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Samsung S90C OLED 4K Smart TV 2023: 55" $1809.99, 65" $2209.32, 77" $3688.83 (First App Order & Loyalty Discount) @ Samsung App


Samsung S90C OLED 4K Smart TV

55" $1809.99
65" $2209.32
77" $3688.83

Direct from samsung using 10% first app purchase and combing with 15% off loyalty voucher available through customer service chat. Codes and discount stack. Checked and confirmed.

These are the final prices above..

Happy shopping.

Update: samsung has further reduced the TV price by 10%. I have updated the new price now with the stacks.

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  • Think they are having 15% off the app this Friday, if I remember correct was mentioned in what’s to come for the Black Friday deals

    • No change as of 1:30am, will check again at 7am

      • +2

        Today is the big day! For 24 hours only, starting at 9am AEDT, get an additional 15% off* our eligible Black Friday offers when you make your first purchase through the Samsung Shop app. Available now on Google Play and iOS App Store.

        Download now and get a discount on your discount!

  • Hmm.. better to hold off for extra 5% then if thats the case.

  • +1

    what happens if you don’t have an android phone? Is there any work around?

    • Dont know exactly. I read somewhere there is a 3rd party app u can use to run android apps on ios.. google it.

    • Try Bluestacks

    • You can use Andriod emulator or IDE for development on your laptop, such as Andriod studio. It supports Mac with Apple chip as well.

  • Cheers, excellent $$$ none the less!

  • Is asking livechat to provide you with the loyalty voucher easy enough?

    • +8

      Easy if you know exactly where to ask.
      In the app chat, select order and then select live chat.
      If you select sales/product, it will be very difficult.

  • Im after a 65".. should i get this? or LG OLED C3 from JB for $2785? Mainly only for netflix, no gaming. Budget up to $3K.. thanks all

    • C3 if Netflix is a priority as this doesn't have Dolby Vision (not that there are any overly large differences without).

      • +1

        Ye doing a bit of research on both as I game and love to watch movies.
        But overall they say the C3 is the better choice if all you do is watch movies and blu-rays.

    • LG C3 and G3 are top of the list on OLED panels.

  • Trying now, doesn't seem to stack 🤔. Did it work for anyone else ?

    • Can confirm its still stacking.. sometimes you gotta play with the cart a bit. Their app is glitchy. Remove item add again. Or remove code apply again.

      • Just curious, what is the price you are getting when stacked ?
        The moment I try to add the loyalty coupon, 10% off app just vanishes and 15% applies leaving the total to 2,454.80 🤔

        I was expecting

        Best case 2888 - 25% = 2166
        Second base case (2888 - 10%) - 15% = 2209.32

        • +1

          Thats not how the codes stack. The price in title is the final price after the 2 discounts are applied.
          The app first takes away 10% disc on price, and then the voucher applies 15% on net of 10%. So its not exactly 25%.. its more like 23.5% discount.

        • You also need to play with the cart a bit as their app is glitchy.. try removinv the item and adding it back in. The cart will mention the 10% discount applied on top, and loyalty at bottom.

          • +1

            @XedeX: No matter what I do, whenever I add the 15% code it eliminates the 10% code. Any tips?

            • @Peaches123: I have just tried this in app again and its working.
              FYI. There is no 10% off code, only 15% off code. The 10% is automatically applied in app

              Try clearing cache and app data and try again.

              • @XedeX: It's so strange. The 10% discount just disappears once I apply the 15% code. Cleared the cache and app data, still didn't work. The best I can get is $2,454.80
                Maybe it's my phone?

                • @Peaches123: If you have another android device. Try using a new account on that and see if it works.

                  • @XedeX: Just tried, no luck. Tried the cache, data, removing and adding the item, taking the code off, removing the item, adding the item then adding the code. It just wasn't meant to be!

        • Did this work for you in the end? I'm having the same problem…

        • No worky still, tried my wife's S21 as well, no luck, tying my old pixel now

        • Talked to a Supp agent, there seem to be 2 types of code.
          1 Type stacks the other does not.

          No luck of me getting a stackable code 😟

          If anyone has a spare code can you please share ? These do not seem to be account restricted

        • Try the method by [harrykane999 and XedeX] below - This worked


          Talked to another supp agent, they will give a code starting with V15-XXXX
          This code stacks with 10%

    • I just got knocked back on getting the loyalty discount… How did you manage to get that?

