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Rexel Momentum X406 Cross Cut Paper Shredder $59.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


50% off,

You can also price match at JB-Hifi if you have perk to take additional $10 off.

Also X410 is $104.99
X308 $69.99

Main difference between each model is the size and run time.
X406 is 15L with 2 mins continuous run time.
X308 is 15L with 3 mins continuous run time.
X410 is 23L with 6 mints continuous run time.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Wow, excellent price for a cross cut shredder

  • Any suggestions on the cheapest paper shredder.

  • Are these good quality shredders?

    • Cant comment on the x406. I have the x410. General house shredding it seems ok… but nothing like the 40 year old beast in the office.
      The x410 can do the advertised 10 pages at a time but it certainly doesn't seem happy about it. I have run it for 6 minutes without getting a temp light but only 1-5 pages at a time.

      Biggest pain, paper piles up directly under the shredder mechanism rather then spreading evenly in the bin. This results in the shredder ingesting shredded paper back into the blades once the pile gets big enough. Its due to how the shredder cross cut blades work unfortunately. My solution is pick the thing up and give it a good shake every so often. It does seriously limit the run time and I can see it being worse on a model with a smaller bin.

      When it happens the machine will think it has a paper jam, and reverse the motors. Empty the bin, start it up and then push another page in, it should spit the paper it ate back into the bin and you're back in action.

      Lastly It has a series of limit switches that are triggered by inserts within the bin, so you can't switch out the bin to something else unfortunately.
      I put an amazon shredder sharpener and oil sheet in every so often, seems to make it happier. Hope that helps

      • Wow don't sound good. Thanks for the review. I might skip this.

        Any one can recommend me a decent Shredder then?

  • Will this shred cardboard ?

  • We use one of these in the office and it broke almost instantly. Basically the temp light flashes the moment it is turned on and it will not do a continuous shred, unit replaced and replacement did the same.

    • X406 is rated for 3mins of continous shredding, which is more towards domestic use rather than office use.

      • It does it the moment you turn it on, id be lucky to use it for more than 1 minute every few weeks.

  • X410 OOS

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