent support for consoles.

      Edit: and much better black uniformity it would seem, which is nice.

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        Yes but a monitor of this calibre is not worth these prices any more… strong argument to be made it should be in the $250-$300 range.

        We can and should expect more after 5 years of such technology being mainstream.

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          I hear you and I agree, it's definitely not a wild bargain or anything. Still OK value though, even for $50 or so more than similar options of lesser quality and inferior warranty/support to Dell's which is generally alright.

          • @itscyanide: Genuine question, what's better value for the same quality display? Not bothered about usb hubs etc

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              @Dunnomuch: Not aware of any options that offer better value for the same quality display, this one really does tick a lot of boxes (decent contrast and uniformity for an IPS panel, great response times, decent brightness…)

              If you mean which is better value between this one and the older S2721DGF, I don't think that one's available anymore (at least not brand new from Dell).

              That's kind of what I was getting at, I'd be hard pressed to find an equally well performing 27" IPS monitor for around this price - only some inferior options for a bit less.

              Closest recent deal that might arguably be better value I could find would be this one, which isn't a bad performer but not quite as good, imo.

              Hope that answers your question.

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              @Dunnomuch: Nothing, really. Monitors have been stagnant for quite a while. That's why these standard IPS panels are commanding such prices, since the better tech hasn't displaced the old yet, it's just slotted in at a higher tier.

    • This is the🐐 27" 1440p 165Hz IPS monitor

  • You can get a little more off if you use the Dell student purchase program code that was posted a little over a week ago. The codes don't stack unfortunately, other wise this would be a no brainer for me.


  • Anything with a built in webcam?

  • damn, I think i bought this for $425 6 months ago

    Edit: I just checked, i got the S2721DGF version. What's the difference?

    • MUch the same, just better quality control with the new one.
      YOu have a USB hub on yours

      • +1

        Yeh the blue light and usb arent worth the extra for me.

  • Looking at a monitor for a bit of gaming and just everyday use. Coming from a 24" FHD non gaming TN monitor how bad will i notice the smearing on a VA panel?

    Trying to decide between IPS and VA and after watching a video comparing the 2 the smearing looked pretty average on the monitor in the example even though it was a 1ms panel. Dont mind the reviews of this IPS but its a bit more than i wanted to spend at the moment.

    • Go IPS imo.

      • Im leaning towards IPS. Having lived with the contrast on a TN im sure i can live with in again on an IPS.

        Spewing i missed out on the LG deal yesterday. Im sure there will be others in the next week anyway

    • Except contrast ratio (black level), IPS for me. It’s nothing wrong going with VA, just my personal preference. My old VA got pretty bad smearing, viewing angle not as great. My new IPS has better color (could be just me).

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      Probably worth noting this monitor has a pretty good contrast ratio for standard IPS. Not VA good, but above average for IPS.

  • I saw this price drop yesterday and bought 2.

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    20 Nov the Dell BF sale starts, so could be cheaper

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      Got 30 day price protection after purchase so no concerns about the price dropping further.

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        Their price protection specifically says it excludes both coupons and black friday, so not sure how much you can rely on it

    • I just asked their chat support and I was told there's no official communication from their Marketing team about the Black Friday sale. So it might not even happen.
      I also asked about price protection and Black Friday sale is excluded unfortunately.

      • Hmm, their chat told me it starts today but wasn't sure if htis monitor would be in included

      • Hmmm, interesting. So maybe wait until tomorrow to make sure.

  • Hmm seems like g-sync works over HDMI (if console mode is on) even though it's only HDMI 2.0

  • Damn still no sale on oled g9

  • So just to confirm as there is no audio jack, if I wanted sound from my PS5 I would have to use my headphones only?

    • Ya via your controller/Bluetooth or whatever. I guess in theory if you're close enough to the speakers run the 3.5mm from controller out to the speakers haha.

      Alternatively I think? Some usb dacs work on the ps5 via usb which could give you another option

  • Thanks OP! Bought one.
    I ordered Monday night and got it today Wednesday at noon.
    Very quick delivery time.

    • I just got an email saying my order is delayed until 28th December lol.

  • I notice on rtings that it has hdmi 2.1 but the way Xbox works means you have to choose:

    “ Besides the lack of HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, there aren't any compatibility issues with the Xbox Series X|S. With Console Mode enabled, it can downscale 4k images, which are more detailed than native 1440p. You can only enable HDR with 4k signals on the Xbox Series X|S, and because the monitor doesn't support 4k @ 120Hz, you have to choose between high refresh rates at a lower resolution or 4k HDR at 60Hz.”

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