      • me too, samsung live chat was not willing to budge……

      • Yep, no discount for me either :(

      • +1

        Try the method by [harrykane999 and XedeX] below - This worked


        Talked to another supp agent, they will give a code starting with V15-XXXX
        This code stacks with 10%

  • +1

    Does anyone know if you can also do a trade-in via the app for an extra $100 off, on top of discounts, as they have on the main site?

  • +1

    Oh this is so not fair, waiting on a deal on the S95c as i need one connect box fitting.

    • I am so annoyed that the 4k QLEDs don't have the OneConnect box anymore. I don't want the 8k version as 4k content doesn't look as good.

      And the price bump from the S90C to the S95C is so ridiculously high.

      First world problems.

  • +1

    How do I get the additional 15% off. I contacted Customer Service, they aren't aware.

  • -1

    Also thinking of buying Q85C Neo QLED 75 inch vs this one? Although my budget is $3100 and i don't want to go down on size to 65 inch. Any help is appreciated. I play fifia, movies and watch TV.

  • Hey peeps,

    Can confirm that the codes are still stacking, thanks to XedeX for the pick up!

    Can anyone confirm if there will be an extra 5% off this Friday for first purchase on app?


    • I haven't seen it anywhere myself. May be someone else can confirm.

  • Hello, I can confirm that my final order price for the 65-inch TV was $2599. I did not need to contact Samsung support for further discount.

    For those who are having trouble finding the right app, the following link will take you to the Samsung Shop app installation page:

    Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.ec…

    • +1

      Thats because samsung reduced the price of these TVs.. i have updated the new price now.

      • Thanks XedeX. Cancelled my order will try with different email for further discount.

  • I managed to buy the 77 inch. 10% first purchase discount, plus got 15% on the voucher code as well. Happy shopping. Cheers XedeX!

    • How did you get the 15% voucher code?

      • +1

        I followed XedeX instructions. You need to need to contact customer support through the Samsung One Shop app installed on your Android phone. Ask for loyalty voucher code and tell them you are ordering through the Samsung website. They'll give you a code. Use that code plus the first time purchase disocunt you get to get the prices XedeX just updated. Hope this helps!

        • +1

          Thanks for the detailed response!

  • Did the prices change? Your prices dont match your claim that the discounts stack.
    65" is $2888 without discounts.
    With 10% off first order on app, it would be $2599.20
    Another 15% off that would be $2209.32. That is how the discounts for phone worked.
    A final price of $2523.74 would only be a 12.6% discount. I wouldnt say the codes stack based on that, although it does give a small additional discount.
    55" $2366 - 10% - 15% = $1809.99
    75" $4822 - 10% - 15% = $3688.83

    • +1

      Yes prices have changed.. i have updated the post.

  • Just bought this via good guys eBay… For over 400 more. (65")

    What are the chances I can get them to cancel that one without fee/issue.

    Also reading above some Samsung reps seem to not be giving out the code? Curious if I can also do the trade up.. My TVs backlight is dying so not having it sit in the garage would be nice too.. Extra 100 off.

    • I think you can still cancel/return. However if it is dispatched, you will have to bear the delivery fee.

      • Yeah the status says awaiting pickup. Will probably try to secure a code from Samsung before I try to cancel good guys I guess. Last thing I want is to end up with nada haha.

  • live chat closed until 9am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Yeah I thought I'd try my luck and get a code tonight then try cancel my ebay order tomorrow so I've got the code ready but nope. Business hours. How dare they.

  • @XedeX, hey mate, it's not working for me. I tried everything like removing the item then added it back but 15% code doesn't stack. I keep gerting "null" message on top when I click on redeem. Am I missing anything?

    • Silly me, I was trying to stack the code on Edu store and offcourse it was not going to.

      • Were you able to stack them in the end?

    • Is the loyalty voucher linked to a Samsung account or its generic?

  • @digitaltango Try a different web browser

    • I'm using the samsung shop app

  • Tried for a couple of hours to emulate the app on Bluestacks as I don't have an android phone, couldn't get it to work :( None of the samsung apps are compatible, every other app under the sun has no issues…

  • successfully ordered my 77, thanks again @XedeX

  • Trying to buy 77' cananyone assist? I downloaded the samsung app on my samsung phone but still having trouble. thanks

  • Is the loyalty voucher linked to the account you chat to them with? I'm trying to stack the 10% first time (on a new account) and 15% loyalty (from my previous chat) but doesn't seem to work

    • +1

      No. Its not linked. Can be used used with any account.

