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15% off Nintendo Switch Online Membership 12 Months: Family $46.70, Individual $25.45 @ Amazon Media AU via Amazon AU


Just received a camels alert for these to say they are now the cheapest ever.

Individual - $25.45 (Was $29.95)

Family - $46.70 (Was $54.95)


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Holyyyy didn’t realise you could do this. Thanks op

  • Do you have to activate it straight away?

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      It looks like you get a digital code, so you can probably redeem it later

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    For those thinking about signing up for a single membership for $25, if you join a family most should charge $6.87 (55/8). There are some on the classified page and sites like marketplace/gumtree.

    Process: give your email that's linked to your Nintendo account to family admin. Admin sends email invite link via Nintendo. You join family. Then you pay the admin. Should take 5 mins.

    Pros of joining a family: $18 cheaper

    Cons: can get scammed, time spent searching for the right family

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      Cons hold true for joining any family really :D

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        😂some families you can only leave in a body bag

      • 😂🤣

    • The guy I joined used Square payments to accept the moneys and charged us an even share, eating the Square fees himself.

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      I joined a family via the OzB classifieds. It’s been great. Hopefully I can renew with them again next year.

  • Nice, had been considering getting this…

    This doesn’t include the expansions for animal crossing & Mario kart does it?

    • I wish it was!

    • The one you want is '+ the expansion pack'

      • Does this include Banjo Kazooie or does it also require expansion pack?

        • you need expansion pack

  • Sorry I am new to this.. Does this give you access to play game titles without buying them? Or is it just to allow online game play? Cheers

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        People on the internet, still unsure how to use the internet.

        Just clicking the linked deal will also tell them: Play classic NES, Super NES, and Game Boy games
        Get access to a curated library of over 100 NES, Super NES, and Game Boy titles. Pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for multiplayer fun, or play online!

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      I found it confusing when I signed up last year.

      Nintendo Switch Online gives you online play and cloud saves, as well as access to games from NES, SNES and Gameboy.

      Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack gives you the above, plus access to Gameboy Advance, Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 games, as well as DLC for Animal Crossing, Splatoon2 and Mario Kart.

      More details here:

    • Yes, retro games anyway, and some DLC like the extra tracks in Mario Kart 8. Between eight people it's a bargain. Hopefully Nintendo keeps it this cheap forever.

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    Purchased but would love to know the code expiry date

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    Any tips on getting a discounted "Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack" membership ?

    • I think you could potentially buy the normal family pack in the OP and upgrade it later - you'd still end up on top as the upgrade price is still the same (as if you had paid full price) I'd imagine.

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        It's pro rata:

        Changing your current membership to a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership

        If you already have a Nintendo Switch Online membership and purchase a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, you will receive a discount* determined by the number of remaining days of your current membership.

        The discount is up to the price of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership at the below rates:

        Changing from a Nintendo Switch Online Individual membership: AU $0.08 / NZ $0.09 per day

        Changing from a Nintendo Switch Online Family membership: AU $0.15 / NZ $0.16 per day

        For example, if you have 100 days remaining of your Nintendo Switch Online Individual membership, you can change to a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Individual membership with a discount of AU $8.00 / NZ $9.00 (100 x AU $0.08 / NZ $0.09), reducing the price from AU $59.95 / NZ $69.95 to AU $51.95 / NZ $60.95.

        After you purchase a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, your existing Nintendo Switch Online membership will expire.

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          So since it's done per day and Nintendo wouldn't otherwise know that the membership was bought on a discount, I'd say it's pretty safe to buy this and then upgrade.

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      You can use Nintendo eShop gift cards to pay… so there's this

  • Does it stack with existing family subscription?

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      Stacked on existing sub with no problem

    • I'd like to know this too, hopefully find out soon!

  • Can this be stacked similar to Xbox live/ps plus?

  • Is there one with expansion pass?

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    You can stack these subscriptions up to 3 years - https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/…

    "You can purchase or redeem download codes for multiple of the same membership plan to extend your overall membership time. For example, if you purchase a Nintendo Switch Online Individual membership of any time length when you already have a Nintendo Switch Online Individual membership, the time will be added on to the end of your current membership period. The remaining time on your account can be increased up to 3 years."

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      Thanks for the info, worked a treat (bought two years).

    • Thank you sir :)

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    I’m looking for a family to adopt me for 2-3 yrs

    • +2

      Same … but i want the maximum pack

      Happy to organise it and remind 3 other members in a years time.

      I'll even stack it with cheaper gift cards if possible

      • if you guys are still looking for another member I am also looking

        • Apparently it can muck up save files… not sure though…

      • I'd like to be the weird cousin or something. Happy to join if you guys have a spot left.

      • I've got a few spare spots in my family and happy to adopt. I've got the expansion pack. PM me if still interested.

  • Does anyone know how long the code will expire?

  • I don't think this includes the plus options for n64 and sega etc.

  • Anyone know what happens if you have an active membership with the expansion pass and use one of these codes?

    Does it then have two expiry dates? One for expansion pass and one for the standard sub?

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    Looking to be adopted by a family, I’ll be a great son

  • I just cancelled mine not too long ago, never really got any value from it.

  • can someone tell me if this will work if the game consoles are in another country. if i buy them (i'm in oz) can the membership be accessed by family members in another country THAT have a switch console?

  • Anyone else trying to buy this and getting an error:

    "There was a problem with some of the items in your order (see below for more information): Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership 12 months - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]"

    I'm using Amazon AU and have an Amazon AU account, not sure why it's saying this.

    • I got "You cannot purchse this product as this region is cutrently not supported" error. Not sure why.

    • Contact Amazon to get your digital account (marketplace account) changed to Australia. I had the same problem and they fixed it for me

      • +1

        Thanks for posting this. I went and asked on chat about this. They had no idea what was going on, and two separate people gave me the runaround. One even told me to contact the seller (Amazon Media AU)!

        I used your comment here to tell them what they needed to do, and they eventually put me on to someone who was able to do that for me.

        Sounds like it might screw up my (US) Kindle orders from now on, but I can always change it back I guess.

      • To further add to this, you can quickly change it yourself.


  • Sorry noob here, what is the online access for? Do I need it for the kids?

  • is this any different to getting 15% off nintendo gift cards and doing ti that way?

    • Same outcome. Nintendo gift cards would be better as you can buy games as well, not only suscription.

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    You cannot purchse this product as this region is cutrently not supported.

    Got this message during checkout for 1 year individual sub. What is going on?

  • Here's the solution for anyone getting a region error:

    If your current country of residence listed on your account isn't eligible to purchase this item, you need to update your country of residence.

    Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices," and then click "Preferences." Under "Country/Region Settings," click "Change."

    • I don't see "Manage Your Content and Devices" in my Amazon app.

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