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Breville BES878BST Barista Pro Espresso Machine $699 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ 20km from Store) @ Betta


Hi everyone,

I have been looking for a good deal for breville barista pro / touch. This seems like a good deal!
Not sure if there will be better deal on Friday though🤔🤔.
Anyway, I pulled the trigger 🥹 can’t wait to receive it.

I combined it with cashward(2.4%), $682.22 with cashback ❤️❤️

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • wow, I just bought for $800 last month

    • your name stands for me (profanity) up

      • +5

        Haha, its my real initial (3 words first name). Thankfully my last name initial is not CK or its homophone

        • No homophone.

    • +1

      Same. On the positive side have probably already saved $100 in take-away coffees

    • Same here. This is a great deal

  • +2

    Waiting for somebody to discount the Impress. Not sure if it’s gonna happen this BF event.

    • +1

      I wound up buying a refurb from breville’s ebay store because I got sick of waiting.

      $525 with ebay plus for the express impress, a couple of hundred less than the best price I’ve managed to see the last few months for a new one, I’ll roll the dice on refurbished for that

      • I’m a bit nervous about a refurb :/ but it’s certainly a good price. I saw those yesterday.

        • +1

          Just an update in case you were still on the fence, mine arrived today.

          I don't think it has been used at all and was possibly just heavily box damaged. Box itself was turned inside out to ship it, there's a few stains on some of the accessory boxes and top styrofoam packing but the machine itself is perfect. Couldn't pick it from a new one besides a few bits aren't in plastic as you'd expect (like the hopper and portafiller).

          I'll give it a good wash and wipe down before using, but otherwise I'm pretty happy (assuming it works).

          • +1

            @freefall101: Thanks thats reassuring. I ordered one. Had a $200 gift card from work too so my Impress cost $315 :D

          • +1

            @freefall101: Mine arrived 5 mins after posting my reply…. same as you. Looks un-used, perhaps damaged box type return? One of the accessory boxes is ripped. Maybe a display unit or something? Wife said it's for xmas and I'm not allowed to use it yet, so I'll test it out in a month. All my accessories were wrapped and in boxes.

            Bizarre, but happy.

  • +7

    I've had one of these for 3 years, making 1/2 coffees a day, hasn't missed a beat, really like it. Can recommend.

    One small nitpick, the steaming wands takes 1 or 2 seconds to get going properly and spurts a little water upon start. So, I start it while pointing into the drip tray, stop it once it gets going, and turn it back on within 5 seconds and it doesn't have the start up time or spurt of water (so no water, only steam goes to the milk). Probably not an issue for 90% of people, I'm now one of those awful pedantic coffee people that now weigh doses and yields etc.

    • +23

      making 1/2 coffees a day

      Personally, I recommend making a whole coffee

      • +8

        Is this a JV alt account?

        • +1

          imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… something… something.

        • This is better than most of JV's content. Not that it's a very high bar mind you.

      • Haha jv

    • +1 on steam wand nuance.

      Im not the biggest fan of the pump to be honest and how water back washes into the drip tray if you grind too fine.

      100% happy with the rest of it though.

    • Interesting, I got the model without the screen, and don't have that issue.

      • It's the 'new' thermo jet.
        It heats up faster than the thermo block but the downside is it needs to jet out the cold water first.
        Same issue on the Bambino.

    • +1

      I used to do that to let the water out, than realised that few drops of water in 180ml of milk then pour into 60ml of espresso is going to make zero difference in taste and texture, so can't be bothered.

    • +1

      I just point the steam wand at a cloth until it begins to steam. Then you have a damp cloth for cleaning the wand after steaming :)

  • +1

    Great price, wish it was the stainless steel colour

  • +1

    Is this the model that Howard Hamlin uses ?

  • +1

    Betta giftcards 5% off @ Macquarie Marketplace or 7% off on Unionshopper (if applicable). Redeemable instore only?

    • Price match at JB and use 15% off gift cards.

      • Tried to price match online. JB Hi-Fi responded: "No stock, sorry" :)

        • Find a store with stock. Go in-store and then price match.

