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Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Mouse (Graphite) $94 Delivered @ Logitechshop eBay


$10.13 cheaper than the Black Friday offering from Amazon, thanks to the HGTNOV code! Equal all time low in Dec last year

136 433 quantity available at time of posting

Enjoy shopping 🛍️

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • -1

    Great price!

    I ended up buying the Rapoo kit for $47 some weeks ago and I'm quite happy with it, particularly the mouse. I'd recommend it if you're on a tight budget.

    • +2

      They really need a new brand name 😂

    • I bought the Rapoo MT750 which is the mouse that comes with that bundle and it has the worst positioned side buttons I have ever seen on a mouse. If you're going for the budget option I'd recommend you get the MT760 instead which has the exact same button configuration as the Logitech Master series, it retails for $48 but I see $10 off coupons fairly often, I picked mine up for $38.

      • Not sure why it's saying I posted an affiliate link, I just copied the page URL from AliExpress.

        Anyway I basically just said the E-YOOSO X-31 is a very similar mouse (minus the side wheel) for $14 and after having multiple $150-200 mice die on me I'm done with expensive mice and this feels like just as good quality and also has 125-250hz polling rates.

  • +4

    Keep in mind it only has a polling rate of 125Hz of you were planning on using on a high refresh screen.

    • +8

      Yep, this is why I stopped using mine, on my 144hz monitor it feels choppy.

      • what are you using now?

      • +4

        Is this why it feels creepy on my good Dell IPS?!

        I had no idea they did low poll rate.

        • +3

          Yep, I also have a Dell IPS.
          No idea why it's so low, probably to give it a long battery life? Maybe.

      • -1

        I've used it on my 165Hz and 144Hz monitors without issue. Also done some (non-competitive) gaming, no issues. So YMMV, the ergonomics, side scroll are such incredible features for productivity that the low polling rate is a forgivable shortcoming.

        • To each their own. It's definitely noticeable.

    • Using mine on my 240Hz G7 Odyssey

      I dont see any issues….smooth as butter

      • +2

        240 is close to scalar multiple of 125 maybe thats why?

        • +3

          fair thought process, ill subscribe to it :)

      • +2

        I had this same feeling too on my 240hz monitor, but when I tried a 1000Hz mouse, the difference was amazing!

    • That's what put me off. Any similar ergonomic mice that aren't locked to such a low polling rate?

  • Got this for the Mrs!

    MX Vertical for me :D

    • mx vertical

      was really expecting to see these < $95 for black friday - got one at the office and now looking to replace my mx master 2 at home with these.
      as i get older, egonomics is king HAHA

  • +2

    Great price for a great mouse

  • Anyone using this (bolt) with MX keys (unifying) ?
    Any issues?
    Currently using the Master 3 and want to switch to 3s for quieter clicks.

    • +1

      Do you mean with same dongle? Not possible.

      But I have a Bolt and a Lightspeed dongle in my home PC with no issue.

      • Yes, I'm aware another dongle is required. Just wondering if these interfere with each other? Thanks for clarifying that.

        However, I just switched the connection mode on the MX Master 3 from Unifying to Bluetooth..no noticeable difference so far, so I guess using the 3s in bluetooth mode would be ok in case bolt/unifying don't like each other?

        • +1

          Bluetooth and bolt connector seems to be the go (logi K855 + MX3S)
          No real noticeable difference of running one on each style of connection since the logitech app picks both up just fine.

        • I actually have one of those Logi mouse/kb things, so I have a Bolt/Unifying/Lightspeed all connected at the same time. Works just fine.

      • Hi mate,

        Do you mean that with the new bolt instead of the unifying connector you can only connect 1 device to bolt?

        I thought logi unifying usb could connect up to 6 or something?


        Edit: I just bought a MX keys S with bolt.
        I have a MX Master 3 & MX Keys unifying

        • No, I meant that you can't connect a Bolt device to a Unifying connector.

          • @miicah: Gotcha.


            Still sucks though… need 2 x dongles unless bluetooth

  • Quiet click vs MX Master 3 is game changing.