  • I’ve only just signed up with Samsung how will I go with getting the loyalty code? Also would thaws discounts work if I also add a soundbar? Is there an option to add extended warranty?

    Cheers in advance. Been searching s90c every day on here for what feels like a month or two haha

    • Need to wait for chat to come online, copying from above for instructions:

      I followed XedeX instructions. You need to need to contact customer support through the Samsung One Shop app installed on your Android phone. Ask for loyalty voucher code and tell them you are ordering through the Samsung website. They'll give you a code. Use that code plus the first time purchase disocunt you get to get the prices XedeX just updated. Hope this helps!

    • discounts should apply to total order (which will make the q990c around $1120)

      if it doesn't, I got mine last week for $1160 delivered from appliances online (currently back up to $1240 but will come down again this week)

      • @twolettersins711 How did you do it? I apply the 15% code but it immediately takes the 10% First Purchase discount off

        • I would like know too, Once i put in loyalty discount, the 10% is automatically removed. Thanks!

  • +2

    Got the voucher, applied + $100 off for trade up (old TV dying slowly anyway), 2132 total checked out! Thanks OP! Was also able to call Good Guys directly to cancel my $2662 ebay order hehe.

  • +2

    For those thinking about this TV, I purchased in the EOFY sales ($2,450ish delivered). It was a choice between this and waiting for the C3 to go on sale. All I can say is that you won't be disappointed by this panel. The QD panel is slightly brighter than the LG's traditional OLED, which is good for watching during the day, and the difference in the blacks is unnoticeable.

    At this price, it is a steal.

  • +1

    be careful buying directly from samsung, they can and will ignore you if things go wrong which means no warranty no way to return and you will be left with broken item and loss of money

    ACCC can do nothing, had to go to court to get money back

    • what were the reasons that ACCC gave you when they said they couldn't do anything? Curious.

  • finally got it! Big thanks XedeX

  • Looks like my loyalty code doesn't work with the 10% first app purchase? Anyone else having this issue?

    Loyalty code works fine when I try in the browser (without the 10%) but comes up as error in app

    Edit: I made the mistake of telling live chat that I wanted a soundbar too, looks like the separate code they supplied for that is the one that allows 'stacking' with the first time purchase. Note to others, do not say you want to buy another item!

    • How did you get it to work? My loyalty code also doesnt work with the stacking 10% first app purchase? Any tips to make it work?


      • Uninstall and reinstall the app - worked for me

        • Thanks Beefa, I'll give that a try

  • +2

    Got mine for $2,132 as I'm trading in my old TV. Bought throught the app with first app purchase discount and loyalty discount. Thanks XedeX

    • +1

      Sameeeee. Really saves me the trouble of trying to gift, store or e waste the old TV. I paid 899 in 2017 so to get 100 back is like winning!

  • Damn. Just ordered the LG C3 for $2399.20 via LG using my spin and win code. Oh well!

    • +1

      Still a great deal! Enjoy!

      • Cheers! Looks like the S90C 65' is out of stock anyway, so now I don't feel as bad.

        • Well the LG G3 65 is out of stock too

  • Is there a way to easily sign in / create another account for the Samsung Shop app? I have already exhausted the 10% first time coupon in another deal. It doesn't seem to allow me to create another account as it automatically signs me in after signing out.

    • Uninstall the app, maybe to be sure, go into the app settings first and clear cache/data and then reinstall - should prompt a fresh login I assume?

      • Have tried clearing cache and uninstalling. It appears the shop app automatically recognises my Samsung account and logs me in automatically. Have tried Bluestacks emulator but Shop app not compatible. Any other ideas?

    • You can use Andriod emulator on laptop as well to install and create account as many as you want.

      • @coffeerider do you have any experience with this? Tried BlueStacks and the Samsung apps were "not compatible with device", all other apps installed fine

        • +1

          Yes, I used the andriod studio today on my mac with apple chip to install the samsung shop app. It all works. You could find some tutorials online to go through the installation and create a project, a phone emulation, etc.

        • +1

          Here is a simple tutorial for non-programming purpose: https://youtu.be/6V2tOWUb57I?feature=shared

          • @coffeerider: Thanks, got it working at 6:01pm, 1 min after their chat closed lol. Will try tomorrow morning

  • +3

    far out S90C 65" out of stock?!

    • 55inch and 77inch out of stock. Looks like the 65inch is back in stock.

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