          • +1

            @DoctorCalculon: No in-store stock. Delivery only unfortunately.

            • @seraphy: My bad. I just saw the message: "Sorry, this product is available for delivery only."

              Damn! I guess I will just follow OP's deal on this one, and be happy that I didn't pull the trigger on Amazon last month.

            • @seraphy: Hi seraphy,
              I actually tried to contact jb for lower price this morning but they could only price match it. And they only do deliver, which is $14.99 to my area ( Sydney nsw).
              I don’t have the gift card so I didn’t go with that deal and I still have the link (offer 699$ black stainless steel).

              I am happy to share the link to you if you want.

              • @Hihiaunty:

                I don’t have the gift card

                The TCN cards don't go on sale until tomorrow.
                Even so, you can only use one card unless you can combine them all into a single JB GC (do they still allow this? /cc @WookieMonster)

                • +1

                  @DoctorCalculon: You cannot redeem the TCN gift cards in the upcoming Coles deal directly on the JB Hi-Fi website, because those TCN gift cards operate on the eftpos network.

                  However, at the time of writing this comment, you can go to the TCN website and exchange your TCN gift card for a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card. There is no limit to the number of JB Hi-Fi gift cards you can redeem in one online transaction.

                  • @WookieMonster: Thanks, WM.

                    I can't seem to locate the page for exchanging TCN GCs into retailer GCs.
                    I assume TCN Home EFTPOS cards can be exchanged into TGG GCs for online shopping?

                    • +1

                      @DoctorCalculon: The exchange portal can be accessed through the TCN gift card website by following these steps:

                      • Go to the webpage for the TCN gift card you have
                      • Once the webpage finishes loading, scroll down to section showing participating retailer logos
                      • Click/tap on the logo for the relevant participating retailer
                      • If the redemption options in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen are Instore and Online, click/tap on Online.
                      • Click/tap on Continue
                      • Read the information regarding the participating retailer's digital gift card, then click/tap on Proceed
                      • Follow the subsequent steps to have the digital gift card emailed to you.

                      You can exchange a TCN Home gift card for a digital TGG gift card through the TCN website, but be mindful of the redemption limit for TGG gift cards on the TGG website.

                      • @WookieMonster:

                        Redemption limit for TGG gift

                        :( The 2 GCs redemption limit is a complete bummer. I don't think I have time to chase the rabbit hole of trying to combine all the TGG GCs after conversion from TCN.

                        Also, I doubt I will find any TCN Home GCs tomorrow at my local Coles. They went instantly last time.

                        • +1

                          @DoctorCalculon: I read somewhere that the TGG sales hotline can get around the 2x TGG gift card limit for online transactions, but then as you point out, that assumes you can find enough TCN Home gift cards in the first place to even worry about trying to get around this limit! I never ever bother hunting for TCN gift cards during these Black Friday deals at Coles…

                          Fingers crossed there will be a 15% off Ultimate gift card deal at Coles in the next couple of weeks.

              • @Hihiaunty: aww thanks for the offer. I have already purchased it through Betta cause can't be bothered waiting/trying again. Hopefully someone else can benefit from your link.

        • Also, you cannot use more than one TCN card for online payment.

      • where can I get jb gift cards with 15% off?

        • Coles tomorrow via tcn. But they'll all be unicorns I reckon

          • @TEER3X: I wouldn't even bother. JB Hi-Fi tells me they only have 10 units left.

      • Is the 15% off gift cards still available? If so, can you link me please?

  • I've had one of these since Aug 2022. Got warranty replacement in sept 2022 when grinder stopped working @JB. Since then no issues and use it all the time. Great machine and price. I paid $790.

    • Had the express (without LCD screen) since 2019 for $499. Solid machines.

  • Thanks OP. Very sharp price. Bought 2!

    • It is a good price 😦😦😦but why do you need 2?

      • +1

        One for me, one for mum 😊
        Was going to get her the express impress thinking it would be more novice-friendly but couldn't turn down this offer. Ah well, she can watch some youtube tutorials.

  • Whats the grinder like on this?

    • +1

      I have a Barista Touch, and the built in grinder is fine. No different to the standalone Breville Grinder Pro or whatever it is called.

