Gaming PC Barebone with i7-12700, 16GB D4 RAM, 512GB SSD, 600W Bronze PSU $699 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


Good evening guys,

Ready to pull the trigger on the Black Friday deal? Or u did already like me (PS5 Controller MidnightBlack only $75 on Amazon) :D

Previously the deal was $799 with bonus peripherals

Today the sales manager decided to remove the peripherals but make it $699!

It is the barebone based on the 12th Gen Intel Nuc extreme platform, Solid ITX Solution, and the case supports GPU lengths up to 300mm.

Earlier this year we sponsored 25 units (12700+3070) on Dreamhack Melbourne, and after 3 days all PCs survived.

Even the Intel team surprisingly mentioned to us how other PCs kept fk-up but all of our units ran smoothly during the event :D

The Build specs:

Kraken Nuke 110 Compact Gaming PC BF SE

KP X Cougar 12th Gen Nuc Case (PSU & 2 RGB Fans included)
Intel Extreme Unit + Baseboard
Intel i7-12700
HP 512GB SSD (2 X 256GB) OEM Version (Samsung/Kioxia/WD/SK Hynix)
Lexar 16GB DRAM DDR4 3200 MHz SODIMM Laptop Memory
GPU Options Available

My favorite combo is downgrade CPU to i5-12400f then select the RX 6700 OR 3070 as GPU.

Again for any support/sales enquiries, plz don't hesitate to contact us!

BPC Team

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • How long will this deal run for?

    • +1

      Until late Dec :)

      • Awesome I'll be looking at purchasing 2 before Christmas if stock is still available

        • +1

          :) Will ask team to reserve two

  • How many drives can you install?

    • the module has 3x NVME slots i believe

    • +1

      I believe it is

      2x via PCH + 1x via CPU (NVMe)

      2x 6.0 Gb/s Ports

  • Hi OP, is it possible to upgrade the CPU to a 14th gen processor?

    • I don’t think so as this is a NUC, not a small form factor motherboard and CPU

      • I ask as the CPU is socketed on the 12th gen Intel Extreme Unit

        • +1

          no hope, Intel hasnt provided updated bios to even support 13th gen

  • Hi OP, just wondering if I can order with less parts (e.g. Case + Compute unit for 12400F + Board + PSU) only?

    I got quite a lot of spare parts besides me.

    • +1

      Sure we can help :) We can help remove the SSD and Ram.

  • Yeah, I agree, upgrade GPU to 6700 and downgrade CPU to 12400F for $848 (+delivery) is a killer deal for gaming at 1080p (or 1440p perhaps with some settings turned down for the latest AAA games)

    • Sounds really affordable and tasty.

      My 2yo 6600XT is already holding up tons of 3A games in reasonable graphics settings.

    • How's it compared to this one:

      • +1

        Today's deal has slower GPU, faster CPU.

        You always pay a premium for (small) size. I should have added that context, there will no doubt be better deals than this if you're not looking for such a small PC.

        • Ahh makes sense! Heard that the ITX build generally costs a bit more.. Thanks!

        • Yes very keen on the price range but don’t need it to be small. Any recommendations/deals in this range

  • Would this fit an rtx3090 at 320mm long?

    • Upto 300mm

    • +1

      Width might also be an issue unless it's something special

      • +1

        yeah its a 2 slot system, and even then will be hard pressed up against the case (with limited ventilation)

  • +1

    Hi OP, are you able to ship to NZ?

    • Sorry, we can't manage that, apologies.

  • +1

    This is so hard to resist 😂

  • HOw many do you have in stock?

    • Plenty! 100+!

  • -4

    Kraken Nuke 110 Compact Gaming PC but GPU is optional, how is it a gaming PC if the price doesn't include any GPU?

    • This used to be bundled with 4070 btw…

      They decided to sell this as barebone like this but already comes with igpu if you go with intel…

      • That would have been a good deal.

        • +1

          It was close to 2k with 4070, just check previous deal history on this.

          This barebone is the better deal.

  • great deal considering that nuc 12 extreme is $1k

  • Can these fit 3.5hdds in?

