Honda HR-V Vi X (22YM) $34,900 (Estimated Driveaway Price, Was $36,700, Save $1,800) @ Honda


Ah so looks like we are seeing more and more car stock piling up and car dealerships reducing prices.
Now Honda uses one price promise so no more negotiating.
I love my HRV and bought it a year ago. Pretty decent on fuel economy and pretty reliable so far.

$1,800 Special Offer Saving on 22YM HR-V Vi X already applied to drive away price. Terms and Conditions Apply.

For a limited time, every new 22YM HR-V e:HEV L comes with a 7 year extended warranty *, 7 year premium roadside assist and 5 low price scheduled services.

$1,800 saving available on the estimated drive away price of the 22YM HR-V Vi X model only. Special Warranty and Roadside Assist offer only available on the 22YM HR-V e:HEV L model. Promotion applies to contracts of sale signed between 1 November 2023 – 31 December 2023 (inclusive) while stocks last, unless extended by Honda Australia. For full terms and conditions, click here to read more.

The estimated driveaway price is based on the State/Territory that you have indicated by entering a postcode. It includes metallic/pearlescent paint (where applicable), 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a recommended Honda Centre delivery charge, stamp duty and administration charges, but excludes any reduction as a result of concession entitlements. An additional Cross Border Delivery fee and any resulting additional government charges will apply if you choose a vehicle with a specific colour and grade or an accessory that has to be delivered from another State or Territory. We recommend confirming pricing with your Honda Centre. Honda Australia may change vehicle pricing at any time.

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  • +10

    It's only 4 seater, keep in mind

    • I didn’t know that, how disappointing

    • I only carry myself and my dogs so perfect for me lol

    • That is a surprise, it's unbelievable for a car near as big as crv with 4 seats only.

    • +2

      That's only $8725 per seat!

  • +6

    The auto industry bubble 🗯

    • +10

      The two most popular cars in Australia Ranger and Hilux are both made in Thailand. I don't think it matters where the cars are made so much.

      • It does when people so scared of buying Chinese EV

        • +1

          heaps of BYD on the road… i dont see a problem

      • +1

        ford ranger - biggest poo nugget ever!…within 3 months interior rattles and falls apart… what a piece of sh1T!

      • And the reason why there are so many f-wits on the road.

    • +7

      Only a Camry SL Hybrid matches the Accord in terms of bells and whistles which is only a few thousand dollars cheaper if you can order one. So no, you can't buy two Camry's with the price of one Accord if you're comparing apples to apples.

    • my ZRV is made in Japan

    • +2

      to my knowledge at least civic & HRV, they are made in Japan
      nevertheless they are many other brand to be considered
      Honda Australia is dying and not many model they bring it here

    • $61900

    • +1

      My Honda Odyssey was built in Japan

    • Think since Honda change their structure and no longer using dealership structure and uses agency structure, the newer models that come to Australia is from Japan like civic, hrv and new crv. Also probably why they also cost more than previous models.

  • What exactly does the one price promise mean?

    Is Honda saying that dealerships arent allowed to do any better (i.e. reduce price, throw in additional extras, etc) than the advertised price and that its basically one price for all?

    • +7

      Yes, exactly this. Mercedes is also doing this now.

    • +2

      Lots of people like to haggle. Partly where they have gone wrong along with prices, vehicle variety etc.

  • +13

    seems like their new business model (well a couple of years old now) aint working that great

  • -2

    BYD has much more value for this price.

  • +14

    Honda is a dying breed in AU.

    Besides the crv, other models are.almost non existent on the road.

    Accord Euro/accord 7th gen was the peak…

    • They peaked well before that I would imagine

    • +1

      CRV used to be popular especially 2006 model

      • yes basically all the Honda cars with the original K24/K20 engine was very popular.

    • They actually kill the only dominant car in their line-up oddessy now kia carnivals dont have any competitor.

      • Both Toyota and Honda abandoned the tarago and Odyssey I think the carnival is too dominant. No other brands come close in the people mover segment.

        I see a lot of imported jdm Alphards these days

        • just bought a honda stepwagon 2022 model 5,000kms for $40k registered all options…

          • +1

            @Mario g: Yep it's basically kia carnival local or import jdm for the minivan sector

            • @Jaduqimon: cheaper to import rather then local
              i mean 7 seater 2lt ev why not..

              kia is a rip off - The Kia Carnival is available from $47,480 to $67,580 for the 2023 range of models in Wagon body types.

