Bosch 91-Piece V-Line Titanium Drill Bit & Screwdriver Bit Set $29.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


$5.03 cheaper than $34.98 Prime Big Deals Day last month.

Metal drill bits with titanium nitride coating

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  • -1

    Look at SCA or Repco tools and then look at these German engineering tools.

    • Are the metal bits in this Bosch line effective for more than sheet metal?

      • I am yet to use these for mild and hard steel but would suggest with proper technique and cutting fluid they would be absolutely fine. If you sharpen them often I think they should last for a reasonable amount of time.

      • +12

        I bought one of these kits on special, and also another bosch drill bit kit (Bosch Accessories Blue 19-Piece PointTeQ HSS Twist Drill Bit Set $19.95).

        I found the bits in this green kit to be crap….. they rapidly became dead blunt or broken. The bosch blue kit I mention above is the normal quality you expect from bosch.

        I wondered if it was just me… saw the same kit at the local mens shed, and asked what they thought of it. "rubbish" was the angry response.

        The kit looks nice, it has a lot of bits like drivers and stuff that are fairly useable, but the drill bits…. the main reason I bought it… are just a frustrating waste of time.
        Rather than making suggestions about what they should be…. I am saying what they are.

        • my ratcheting screwdriver broke after awhile. Same goes with my friends one.

    • +1

      Id be very surprised (happily) if this set were actually made in Germany. Can someone confirm?

      • -6

        actually made in Germany

        Read very very carefully, origin doesn't mean made.

        Country of origin ‎Germany

        • +1

          It's an incoterm

          So Country of origin does mean where it's manufactured.

            • +1

              @billadm: Okay but this is Australia so wouldn't we use Australian terminology and definition especially when it comes to advertising?

                • @billadm: But didn't you just make the same point I was making? That "made in xxx" and "Country of origin" are interchangeable?

          • @Lawagetas: ahh… so all the legal terms on retail goods in various countries defining "made in" and "country of origin" which have a minimum origin requirement far less than 100% are false?

            • @rooster7777: I'm not discussing about whether the product is 100% made at origin or not. What I'm saying that using the term "made in xxx" and "country of origin" are effectively the same thing per international standards and even by EU standards.

              The previous guy, who deleted his comments, had a really good resource to an EU website that defined Country of Origin as either wholly made" or "sufficiently transformed". If an item was sufficiently transformed in Germany (per their own definitions) then absolutely, they can market it as made in Germany in the EU.

              But the underlying point is that it's not. This product here is labelled with "made in china" but the Amazon listing had "country of origin: Germany". So even by their own definitions, both cannot be true.

              Clearly the scenario here is that Amazon has made a mistake in their listing.

      • id have to agree with u…

      • +1

        They're not. They're made in china

    • -1

      Bosch ratchets are trash though, they literally break on the first drop

    • +1

      These green kits are crap. They are a shadow of the traditional bosch line.

    • Look at SCA or Repco tools and then look at these German engineering tools.

      This set is Chinese-made garbage. Anyone who thinks a $30 dollar screwdriver/drill bit set is going to be A) actually made in Germany and B) will last a lifetime is the kind of gullible consumer who this product is tailor-made for.

  • +4

    Bought this set last sale and have found it to be very good value for money. Just bought another one.

    • +6

      I got it last time and I also agree. The extendable long magnet thing has been very useful too.

      • can you tell me please what the smallest diameter drill bit is in this set?
        thanks in advance

  • +1

    Bought one to pair with the $100 ebay drill deal that I got weeks ago.

  • +1

    Noob question, can someone help me know if this is compatible with the drill that's part of this deal

    • Yes it is

    • Noob here also and I use this set in combination with that drill all the time.

      But I'd imagine the pieces will be fine for any drill.

      • all drill bits will fit any drill… ideally u would want to have a impact driver too to match your drill.

        • I got the entry level Bosch impact driver as part of this deal awhile back, it's been great.

        • That's what I thought too but turns out my drill needs something called "SDS" and this kit doesn't come with an adapter either :(

          • @Genepi: Sds is a different drill.. you can't really convert a normal drill to a sds drill… Sds drill bits are for bigger jobs .. the sds bits are bigger and tougher.

  • Thanks OP. This is exactly all I need.

  • Thanks, pairs nicely with the Bosch $100 drill set with 2 batteries a couple of weeks ago

  • absolutely love mine, has been used for a ton of my DIY projects

  • +1

    I bought one last time and they are stamped with made in china.
    Amazon often incorrectly lists the COO so i wouldn't trust it.
    They currently list a makita workshop vac as made in Australia…

    • +1

      Thanks, will remove from description.

  • +3

    Have had this exact kit for a couple years.
    Absolutely fine for around the house and such.

    I have managed to blunt the well used drill bits over time.
    I have sharpened them and they are good to go again.
    I have never used cutting fluid due to laziness.

    Other bits are all in good working order.

  • -1

    only usefull tool are the coated bit and they break all the time/ loose sharpness fast. These used to be $19.95..

    • +2

      These used to be $19.95..

      Lowest price on Camels & OzB is $24.90 for BD 2021. Regularly posted at $29.90 in 2020 & 2021.

      You might be thinking of a different set at $19.95?

  • Anyone have a better similar set if this is garbage??

  • +3

    Not the best set, but not the worst. For the price, it's a handy set to keep around for odd jobs.

    If you're doing serious professional work, buy serious professional tools, and expect to pay serious professional prices.

  • You need 3 of these to cater for breakages

  • I already have this, should I buy the WERA screwdriver set too?

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