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WD Elements Desktop 20TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive $570 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Looks like the price has dropped again, Now at $570 delivered.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +7

    33.5/Tb I wouldnt say its worth it

  • +1

    This is a lot better in price,


    Comes from Amazon UK

    • Dayum. How good are these drives if plugged into a router as a makeshift NAS?

      • Might depend on what you'll be doing and the router. If I was looking at one of these I'd be thinking of grabbing a Raspberry Pi or similar and hanging it off that. I like single-purpose devices, have my router doing routing and not getting hung-up streaming Love Island 4k

    • Yes this, via UK
      I bought 2x @ AUD475.42 last November for my Linux Distros.

    • +1

      Almost got this in October
      it was 0.027467 per GB
      Still a fantastic price, but will Cyber Monday bring things anymore down?

    • Much better Deal !

  • I wondered about that but would not be AU Power supply correct? Nor AU warranty?

    • +4

      WD warranty is world wide.
      Contact WD support online and they’ll send you an AU PSU at no cost.

      • +1

        This. I have several and it’s an easy call to support to get an official AU plug (or just use an adaptor for the plug the power supply itself is dual voltage similar to most laptop power supplies).

  • +1

    These all get terribly hot would only purchase if you're shucking it

    • It runs cooler shucked?

      • Inside any PC with a fan, yes they run much much cooler. The plastic case these ship in have no active cooling and I've seen them push ~60C during burn-in / stress test before shucking.

        I now do those tests after shucking, or otherwise with an external USB powered fan aimed at them. Once they're in my NAS I've never seen them go above about 37-38C at peak

  • see there is a 14tb seagate at AMZ (B092R5JRDX) for $388 as well delivered.. Decision to make :)

    • wouldn't this be better?

      EDIT: Nevermind its 12TB not 14TB, the listing's a bit tricky with all the difference sizes.

    • This might be better 18Tb @ $23.7/Tb https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/813123

      • Wow yes it is, However the current size of my pool is 8x14TB drives (one is looking like it might need replacement after 2 years now….)

        I have my doubts about Seagate, they seem to die more often than WD or is it just me?
        The other thing is I wonder if the 18tb drives use a fancier type of helium or whatever inside that could make them less reliable than the 14tb.

  • -1

    Pretty bad deal

  • I assume these can be shucked and it’s an easy process?

    • +1

      Worst case is the 3v trick with a sata power to stop it from not powering up. As per ChatGPT:
      3.3V Power Issue: Some shucked drives have a 3.3V power issue. In some cases, the 3.3V pin on the SATA power connector needs to be taped or covered to make the drive work when connected internally. This is because some power supplies may provide 3.3V on this pin, while the drive expects it to be unused. You can try covering the 3.3V pin (usually the third pin) with electrical tape or use a SATA power adapter that excludes the 3.3V pin.

      Keep in mind that covering or modifying connectors may void warranties, so proceed with caution.

  • -1

    too many eggs in one basket!

    • +2

      Buy a second basket

      • thats a lot of clams for 2 egg baskets!
        wait… what we talking about again??

  • Too expensive

  • Cheaper now
    WD 20TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0, Black [International Version] https://amzn.asia/d/46KFjSe

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