              • @Mario g: How would one do that? Tia

                • @dtrinh: approach an car import dealer - and tell them what you want and they will cater for your needs.

        • exactly and the carnival is too long.

  • +1

    giftcards? cashback?

  • +2

    Lel, so much for their "fixed price" model.

    • +12

      Not selling so they fixed the price…

    • all brands are selling fixed price model like buying an iPhone
      no more car brands that can be negotiate or having dealer price model
      at least to these brands that recently I look for:
      Toyota, Honda, KIA, Hyundai, BMW, MB, Lexus, VW, Audi

      • +2

        Given the rate that car manufacturers are churning out and how much of Australia is under mortgage stress i don't see the fixed price model lasting.

        Tesla's dropping prices, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Haval, GWM, Honda, Isuzu, Hyundai are all following suit.

        It was in relation to supply and demand. It's swung in favour of buyers again and they're now trying to clear stock.

        • To your statement about others dropping prices, wish someone would tell those muppets at BMW who's 5 series now begins at $127,000. We bought a 520i loaded with options for $81,000 in Oct 2020.

          • +1

            @he11bent: The euros are increasingly struggling to stay relevant, i dont know how they can justify that. Its largely just a badge (we know how great their reliability is).

            China is making more cars than the rest of the world combined and vw/bmw/mercedes is asleep at the wheel

          • @he11bent: Great price. Smashing deal!

            Was that a Demo or Brand new?

            • @TopG: Brand new. They had 4 other ones available, my director bought all of them for the company cars. Too good of a deal!

      • The iPhone isn't the best example, as even if it small, there is a level of discounting between retailers and ways to get it cheaper (i.e. using giftcards).

  • +5

    Introduces Fixed price model = sales crash by 40% =……

    Back home in Canada, we were a Honda/Acura family, everyone had a Honda or an Acura (MDX, great SUV). Moving here, we're like "where the Honda's at?"

    Can't believe how joke of a company the Aus branch is compared to rest of the world. WTF is what comes to mind

    • +3

      it's a dying car brand in Australia or as if they are slowly leaving Australia

      • +10

        Wouldn't be surprised if they close shops in the next 5 years.

        Honda car sales in Australia
        2022 – 14,215, 19th, 1.3 per cent market share
        2021 – 17,562, 14th, 1.7 per cent market share
        2020 – 29,040, 12th, 2.7 per cent market share
        2019 – 43,868, 9th, 4.3 per cent market share
        2018 – 51,525, 10th, 4.8 per cent market share
        2017 – 46,783, 11th, 4.9 per cent market share
        2016 – 40,838, 12th, 3.5 per cent market share
        2015 – 40,100, 10th, 3.5 per cent market share
        2014 – 32,998, 10th, 3.0 per cent market share
        2013 – 39,258, 10th, 3.5 per cent market share
        2012 – 35,812, 10th, 3.2 per cent market share
        2011 – 30,107, 10th, 3.0 per cent market share
        2010 – 40,375, 8th, 3.9 per cent market share
        2009 – 41,443, 8th, 4.4 per cent market share
        2008 – 52,571, 7th, 5.2 per cent market share
        2007 – 60,529, 6th, 5.8 per cent market share (record)
        2006 – 54,202, 5th, 5.6 per cent market share
        2005 – 47,001, 8th, 4.8 per cent market share
        2004 – 36,474, 8th, 3.8 per cent market share
        2003 – 30,817, 8th, 3.3 per cent market share
        2002 – 23,587, 9th, 2.9 per cent market share
        2001 – 20,782, 9th, 2.7 per cent market share
        2000 – 30,034, 7th, 3.8 per cent market share
        1999 – 28,517, 7th, 3.6 per cent market share
        1998 – 25,571, 8th, 3.2 per cent market share
        1997 – 17,518, 8th, 2.4 per cent market share
        1996 – 16,201, 8th, 2.5 per cent market share…

        • Upvote for the discount.

          Not to put down Honda (I own one) but they are no longer the desirable car manufacturer in Australia they once were.

          The lack of post-sales support, which is acute to other manufacturers, but also not having enough service centres in Australia since closing so many is an issue.