  • +2

    My MX Master 2 still cranking along, wish it would die so I would have an excuse to pick this up! Great mouse!

    • Haha same, although I'm on the 2S. The stupid micro usb always annoys me but I'm a tightarsery at the end of the day.

      • sorry mines also a 2S and I agree, the micro USB is a lame cable to hold onto asa everything I have has either USB type A or Type C :(

        Doesn't help that im buying gifts left right and center ontop of silly purchases xD

      • Thats s unique strand of magic you practicing there. Tightarsery.

    • My MX Master 2 still cranking along, wish it would die so I would have an excuse to pick this up!

      The only reason I stopped using my MX Revolution, the granddaddy of the current MX Master range, was because I misplaced the wireless dongle while moving to a new place.

      Something like 15 years of regular usage (including gaming), and it still held a decent charge after just a short stay in the charging dock.

  • I am trying to do a warranty claim on my one I just got over a month ago. The bottom pad is peeling off from the body of the mouse and is catching on the surface.

    • +1

      You can buy new skates for most major brands of mice if that's something you'd consider.

  • +2

    At this price I can't resist it, thanks.

  • +1

    Great price! thanks

  • best mouse there is for 95% of people

  • Bought this because my Mrs managed to wear a HOLE in the mouse around the thumb area. No idea how…

    • +1

      Manicured nails?

    • +3

      Because the rubber is soft crap. Mine did the exact same thing as did my sisters

  • +1

    Love this mouse and I interchange it to my Logitech G305 for gaming. You can usually pick up one cheap as well.

    • The G305 is currently ~$40 I think off Amazon, there was an OzB post yesterday

    • +1

      Damn I ain't the only one lol

  • +2

    Deciding between this and the Lift.
    Haven't found too many comparison online.
    What do people think?

    • -3

      Well no comparison because they are totally different…

      • +2

        Thank you for contributing nothing to the discussion.

  • +4

    After going to a G Pro Superlight the MX3 feels like an actual brick. In my opinion the MX Master 3 is highly overrated, it's very heavy, the polling rate is bad, the rubber is soft and wears quickly and the high profile was terrible for my wrist.

    • Sounds like your not using it for its intend purpose?

    • +1

      It's a productivity mouse, heavy is fine and polling is mostly irrelevant. If you're gaming (or spend half your day looking at stats and benchmarks instead of just using it) get a gaming mouse or something cabled.

    • Seconded for poor rubber. If you have slightly sweaty hands, the rubber will deteriorate very quickly and become sticky. Many others have reported this issue online.

    • Agree, this mouse just FEELS less accurate due to the low polling rate (no, I am not talking about gaming but general tasks). However, it does depend on how much that matters to you but for me personally, it is a little bit annoying.

    • I actually like heavy mice, I know gamers prefer them but to me they always made them felt cheap if they are light.

      Unfortunately my current mouse is too light for my liking, I'd like to add some weight inside it but I don't see anyway to take it apart unless the screws are under the skates and it's not a popular enough brand to sell replacement skates for it.

  • Has anyone got a white one? It says Mac but I am using windows.

    • I read reviews like it will start to discolor in due course.

  • ShopBack stack with westpac offer with no code used could bring it further down?

  • +1

    Thank you!! Finally pulled the trigger after such a long time.

    Stacking with Preeze gift card discounts, final out of pocket cost = (104-10) * 150/160 = $88.125 😇😇😇

    Haven’t taken cb into account.

  • Thanks OP. Canceled the Amazon one. And bought this one. Also stacked with shop back 10% cashback till 6pm today. And some old giftcard balance. Should cost below 90. Happy

    • I don't think HGTNOV is an approved code in ShopBack?

      • I did the same, however ShopBack did say cashback would be 0% with the use of vouchers and codes.

        • Ohhh right… Well not losing anything…..

        • I have tried without the code, let’s see how that goes…

  • The Keyboard mouse combo seems alright at $219 too

    But am i right that they are Bluetooth only these days? and you need to buy the usb adapter separately?

