AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8 Core AM5 4.2GHz Unlocked CPU $589 + Delivery (Free C&C/ mVIP) @ Mwave


Online Only. Limit 10 Per Customer. Ends 30/12/2023 or While Promotional Stock Lasts.


  • Exclusive AMD 3D V-Cache Technology - The Ultimate Gaming Hardware
  • Base Clock: 4.2GHz - Max Boost Clock: Up to 5.0GHz
  • 8 Cores + 16 Threads
  • AMD Radeon Graphics: 2 Graphic Cores, GPU Base: 400 MHz, Graphics Frequency: 2200 MHz
  • Supports PCIe 5.0 + DDR5

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  • Not quite clear if you get the free Avatar game as part of the current promotion.

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      List of Australian retailers eligible for bundle listed and Mwave not there. Could wait to see if one of the eligible retailers price match. Alternatively did see the CPU on sale for 550 aud delivered on Aliexpress but you obviously dont get warranty etc.

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        Thanks for this. Computer Alliance has it 599 with the game and free shipping.

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    Now for a decent ATX motherboard and QVL RAM 6000 CL30 to hopefully avoid any issues that JayzTwoCentz experienced which made him switch back to Intel.

    • i just (partly) hinted at/referenced that below :)

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      As Jayz said himself, you should mainly be cautious with dual ccd's x3d cpus i.e. 7900x3d and 7950x3d. It's the first both techs have been used together

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      nah its still the top performing gaming CPU in most respects, and hugely more power efficient than the 13900/14900k
      90+ thermals are pretty normal, but the 7800x3d runs a lot lower than that in most circumstances and with a good cooler- they dont thermal throttle like an Intel CPU does at TJmax.

      Comparison to an 8700k is a bit ridiculous on anything except price - compartive AMD cpu's are faster and more power efficient in that case.

      What reviewers use for a rig internally changes every week, they need content….

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          nice edit to your original post
          This is the next evolution, everyone will now be doing 3d vcache on any of their top tier (and mid tier eventually) gaming CPU's

          The 8700k is right in the middle of the "same old tired form factor" time zone from intel so?….

          I ran an 8700 thinking i could get away with a cheaper rig for 4k gaming and photo editing, man was i wrong.

          Reviewers also tend to do video editing/rendering where the 7800x3d is not strong, so of course they use intel - its a gaming CPU and is 1000% marketed as such

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              @amosmilburn: the entry level 12100f would outperform and use less power than your 8700k so sounds like you made a smart decision there.

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                  maybe the section where i said its perfect for my usage case…

                  Wouldn't your use case point your choice towards an i5 12400? Same core count but faster, uses less power and produces less heat than an 8700K. You could even underclock it to the performance of an 8700K and it'll probably be close to twice the power efficiency.

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      and likewise you can underclock and delid ryzen cpus and still get excellent performance. this is pretty widely documented. and idk what you're talking abt with v cache performance being underwhelming, it still makes a monumental difference in the majority of games..

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          you didn't say you couldn't, yeah, but you complained abt the ryzen temps and said you can get better temps by delidding an intel flame thrower.. like you can't do the same and get similarly reasonable temps on ryzen.

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              AMD now thinks 90c+ thermals are normal….Intel isnt much better. Ill take my (delidded) 8700K running at 57c thanks and a fraction of the power draw

              you didn't say it, but there's an implication that intel is superior which comes across with loaded language like 'amd now thinks 90c+ thermals are normal, intel isn't much better, but i'll take my 8700k'. but apologies if that wasn't intentional and i've misconstrued what u actually think.

              • @lachlantula: all good, i think all current gen CPU's form AMD/Intel are a little nuts, if that clears things up :) :)

                im actually looking forward to the next evolution, probably all arm based, as a PC kid since the original IBM 5150, i hate to say it, but Apple has handed both Intel and AMD their hats in evolving

                and i hate Apple with a passion immeasurable :)

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              @amosmilburn: you'd get better temps, power and performance from a 12100f than the 8700k - so your point is invalid.

              You'll probably find 10:1 reviews stating that 3d vcache is the best thing on the market for gaming - both the 5800x3d for AM4 owners cheap upgrade path and the 7800x3d for AM5.
              Guess what, Intel is looking to do it next generation, funny that….
              Wouldnt call it underwhelming.

              8700k TJ Max is what 105 degrees?, and the 12/13/14th gen hits 100degrees in a heatbeat then downclocks to save itself, with the AM5 CPU's designed to be able to do 95degrees its entire lifetime (which only happens under full all core loads - not games)

              I'm CPU agnostic, running more Intel CPU's than AMD in my home/work environments - your comments are just factually incorrect.

              • -1

                @Lonewolf1983: 8700K…try 95c, if we're being "factual"

                i dont care what CPU anyone runs, as already stated, silicon doesnt have feelings, so im not sure why you or anyone else gets so worked up about it

                im happy if youre happy, i was merely pointing out in my original post that some (and i think this is the 4th time ive HAD to point this out) were finding it underwhelming. If youre translating some to mean everyone, then thats your doing, not mine….

                you might also consider that literally every time that ive seen (since i joined) a listing for second hand 8th Gen laptops or desktops comes up im posting there about thermal throttling issues with them, and suggestions to try and mitigate them as best as possible, so that makes me the worlds worst Intel fanboy i would think….the worst….

                again silicon doesnt have feeling folks, put down the pitchforks, it doesnt need you to defend it

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              @amosmilburn: Will you stop talking nonsense, it's obvious that you're here to instigate over heated sand, get over yourself.

