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[Recertified] Seagate Exos 14TB & 18TB 3.5" HDD Factory Recertified - from $239 Delivered + Surcharge @ Pongobyte Computers


Factory recertified drives are tested by the manufacturer at their factory using the same rigorous testing process as new drives.
These drives are returned to the manufacturer with a minor problem that is easy to rectify (FR WL - Factory Recertified White Label) or with no fault found (FR - Factory Recertified). The manufacturer then runs the drive through the same test process which is used for new drives.

ST18000NM003D-FR - Seagate Exos X20 18TB SATA - Factory Recertified - $359
ST18000NM000D-WL-FR - Seagate Exos X20 18TB SAS- Factory Recertified White Label - $339

ST14000NM000J-FR - Seagate Exos X18 14TB SATA - Factory Recertified - $259
ST14000NM001G-WL-FR - Seagate Exos X16 14TB SATA - Factory Recertified White Label - $239

6 months seller warranty
1.5% surcharge for CC & PayPal payments
No surcharge for bank transfer

Make sure your system is compatible with the respective drive interface - SAS or SATA
Refer to previous posts with questions & answers and more details regarding these drives.

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  • what is sata wl?

    • +2

      Sata, white label

      • I belive you are correct but both of them technically are white…

        • Yes, but OP gave a definition in his opening post.

    • +1

      WL maybe "white label"?

  • +3

    $18.50/Tb is rather good and includes local warranty (which is always iffy on Seagate imports!)

    The prior deal had a heap of negs - both valid reasons, and unreasonable - but in a RAID array I'd be willing to take a gamble at this price. You should never be in a position to lose data because of a drive failure, because you already have 3-2-1 backups.

    • -7

      RAID isnt the answer and isnt even proper RAID anymore

      Being Seagate, they would be better off being melted down and recast as WD drives, might have a chance of beng reliable then

      • +5

        Raid in these days is better than ever before.

        Btrfs, zfs, ReFS, and even snapshot solutions like snapraid all do block level checksuming and are not cpu intensive to achieve it.

        Atomic COW filesystems totally changed the game.

  • +6

    Just FYI in case you're sticking it in a PC case, these X16 and X18 (Probably X20 as well) are LOUD, even for enterprise grade drives. You will most definitely notice them if you're in the same room.

    Great price for a NAS in a cupboard or garage though.

  • +1

    Man backblaze rates on these are not super reassuring.

    Arguing with myself because I need a pair…

    • On one hand it's an incredible set of data, but on the other hand there's a lot more that Backblaze could put in there (if they knew at all).
      They don't say what their workload is like - how much of the drive hours are spent moving the heads, nor what indeed the failure causes were (SMART data only?). Pretty sure Backblaze and others like them would work their drives constantly, most "home" buyers of these would not have anywhere near the workload that Backblaze would.

      (edit: speling)

      • Point is that regardless of reason, we have 1.x~4.x% failure rate, while other drives have below 1% in the same conditions.

  • +2

    I'm curious how many hours they've already been used for. Is there any assurance they've only been lightly used or is it possible they have been thrashed in a NAS for a couple of years prior to being returned under warranty?

    • +4

      Based on the 6 month warranty I'd say there is not a lot of faith they'll go much further than that. It'll be a roll of the dice with what you get.

      • Agree. If they've been through the same rigorous tests as a new drive then why don't they have the same warranty. These were most likely pulled from some large disk array that reported them as faulty.

        • +1

          we spoke to our supplier on the warranty terms, the response was that is not so much the faith they / Seagate have in these drives but more to do with avoiding a situation where these drives eat too much into the sales of new drives.
          the rma rates we were given are 2-3% and from what we have seen directly these numbers hold true. we had a few doa, but no drives have failed so far once in operation. we started selling a bit over 6 months now, we will reassess once we get closer to one year.

          we believe that the vast majority of issues are caught at the very beginning or early in the operational life of these drives, so a limited warranty may be enough in this case.

          we said it before, recertified may not be the best option for all cases, but where there is a backup option in place or for personal usage (nas, crypto and other use cases) there is a case to be made.

          lastly, a limited warranty also means less costs that can be passed onto customers for even more value.

    • +1

      there is a threshold of hours usage before a drive is allowed to go through the recertification process; while we don't have a number for that, it means that not everything and anything will be accepted.

  • Do these drives smell?

    • Nope, these are helium drives, so are sealed.

      No electric celery smell here.

      • they don't pongo?

  • expiring this deal for now so we can sort some backend issues with the website

  • sorted, the deal is back on and taking new orders

    please note that those that placed an order yesterday and today won't be able to login into their accounts to see their orders, but ALL orders placed so far will be fulfilled - any questions please reach out directly to [email protected] with your order number

    apologies for the inconvenience !

  • I've got 10x of the 18TB drives in my Unraid box and they've been great for a few months now.

  • How does recertify warranty works? Needs to bring back to retailer or can deal directly with Seagate?

    • Back to the retailer.

  • are these Seagate Exos drives suitable for 24/7 NAS like IronWolf drives are?

  • Hey @pongobyte

    I cant see the Exos 18TB White Label for $339 on the site. Is the deal expired?

    Edit: Nevermind its SAS not SATA.

  • Expired :( and on pay week too.
    Ah well.

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