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Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD Card 128GB $13, 256GB $22, 512GB $45 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    Sandisk is on sale @ JB

    SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSDXC 128GB 200MB/s Memory Card [2022], $18.50

    SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSDXC 256GB 200MB/s Memory Card [2022], $38

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      Thanks YRT, got the 128GB

    • Looks like Officeworks has matched JB but not the Good Guys yet.

    • Massive real world difference in transferring thousands of pictures? 200 vs 130

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    Bought one of these(256gb) with the reader included for $16, faultless, been working in my Tab S9 quite well

    • Been looking for a package with reader (not adapter), would you share link pls

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    Need officeworks to pricematch so I can use their free shipping thru onepass

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      You can get them to price beat this not only price match.

  • hoping for a uhs-ii sale

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    Yes, worthy spend for snackback giftcard

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      Yup my thoughts

    • Do you know if the giftcards work online or you have to go in to store.

      • Max 2 can be used online per transaction

        • In store can apparently use more than 2 gift cards.

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    Dang, no amazon price matching.

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      Waiting patiently…

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        Stay strong. I am with you 🙂

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      I am here too 😎

  • I just paid on Amazon today for $22 !!!! Will the 512GB work on the Lenovo M10?

    • Link?

    • Where'd you find that!

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    Can these be used in dash cams or do I need to go for endurance types

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      I am using 256GB in my dash cam from last 1 year and it is working just fine. My dash cam record 1440p@60.

    • +2

      Endurance, definitely.

      Unless you don't care about the footage.

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    Thanks OP, I received a $20 Good Guys 'Stocash' that was expiring today, so picked up the 256GB SD for $2 - perfect timing.

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    Wish Samsung bring back sd card slot to flagships

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    Does JB hifi price matches as well? Got some gift cards..

    • +1

      Yup, I believe JB should be able to price match as long as one of the others has it in stock.

      • Just got it price matched. Also got it with the jb hi fi perks, brining the price to $3.

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    Not great in Viofo dashcams. SanDisk Extreme ftw.

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    Oh i can use my snackback stuff lol

    • Exactly what I was thinking. $11 shipped after $5 snackback voucher that I would have forgotten to use.
      Plus, I needed one for my Miyoo Mini Plus which should come this week

  • Damn I just bought a card 2 days ago

  • O nice i need a sd card for mu rodecaster duo :) good find!

  • limit 3 per customer, I was trying to get 4x 128GB

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    $39 for the 512 @ Amazon

    Limited-time deal: Samsung 512GB EVO Plus Micro SD Memory Card/w Adapter, UHS-1 SDR104, Class 10, Grade 3 (U3), Read up to 130MB/s https://amzn.asia/d/1dv7IfF

    • yes, was thinking goto TGG to grab a 512g this morning. Was attracted by amazon condom deal, found Amazon is cheaper, especially go 512g SD card with condom bundle give me free delivery. Happy😂

      • "condom bundle"

        Never thought I'd read that ever, especially in a thread about SD cards!

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    I swear I paid like $90 for 256GB not too long ago.. ok maybe a year or two now but damn.. those prices look tasty

    • Yeah, I paid $93 for a 512gb card for my Switch 2.5 years ago. And it was slower than this one. Still going strong but god damn I am loving how these prices are trending.

      • Oh yeah definitely I wonder how much the 1TB are now pricewise

  • Price match at JB, 128GB $3 after Perks

  • BRAHHH. Queue position: 288 for JB

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    Officeworks have also matched the price on their website and in-store (at least for the 128GB).

    • Cheers!

    • All prices are now matched.

  • Amazon matching the $22 for 256GB version now, for anyone waiting.

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