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      I've been running a 7950x for about 6 months now, idles at 40-50, max temp under heavy gaming load or video encoding is low 80's, pretty similar to my old 3950x.

      • -5

        youre doing well, glad you are happy

        had to laugh, the guy that delidded my 8700K wanted to keep it as he reckoned it was the coolest running one he'd ever seen, anywhere, and he'd done at least a hundred of the suckers

        we all occasionally get an outlier, its nice

        p.s. i checked and just browsing and telegramming and its hottest core is at a toasty 32c - along with the RTX on fanstop its quietest PC ive ever owned

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      This is a very odd, bad, and just plain incoherent comment lmao

  • +2

    Genuinely curious, why go into an AMD product thread to shill intel?

    • -7

      who is shilling Intel?

    • +6

      Because apparently their circa half a decade old CPU is somehow better than current generation products.

      Absolute mind boggling how we have these people walking among us.

  • Cashrewards - 0.5% cashback
    Shopback - 0.65% cashback

    So $3 or so.

    Shipping for me, $12.95 for standard.

    So deal is comparable to the computer alliance deal, except no free game.

    • +3

      $608 delivered at Scorptec eBay with eBay Plus code PLUSNOV (includes free game)

      Stack with 6% off $20 Minimum Spend on eGift Cards (Maximum 2 Gift Cards) @ Gift Card Exchange to bring it down to $571.52

      • Scorptec dropped the price further a further $22, to $656 before PLUSNOV code (code expires today), which after, brought it down to $586.

        With the linked 6% off gift card deal, that brings it down to $550.84.

        Unfortunately, I had issues with my bank getting a 2nd card from Gift Card Exchange, so couldn't get a discounted gift card to use for this deal (1st one I got was for amazon), so I had to use shopback choice gift cards, effectively getting 2.5% off instead. Still got it down to around 570. Good enough.

        There might be a better deal on black friday/cyber monday, but I doubt it would be much better than 550.

  • Noob question. I am wondering if 7800x3d will do well in sandbox strategic sim games such as Crusader Kings 3, Victoria 3, and Civilization 6 or i should get 7950x3d? Thank you!

    • +4

      7800x3d performs better in games than the 7950x3d

      the 950 has some bullshit with the CCDs

      only 8 of the cores can acces the Vcache at a time,and if the games scheduler calls the game into the side WITHOUT the vcache ur just gonna get standard perromance

      • Much appreciated, probably i should wait on Zen 5 8000 series lol :D.

  • Holding for a new ATL hopefully this week/next

  • really is a fantastic price for a great CPU

  • -1

    How does this compare with 14700k and 14900k. Last AMD cpu i owned was athlon back in 2006…..and it was a complete dog.

    Have AMD improved?

    • +3

      Drastically. That said this one is more for gaming than productivity. If you want productivity go for the 7950x3d or 7900x.

      • Cheers,

        Any idea what's a decent motherboard for this cpu?

        • Most recommended is b650 aorus elite ax. I personally vouch for this as its in my main rig along side a 7800x3d

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    Any good deals for 5800x3d ?

    • None so far

  • Thanks OP, got it!

  • +2

    There is a good chance of seeing the 9800x3d (Yes, 9! as the 8 numbering will be for APUs) sometime in Q1-Q2 2024. Mobos for AM5 should also be getting some much needed refinements by then. I will stay with the 5800x3d for now.

    • What like on the mobos? To enable More stable ram speeds above 6000?

      • +1

        Yeah that along with the long memory training times and the BIOSes have been generally underdeveloped e.g. CPU voltage control (multiple brands) and Gigabyte had quality issues with coil whine on VRMs. All while costing way more than AM4 boards and missing features like SP/DIF on anything but high end variants. Not saying this will be magically fixed with a new gen of boards but I at least want to wait and see.

    • +1

      Was holding out for the 8800x3d or 8700x but didn't know I'd be getting a bigger number! the higher the better

      • +1

        the big number 9900x3d will look very good

    • They say Q2 of 2024, so likely release is always a few months behind that, I'm guessing July - Sep as the earliest.

    • This is definitely be released in 2025, IF they announce Ryzen 8000 laptop CPU/APUs and Ryzen 9000 desktop CPUs by the end of 2024.

  • +1

    Long running sale makes me suspicious lol.

  • What high performance MB and RAM should I pair with this CPU?
    Nothing that I only need PCIE 4x slots (GPUs aren't PCIE 5x yet). I would prefer to have 1 NVMe for Boot OS and 2x NVME in Raid 0 for games.

    • you can pair this with literally the cheapest motherboard (ie weakest vrm’s) and x3d cpu’s are not sensitive to memory frequency. but to answer your question I guess whichever a620/b650 MB you’re happy with and 6000C30 kit with EXPO profile for stability

      • Do I need to worry about Gen5 NVMe slots?

        • really up to you and your use case man. unless you're transferring large files all the time for some reason, even gen 3 ssd's are good enough

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