      • I have a barista touch and the burr is hexagonal (made by etzinger), which is apparently a lot better than the pentagonal one in most breville machines.

        • Well there ya go!

        • The burr has been upgraded in the Barista Pro as well, just earlier this year I believe.

    • I own this machine. It's a pretty good quality conical burr grinder for an all-in-one machine. Can't fault it. Grind amount can vary by a few grams, but that's fine for most people.

      • +1

        I always weigh and grind a shot worth at a time, that way I can keep the rest in the vacuum container.

        • Ah, good point! Don't know why I didn't consider that as I was typing. Disregard that last point, makes that a solved issue. +1

      • +2

        Thanks for your opinion. Will pull the trigger on this and ask for my partners forgiveness later.

    • Found it a bit inconsistent tbh so got annoyed and bought a separate grinder. Many people seem happy enough with it though, might depend how picky you are with getting it just right every time

    • -1

      Fine. Grindr better.

  • +1

    Absolutely great price for a great machine. Mine has been flawless and makes a great coffee every time.
    I looked at the dual boiler / other brand grinder, but at double the price and bench space it didn't make sense to me. For 90% of people this is very capable.

  • +1

    Given the price, would anyone suggest this over the Barista Express? I am a bit of a coffee snob at times but i wouldn't say im going to go to the extremes of having multiple devices to make a slightly better cup (separate grinder etc)

  • Just got it price matched by JB… I have 15% discounted gift cards…….
    Thinking if I should pull the trigger or not, we got a pod nespresso DeLonghi, wondering if this machine is really that much better

    • If you're fine with pods, then the novelty/hassle of using one of these will wear off pretty quickly. Mine is now at my parents, where I hope it may see more use.

      • +4

        Pods are a huge waste of money and the coffee is always terrible, not to mention the fact you need about 3 of them to be equivalent to a double shot espresso. The only advantage is they make less mess. Get some decent beans and you will never go back to pods.

    • Was it Online price match? For pick-up or delivery? Thanks.

      • +1

        Delivery only. No stock in store.

        • Thanks. Can you use multiple gift cards online?

          • @superm86: Answering myself: Price matched - and paid with gift cards (ultimate gift cards exchanged to jb hifi), you can use multiple gift cards on checkout of the price match bag!

    • Is the 15% off gift cards still available? If so, can you link me please?

  • Great deal, i got one for $730 ish in Aug 2021 and love it.

  • +1

    Price match at The Good Guys!

    When I bought mine they gave me 5 year gold concierge free too!

    • Lucky, the manager at my local TGG asked me for $770 and i had to pay 5 years on top… Scoffed and walked out

    • may I ask which TGG store?

      • Nunawading, Victoria. Did it over the phone

  • Price matched to $698 on Appliance Central


    • Would Appliance Central be better than Betta?

      • It doesn’t matter I think, just if you were gonna click and collect they have different store locations

        • C&C applicable only for NSW residents. Otherwise, delivery only.
          Also, no cashback from AC.

  • +1

    I bought this machine last year absolutely love it one of the best things that I bought. It gets used 365 days a year.

  • Awesome price!

  • Trying to buy and it’s saying it’s not in stock now?

    • Which state?

      • Vic

        • +1

          I'm in VIC and I just managed to buy one.

          • @Dr PhilGood: Weird. Didn’t work 5 times last night but worked this morning 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • This or the dual boiler?

  • This or the Breville Barista Express for our first machine.

    Not coffee super fans but keen to upgrade from Moconna :)

  • I can't order

    • +1

      Had the same issue last night but worked this morning

      • Did you receive an order confirmation email from Betta Home Living?

  • I won't have time to hunt for TCN GCs this morning. So, pulled the trigger on this Betta deal with cashback last night.
    BTW, you can't use the Club Betta 5% discount on sale items.

    All I have is an order number from Betta on the last screen of the purchase flow but no automated confirmation email.

    OP / @Hihiaunty Did you have the same experience?

    • I got an automated confirmation email - but I requested for in-store pickup. Not sure if that made a difference.

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