Durex Thin Feel Latex Condoms 30 Pack $11.89 ($10.70 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Great timing with the upcoming holiday season

Lifetime supply for those of you who are married, otherwise the sub and save brings it down to $0.36/condom. Please only use once.

Ultra thin where it's needed most for even greater sensitivity, from the world's no 1 condom brand
20 percent thinner on average than Durex regular condoms while still providing a high level of security and protection
Transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
Nominal width: 52mm

Can also pair as a bundle to get 2x30 packs and a bottle of 2 in 1 lubricant for $25.00

Great deals on other brands/varieties for those allergic to latex

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +3

    For environmental reason, activists would encourage us all to stop us plastic. :)

    • +204

      One piece of plastic will save 15 years of sandwich bags going in the bin.

      • +9

        Actually reduced population means reduced carbon footprint too!
        Man, hard to decide! XD

        • +18

          Should be mandatory for activists to use them so can't reproduce. Already too many activists blocking traffic and throwing can soup on priceless art.

          • +6

            @mckayver: Yes, I agree. People who want to save the planet for kids should not be allowed to have kids.

            • @zzymurgy: Agreed, they would make terrible parents so better off not parenting.

        • +1

          Stay soft to decide.

      • +4

        N tell about the countless nappies

      • best comment of the day!

      • Literature Gold !

      • Putin would say: Put out is the way!

    • +1

      Happy fathers day for you ;)

    • hopefully it's only 'encourage'. thinking of what they've been doing to the traffic to stop cars

      • And the paints in the museums, milk in the supermarkets, etc

        • what milk in the supermarkets? been living under the rock so pls excuse me

    • +4

      I always knew being a Virgin was good for something.

      Virgins unite!

      • +3

        Yes!!!! As a born again virgin, this post really resonates with me.

      • +3

        Virgins unite!

        That's an oxymoron.

      • Lifetime virgins are a dying breed.

      • +1

        thats why we ride Virgin Airlines

    • +2

      I do not condome this act.

    • +5

      You know that rubber isn't plastic right?

    • Are there more environmental options?

      • Lambskins… Or celibacy

      • +2

        Have U heard of the pullout method? 66% of the time it works all the time

    • +1

      Latex isn't plastic. It comes from trees.

      • +3

        'comes from trees'

      • They don't come naked though …

      • +1

        The word ‘plastic’ does not mean ‘petroleum-based’.

        • Ahh pretty sure if we are talking carbon footprint we are talking about fossil fuels not being in the ground anymore.

    • Doesn't latex come from trees?

  • +4

    Would Amazon allow returns for this? Hmmm

    • +6

      If you provide a baby you get a refund.

  • +6

    I like the married bit :).

    I'd have to go group buy… no way I'd use them before expiry.

  • +7

    Here for comment !!!!!!!

  • +12

    Here for the "here for comment" comment

    • I got you.

      Here for the comments

  • +13

    30 Pack

    30 YEARS

    • +18

      Brag much?

      • Lifetime Supply

  • whats expiry on them?

    • +16

      Expired once used

      • +1

        you can not use all of them in one go 😆. box has exipry

  • +9

    Please only use once

    But reduce reuse recycle ☹️

    • …. and repurpose ….

    • Just turn them inside out

  • Group buy pls.

    The last group buy that I did was with Roboguy. Now that was fun indeed. I want to feel like that again…..

  • Glad I'm 40, who feels himself like 80

    • +10

      Feeling yourself means you also won't need these. That's an even better saving.

      • +5

        Not unless you're up for a posh wank.

  • That’s two gross + 8.

  • +4

    I turn instantly soft in those, not sure what evil material they use

    • +20

      Time to change your partner

    • Loss of circulation?

    • +1

      They're smaller than other durex condoms for sure, i find them much too tight, compared to say the ribbed&dotted version.

  • +2

    Anyone in Sydney area wants to go halve?

    • +5

      nani —-two in one rubber…how…🤣

    • You unroll the amount you need.

      No need to cut if you only need a few cms.

    • Close the lose end with cable tie pls.

  • +4

    more expensive than Glad Wrap

    • +4

      Whoa buying Glad Wrap? Home Brand is much more cost effective.

      • doesnt have the tickler feel to it..

  • +3

    Thanks, I need these deals more often though.

    • +11

      Username checks out

  • +1

    Regular fit only?

    • +39

      Unfortunately, they don't have XS

      • +9

        That size ozbargained already.

      • +5

        Shots fired. No pun intended.

      • Amazon description is incorrect about the nominal width, it's 54mm printed on the box, not 52mm as stated.

        • +2

          fwiw I've noticed that this is the case for the ones I buy across all partner sites (i.e. coles and woolies too) all sites state a nominal width 57mm but on the box its 60mm. Even the pictures of the boxes online say 57mm but in-store/once delivered they all have 60mm - not actually sure if the product changed or it is just the packaging but they still fit ok. My guess is there was a discrepancy in the way brands were measuring and the change is just to standardise things?

  • Enough for a lifetime (married man).

    • +9

      Theyre not for you, they're for your wife's boyfriend.

    • 3 lifetimes

  • Condominiums? I don't use em'.

  • Thanks OP grabbed 1

  • +1

    Good replacement for birthday party balloon

  • +1

    Lifetime supply for those of you who are married


  • +2

    thin feel

    But this was my only chance to appear thick

  • +9

    Sorry, can't do this due to No-Nut November.

    • +2

      WHAT? Is this a new charity drive?

    • +8

      But you'll need them for Destroy your Dick December (DDD)

    • +2

      Too bad as ladies must be all over you because of your Movember moustache.

  • +4

    I wish these condoms had a better spec sheet instead of these creative names. I mean how thin is this vs the featherlight versions

  • +9

    A good deal for these hard times

  • -4

    "Lifetime supply for those of you who are married"

    you obviously have never been married :)

    • +1

      No need to brag that you're married to a floosy 😉

  • +2

    The only acceptable condom is Sagami.

    Polyurethane, not latex.


    • +1

      Okamoto does these too. Prettttty good stuff

      • This is plastic though.

        Should only go for it if the body is allergic to latex.

        • You're not getting it. It's thinner yet stronger.

        • +3

          But they are super thin and feel better.
          First time I used 0.01 I stopped halfway because I thought it might have slipped off
          That might be worth the topical application of microplastics directly to the area

    • Is Sagami available in Australia ?

      • +1

        I bought them on eBay.

    • What does the +-2mm means in the width section? Does that mean it can be 53 to 57mm for the medium?

      So the large is inconsistently 58mm? That's annoying.

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