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat. @BPC Technology are we able to fit 2.5 or 3.5 HDD in? And do you have extra power cables? Review from overclockers said that there were no extra power cables included.

      • apologies for the confusion on the review..
        the sata power is used to power the front panel / RGB, but there's a free molex pass through.. you could covnert back to sata to power a 2.5 / 3.5 drive on my drive..

        Hmm I dont see any free sata internal ports. on the board though… unless they are hiding somewhere…

        • Thanks,

          Based on the spec on Intel, this model has 2 SATA ports.

          • @sanglt: There are two sata / NVME M2 slots..
            ie.. the sata is connected via the M2 slots..
            so you can use a sata (or an NVME) M2 SSD in these two slots..

            there is a 4x - pci-express slots.. you could theorectiallyinstall a PCI express sata card.. but you may obstruction the CPU blower fan..

      • Yeh I'd love something like this with a 20tb 3.5drive

    • +1

      The case doesn't fit 3.5/2.5hdds, not enough space for it :)

      • +1

        Was about to pull the trigger but I need my entire game library downloaded for that 1 day when I get a bit of time to play something.

        What is the smallest PC you have that will fit 2x 3.5 hdds

      • +1

        Hi, by any chance, can i fit a one 3.5 drive.. can it sits underneath the gpu, the floor of the case, doesn’t need to fix to anything.. need to have at least one 3.5 drive inside the case somehow.. thanks

  • +1

    In case you guys need a link to the review…

    seems that BPC tech.. have managed to find a working wifi option… rather than my aliexpress hack job..

    • great review, thanks

      I am hesitant on the power supply, that is my only concern, I have asked the team for model numbers of options used

    • Do you know what BPC Tech have done to sort out the wifi? I bought one of these a while ago and it would be great to get that sorted.

    • Thanks for the Good review :)

  • Pretty nice deal for an entry level PC! …

    • Cheers :)

  • "Again for any support/sales enquiries, plz don't hesitate to contact us!"

    I did, just waiting from a reply from your team :D

    • Thanks! You can PM me on OZB chat if you waiting too long :)

      • thanks, just did

  • Out of interest, are box/Intel commited to warranty on the NUC modules given they no longer make them?

    It's not like a regular pc where you can just slot in a different brand of mobo if original is no longer viable

  • +2

    is there a slot for PCI wifi card and GPU?
    if not is bluetooth available on the default ?
    is the wifi addon an m.2 wifi card, will I lost a ssd with the wifi ?
    And how is it handling the heat generated from the CPU with such tight space ?

    • Hi there,

      Yes, there will be a slot for GPU and PCI Wifi, however, we found once GPU is installed ez to block the PCI slot.

      No Bluetooth so need a USB adapter.

      It's not work as the m.2 wifi card, so no worries.

      The Nuc compute unit integrated with a cooling system similar to the laptop, the tem will be relatively higher compared to the desktop around 70-75.

      BPC Team

  • +2

    Can you do it without the SSD & Ram (would have to confirm with you what i have is ok as i have these already?
    Any black case options? Just need a clean black case, no windows or anything really needed?

    Would this come in at a cheaper rate?

    • +1

      Sure we can, will add it as an option soon.

      We only have dark silver & white as the only two colours.

      Yeah, we definitely give a disc if the SSD/Ram is Removed.

      BPC Team

  • +1

    Hi OP, I would also like to know if you were able to sell the package as a barebones unit with only the Intel Extreme Unit + Baseboard and KP X Cougar 12th Gen Nuc Case - No CPU, RAM, SSD or PSU

    • +2

      Hi there,

      We can remove the SSD and Ram!

      Will add this as an option soon!

      BPC Team

  • +1

    By the way, are there going to be any more Lexar NM790 deals? I am looking for a 1TB SSD at the moment but sadly missed out on when they were $65

    • Not 1TB but will be very limited Qty deals tmr :D

  • Can you replace the 12400f with a newer i7 14th gen one day?

    • And can we put in a 1tb NVME?