    • They come with the new usb adapter called 'bolt' instead of the old 'unifying'

  • Thanks for posting. Had my eye on one of these for years. They never seem to get cheaper. When they changed the side buttons on the MX3 it looked perfect.

    Finally pulled the trigger and can upgrade from my MX510. I won't miss the cable.

  • +1

    thanks. got 1

  • Damn using the 3s now from yesterdays Amazon deal, thought it was already good

    Feels great using this - coming from the 2s on the other pc

    Now to get annoyed with this stupid bolt receiver instead of unifying…

  • Not a fan of these, they are too heavy for fingertip grip.
    Even for non-gaming I prefer a lighter mouse. Just feels like I can work quicker but that's just me.

  • Great mouse and cheap too.

  • Is there a gaming mouse which work similar to mx 3? Ie support multi device and infinite scrolling?

    • Keychain is releasing the M6 in Aus next month that might suit?

      • I'll check it out thanks

      • +2

        Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea they had moved into creating mice.


        Looks pretty ideal for me. I love the MX Master design, but after getting used to the responsiveness of a Logitech G502X (I mostly use it for productivity and only a little gaming), the MX Master feels really choppy and laggy by comparison.

      • Oh damn I love Keychron keyboards so this is a potential try for me

      • Hey mate, where do you find that keychron m6 mouse release next month?
        Cant seem to find it

  • Got my MX 3S delivered yesterday, and compared to my MX 3 it's very very silent. Bolt receiver was included in the box.
    Not that it makes that much of a difference.

  • Did everyone receive a grey import? My box has mostly Portuguese and Spanish text…

    Importer listed on the box: Logitech do Brasil Com.

  • Got delivered next day. Very impressed. I'm wrap it up and it will be my Xmas pressie. :)

  • +1

    Back in stock :)

  • This is an awesome mouse for a lot of reasons but beware the low polling rate. The mouse cursor motion is kinda choppy. Polling rate maxes out at 135hz, but is mostly sub-100hz most of the time. If you're used to the smooth motion of a gaming mouse then you might be disappointed with this mouse.

    I've used a MX Master 3 for the past 2-3 years.

    Things i like:
    —Comfort / ergonomics. I like the "high hump", and the area where the thumb lives.
    —Good quality materials. Feels premium. I like that the clicks sound "solid" instead of "hollow"
    —Nice texture. Feels good in the hand.
    —AWESOME battery life (that's what low polling rate gives you). Legit lasts me 2-3 months. And charging takes like 45 mins or something. (i would happily take a month less battery life for a higher polling rate though)
    —The metal scrolling wheel is awesome and feels satisfying to use. Free spin is great.
    —Nice amount of customizable buttons. I use the two thumb buttons for Forward and Back button on my browser. Or Undo and Redo in my software
    —I like the weightiness, but some people might not like that

    Things i don't like:
    —Low polling rate. The mouse cursor motion isn't smooth. It makes the user experience of the computer feel a bit cheap. Not a premium interface feeling
    —The thumb sidescroll wheel doesn't seem to work very well for me. It's not smooth, one scroll will only register like half of the thumb scroll. It kinda glitches out and stops registering any movement one sec, then will register movement one sec, then on, then off, etc. Basically makes it unusable for scrolling long timelines
    —Sometimes when the mouse is still, the mouse cursor will slowly drift/move even though i'm not touching the mouse. It's not a huge issue but it's kinda weird. When i'm watching a youtube video the mouse will move by itself which makes the red timeline at the bottom of a video reappear, if you get what i mean
    —The "rubberized" coating texture has worn off in some parts on my mouse. The plastic underneath is revealed

    I'm actually gonna sell mine because of the low polling rate. I'm building a new PC and i want the premium feel cursor movement wise. If anyone knows of any mice that are similar to the MX Master 3 build-wise but has a high polling rate then lemme know please!!

    MX Master 3 is basically perfect except that damn polling rate

  • +1

    Thanks OP been using a cheap Kogan mouse since my G502 started having the famous double-click issue. Been wanting to try this mouse for a while & finally bought it, shipped quickly. Feels comfortable in my large hand, is nice & quiet & my hand pain isn't as bad. Cheers

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