          If they are chasing higher prices and profit margins with less focus on quantity versus Chinese brand, then include little details to stand out more.

          This Honda HR-V for example does not even have a leather steering wheel. It is one of the first things a potential driver touches and for the price of the car just silly to nerf.

          Overall there are so many things to like about their cars; functionality, interior, reliability but the service is just not there.

          • @BlueGlowOne:

            If they are chasing higher prices and profit margins with less focus on quantity versus Chinese brand, then include little details to stand out more.

            Yeah, I feel like they're trying to place themselves as an alternative to Lexus and German luxury cars, but none of that - as far as I can tell - has been marketed to the public

        • 1995 – 14,012, 2.2 per cent market share
          1994 – 16,035, 2.6 per cent market share
          1993 – 12,784, 2.3 per cent market share
          1992 – 12,723, 2.3 per cent market share
          1991 – 11,997, 2.3 per cent market share

      • +5

        The Honda Dealer in North Lakes(part of the Eagers group) is soon to split their showroom and stock with BYD. Not going well for Honda.

    • +2

      The director that implemented the fixed price model left a year ago,…

      Will be interesting to see if they stick with the fixed price model or revert back, although after burning 2/3rds of their original dealers in the change who would trust them and sign on as a new dealer..

      • For that reason there is no need to go to dealerships.
        They lost my business, put a deposit on another car that were happy to see me.
        That is the truth

    • +3

      Its not the Aus branch. It's the type of car they're churning out. Literally have zero points of difference.
      Are more expensive than the chinese equivalents.
      Their hatches are overpriced and underspeccd
      Their SUV's are probably the only thing going for them, even then the RAV4 commands market share.

      Subaru & Honda i believe are headed for the trash heap. Neither have really innovated, their styling is bland and there's nothing that really sets them apart.

      • Why Subaru? Seems they’re always high up on reliability, safety and features. There are heaps around coastal NSW and the Snowy’s.

        Genuinely curious?

        • +1

          Dont get me wrong the old subarus are great up until 2012 when their styling plateau'd and the interiors increasingly bland. That and a 30 year old boxer engine design isnt doing them any favours.

          By now they should be turbocharging and getting better fuel economy than their sub par 8-9L per 100k and getting rid of the horrendous cvt transmission.

          Oh and did I mention their ev is like $80k+
          Subaru is going through an identity crisis and I'm not sure if it's going to make it to the other side

          • +1

            @Drakesy: They waited too long to go electric too. They needed a 4 second hybrid STi replacement. Loved my old STi.

            • +1

              @paaj: Yeah, they could've churned out a decent performance sedan/hatch but instead built a luke warm CVT equipped version which didn't really tick any of the enthusiast boxes.

              Completely agree if it was a car in the mid 4's that could compete with the new Supras or Golf GTI's then it'd be a different story. But no they're hell bent on providing subpar soft roaders with bland interiors and costs that don't match up.

    • Plenty of Hondas on the road in Australia, they're just mostly older models you see. As per the table above, their peak was 2005-2008 and this is the age range you'll mostly see on the roads. I remember moving here from the US in 1996 and thinking to myself the same thing - hardly saw any Civics or Accords whereas in the US they were everywhere.

  • +2

    Thanks, bought 15! Nice Black Friday deal.

    • +1

      What a flex. I could only afford 5.

  • +3

    Your one year old car is "pretty reliable"? Honestly it should be perfectly reliable. Reliable isn't even a word I want to see when discussing an essentially brand new car!

  • Thanks OP. Bought 5.

  • Lost me as future customer. owned last 4x CRV. their new price system not worth the hassle. No loyalty for customer.

    • the new CR-V looks a lot better than the last gen

      • and quite expensive too.

        • Hmm not sure about that. 20 years ago I paid 40k on road for a CR-V "Sport". Today the equivalent base model costs 45k on road and only lacks a sunroof compared to before. I'd say that's reasonable value.

          • @Mondorock: Sorry I stand corrected - my 2003 model had 4WD whereas the current base model is FWD.

  • Hmm, weak 1.5L engine compared to previous model's 1.8L.

  • I used to own a 10th Gen CTR and it was a fantastic car. I was considering an 11th Gen but Honda are greedy and have positioned it in a price bracket that will force people to other makes/models. As a result of this, I'm looking at the Nissan Z instead. I wish them luck with their new sales model because they're going to need it.

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