    • @Kelvin has a review that suggests no, but I am not sure how he worked that out, from what I can see it is the same socket size and 14th gen supports DDR4. BIOS support might be an issue but otherwise it will hopefully be upgradeable

      • No, intel refused to release bios to support even 13th gen, google it

        • all I could find was 2 answers on the intel community forum saying they don't currently support 14th gen and they doubt they ever will. Is there official word somewhere?

          • @UNFKNBLVBL: Yeah some posts responded by intel staff said similar things, with the NUC department has been taken over by ASUS, I doubt it will be ever getting updated

            • @rainbowyen: so there is a chance :D

              • @UNFKNBLVBL: Why would you update old product when you bought a brand? Haha. I had a Corsair one elite, Corsair stop releasing bios update since 2019. I have to use it without Resizable Bar for many years

              • @UNFKNBLVBL: I would say less than 5% chance, intel used total different layout on their NUC 13, it’s not even a compute unit anymore, so even tho it’s the same socket…

    • Hi,

      The unit only supports 12th Gen, 13th Gen is in a different nuc unit and haven't heard about the 14th gen yet.

      BPC Team

  • Hi OP, I would like to buy this pc, I will upgrade to 1tb sdd, 64gb ram, I don't play video game, I'm going to run some virtual servers on it.

    What ports does it come with.e.g. usb, hdmi? Can it support 2k resolution if I don't upgrade anything else except ssd and ram?

    If it does the job, I'll place an order, if not, what do I need to upgrade for it?


  • Hi OP
    Am I able to downgrade to 12400f and order without gpu as I already have spare gpu to use?

    • Sure you can.

      You can choose i5-12400f in the CPU options, and you will see "Intel UHD 770 (12400F Excluded)" with zero cost in the GPU options.

      BPC Team

      • Thanks. Ordered.
        But will it still come with the baseboard since I did not select gpu option?

        • does that mean intel uhd 770 chip for free?

          • @ilove: 770 is the integrated graphics of 12700 & 12900 :)

        • Yes as both cpu & gpu unit need to attach on the baseboard :)

  • +1
    • +1

      Yeah although this one is 12th gen compute unit with replaceable cpu

  • Damn…purchased this a bit over a week ago and wasn't eligible for the free keyboard :(

  • Hi BPC, this seems very tempting for a micro firewall appliance. Would there be space to install a pcie NIC for the case? (I couldn’t find any internal pictures for this)

  • Just went to the site. Avast blocked it.

    Whew! We’ve just saved you from an infected website

    Infected URL:…

    Threat: URL:CardStealer

    This URL contains malicious code that could harm your computer.
    If you’re willing to risk it, you can turn off your Avast Web Shield to continue.
    But we strongly recommend walking away from this one.

    • I think your Avast out of date. /s

      I'm surprised antivirus software are still being used in 2023.
      I thought Windows Defender is quite capable and web browser these day have built in protection to warn you if the site is not safe.

    • Most antivirus are spyware.

  • Tempted even thought I don't need another PC.
    Price is around $1K with the 6700 and 32GB RAM.

  • Does the i7-12700 come with no GPU option?

    • Hi congo,

      The "Intel UHD Graphics 770 " is the option :)

  • Is the 600W PSU fully modular?

    • Its Non-Modular :D

      • I have an SF600 Platinum that I would like to replace such, would it fit?

        • So far we haven't tried to disassemble the PSU unit from the case, you can try but most likely not fit :)

  • +1

    How does this compare to something like the Intel NUC 12 Enthusiast Kit Barebone Mini PC, Core i7-12700H?

  • Hi OP

    I received mine today. Beautiful machine btw.
    However mine came with 2 x WD SN530 256 GB SSD instead of 512 GB Lexar as per description

    • Hi Bonking,

      It should be 2 X 256GB KIOXIA Gen 3 SSD, the listing guy forgot to mention it on the listing page just updated.

      The Ram we use is Lexar :)

      Would you mind sharing ur order number with me so I can check with the team?

      BPC Team

      • Hi Op

        Order #BPC000196782

        Also, would have been nice the manual for the case and Nic kit included. I spent sometime trying to open the case. Couldn’t find online manual either.

        Other than that I’m happy with the unit.

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