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TCL 98" C745 Premium QLED Google TV $3988 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Stack with giftcards blah blah blah. Also get the 6 month kayo code worth ~$180

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • OMG,not bad

    but installation is a problem

    • +18

      Why? Only needs about 10 3M command hooks to hold it up

      • Where did you see that? On the page it says:

        Delivery excludes unpacking, installation, brackets &
        removal of old equipment.

  • Same price at the good guys

    • Yep because JB Hi-fi own Good Guys (or vice versa can't remember)

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        Yeah JB bought them in 2016

    • +1

      I'd say all the boys have it at pretty much the same price…

  • +3

    Thanks grab one.
    Now I just need a house :)

    • +2

      Now $3988 further from one too

      • +6

        They can live in the cardboard box which comes with the tv.

    • +1

      Can use this as roof

  • +5

    Weight with stand (without stand): 62.6kg (59.6kg)
    Product Height (mm): 1261
    Product Width (mm): 2181.6
    Product Depth (mm): 101.1

    • Seems a lot lighter than I thought.

  • +1

    thanks OP bought 2 for my kids

    • two for each kid? this is a killer bargain might as well stock up now.

  • +2

    Damn, this or the 85c845?

    • +1

      This looks dull compared. C845 any day for sure.

      But for its 98" size and this price unbeatable.

      • 80 thousand to 1 black level, over 1000 nits in HDR - this TV is anything but dull

        the C845 is over bright in all settings, tones and curves, far from perfect, some reviewers even call the FALD Sony X90L superior

        the problem with the C745 is not img quality, it's great, its problem is reflection handling - it has none - making it a mirror, so a 98" for your living room makes little sense

        • Didn't say the tv was dull directly.

          I said compared to the c845 it is.

          I've seen both set up, side by side. I would take the 845 85" over this 98" for sure. Only takes a few minutes to colour correct if your c845 has blooming/ is in need of correction.

    • I was looking at getting the 98 inch until I saw the 85C845 install next to the c745. It definitely could have been the difference demo video between the two models but I went with the 85C845

      • Best not to see side by side and just check the cheaper one out and if you like the picture job done.

    • I went the 85 C845 but did see the 98 C745 instore at TGG on Friday…

      Gee it looked impressive to me… I was torn but deceided to save the $$$

      • Was it very bad image quality?

  • What do you mean by "Stack with giftcards "?

    • +2

      Or pay* whichever you please… Many ways to get discounted JB Giftcards these days

      • -1

        Oh, wow! I did not know that? Could you pleaasee tell me how I can get that? Would be super !!

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    How much would a tv like this cost say in 2015? 10k? 15k? what a time to be alive

    • +3

      The ozb question would be what is it worth in 5 years?

  • Weird VESA wall mount type. Otherwise, I'd have purchased that. Same with 98 inch c845.

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    Argh … this or the 85" C845?

    • +4

      I'd take the c845 any day of the week. Everyone is different, 98 is huge, but the colours and features of the c845 more than make up for that imo.

      I said above, but this tv is dull in comparison

  • +3

    I have this TV. Its huge and looks amazing. Only thing is I have a fairly bright living room with big windows so sun comes in the afternoon and the anti light reflection on the TV is not as good as some of the other brands. Otherewise its bloody amazing images especially in the 4k and 8k content. Very bright images.

    With regards to mounting on wall you will be hard to find a bracket that fits this (I have only seen one on Amazon) and its going to be a hell of a job lifting and fitting it on a wall. I eventually decided to leave it standing on my TV cabinet once I spoke to a few installers.

    Would highly recommend as it is great bang for buck and has a huge wow factor when guests come over.

    • +2


    • yep I have the same in 75" in my bedroom and while it's a great TV I agree that its reflection handling is very poor, so I can only imagine how it would be in 98" size in a well lit living room…

      my Sony X85K in my living room loses to the C745 in absolutely all aspects… except reflection, it handles it like a champ

  • +6

    The kayo deal is nice but honestly on a tv this big that potatoe kayo stream quality is going to look like pizza. Potatoe pizza. More artifacts than tomb raider

  • +1

    Bought this 2 weeks ago for $3710 with free installation from Hardly Normal. They sent the Optus team to install. Its huuuuge and great quality.

    • I missed that deal :( Did that come with the free bracket to install or you had to buy it extra?

      • +1

        Bought a bracket from selby for $80. Wall mounted

        TV is not as heavy as u think, around 60kg

    • You put on wall?

    • Have you received the cashback yet?

  • Is it better to buy a laser 4K projector instead of this?

  • I think at this price, it's better to get Hisense short through projector and screen combo than TCL.

  • +1

    Appliance Central have it for $3980 and free delivery: https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/98c745-tcl-98-inch-qled-…

  • +3

    Harvey includes delivery & wallmounting for the same price


    • @Chillidog Do they supply the bracket/mounting parts or do you have to buy it extra?

      • +1

        U need buy the brackets and cables. They do have HDMI cables for $50

  • anyone care to share their thoughts on this vs a 4k projector?

    • I am pretty sure projectors are for main events not to be used for every day watching no? At least thats what ive read. TVs will outlast projectors for every day gaming or media consumption.

      • Projectors can be used every day and will outlast a tv with the ability to change the globe. Comes down to how much light control you have, the projector will need a darker room. Projector is easier on the eyes in a dark room.

  • Anyone Click and Collecting this? I wanna know how you get it home.

    • +2

      If you've got a scooter and a tinnie you could probably fit it in the back.


    • If it's something really enormous I just hire a van for an hour from Avis or Europcar. Short term rentals are cheap, and the full size Renault Master van is absolutely massive. You could easily stand multiple of these TVs in the back of it.

    • Free Bunnings trailer?

  • Bold of them to assume I need a wall

  • Anyone pay for this with gift card?

  • Order placed with TCN gift cards. Managed to get for $3929 in store by simply asking for cheaper and got 60 something gift cards at 15% discount from Coles. Delivery Saturday.

    • How is it

      • Sitting in garage as delivery driver never bought it in to house as he said they only deliver. Called store and said sorry was not booked in to be unwrapped and set up. Glad as Im awaiting wall bracket from Selby and they said can have $30 back and will sort me out when I go to the store what ever that means.

  • Can I please get review on this TV? I have 4.2 meter distance.

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