50% off RRP Sukin and Cancer Council Ranges (Exclusions Apply) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Chemist Warehouse


Credits to the anonymous member for PM'ing me about this

From the upcoming catalogue, starting on the 27th, is half-price Sukin and Cancer Council.

Only exclusions are for Sukin:

Excludes Travel and Gift Sets

Time to stock up for summer!


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    • Yep, also the Sukin Skin Relief range has recently replaced all my skin care products, superb stuff. Might have to stock up for Summer.

      Edit: I swear I didn't see the byline in the OP until after commenting

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    @HamBoi69 sorry to say, but the free delivery >$50 stopped early this year

    Unless you are aware of it coming back?

    It kinda still exists via CW @ ebay as long as you have 2+ products & >$50 (might also need ebay plus but I'm not sure).

    • Apologies. Fixed.

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        Was hoping it was coming back! All good ☺

  • Which is the better sunscreen brand: Cancer Council or Hamilton?

    • I have the Hamilton and seems to work well and luckily my skin has no issues with it. I have to be careful with sunscreen, as I am now sun sensitive with the wrong brands…..end up looking like I am sunburnt and get a red rash (I learned that the hard way on a trip overseas about 10 years ago)….the sunscreen reacts with the sun to become an irritant to my skin, so I end up with an allergic reaction….but only if I am in the sun….which sort of defeats the purpose of using sunscreen lol

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      In my opinion, Cancer Council is much more effective. My skin still gets dark with Hamilton.

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        I see what you did there.

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    Cancer Council sunscreen is also currently half price at Coles for those who can't wait

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    Wonder if this deal will actually happen? Unlike the Google Pixel one OP promised………..

  • Not all Cancer Council products are half price. Catalogue says 1/2 Price kids and 1L range, but even that isn't what's currently being shown. Pricing seems to be all over the place.

  • Damn, I was waiting for this but their Sukin SPF range is not 50% off.

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