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40% off Cricket World Cup Merchandise + $14.44 Delivery/Handling Fee @ ICC Official Store



Top stuff from Travis Head…what a true champ this bloke has been right across a gruelling 2023 schedule.

Some good pricing for official gear - pick of the bunch for mine is the retro polo shirts at $25 or caps $23

$14 delivery/handling cost on every order so obviously not worth it if you just want a coffee mug or fridge magnet or a sheet of sandpaper.

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T20 World Cup


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    The only accessories I could find was a keychain and badge … where can I find the sandpaper?

    • Aisle /S at Bunnings

      • +2

        Right next to the lollies the English were using to doctor the ball.

    • It’s inside the undies 😂

  • No socks. Disappointing.

  • +2

    Anyone know where I can buy their WC Jersey, they haven't had it on their site this whole world cup..

    • Wipe away the crocodile tears mate, only thing they did wrong was get caught… real Aussies couldn’t give a (profanity) and would do it again if they thought they were half a chance.

    • +8

      a terrrible look, yes…but pretty much every national cricket team has had its 'sandpapergate' moments…from lolly laquers and bottletops and outright fixing and throwing games down to over-doctored pitches, over the top sledging and over rotations for fast bowlers 'toilet' (ie cold shower cooldown) breaks.

      Aussies are now earned reigning test champions and one day champions…a very big achievement…. any 'real' fan or player of the game will tell you the T20 cup is a far, far distant third in that trophy cabinet!

      pretty sure no one cares if you 'might' continue to withhold your support for a couple more years after nearly 6 in absence?

      • -5

        You keep telling yourself that. Your argument of, "everyone is cheating, so it's fine", what great parenting advice. Hope you are setting an example and teaching your kids these great values.

        Cheating in sport, be it sandpaper or performance enhancing drugs, is pathetic. If you cant trust your own abilities and have to rely on other means to win, you dont deserve to play at that level.

        If you remember Hansie Cronje, South African captain from the 90's, he got banned for life. Why is this any different?

        • +2

          Don't compare cheating with match fixing. It is very very different. Losing on purpose or whatever you are doing to obtain money goes against everything in sport. At least with cheating you are still trying to win.

          People caught for ball tampering are usually only suspended for a match or two. And that's probably after getting caught more than once. The umpires even looked at the ball after the incident in South Africa and said it was fine.

          If Cricket Australia didn't step in we probably wouldn't even be talking about this still.

        • +1

          So telling your kids anyone should be outcast, erased and forgotten forever at any first relatively minor mistake is good parenting?

          Pretty sure most kids over the age of 5 would question that wisdom!

          And re Cronje, because premeditated, sustained, financially motivated organised crime linked cheating is a very different situation perhaps?

          1 year bans were actually very harsh given the precedents…. i thihnk you need to brush up on Western legal principals and frameworks which inherently underpin sport tribunals and council policy… imagine the legal system we'd be living in if you carried your values into our real world courts!

    • +1

      More than happy for you to support whatever other team you want to. As if the threat of joe average not supporting them would cause the Aussie players to lose sleep.

      They did the crime and have done the time. Unlike other countries that have tampered with the ball and nobody did anything about it. If you don’t support teams that have tampered with the ball you, probably, won’t be barracking for anyone.

    • +1

      The darkest day in Australian sport.

      • +1

        Actually not even the darkest day in Australian cricket. That would be when Philip Hughes died from being struck by a bouncer playing a Shield game in Sydney.

        • +2

          very, very good point…puts it all in perspective really….no one died when lollies/bottletops/sandpaper made their way onto the field

          Phil would have loved what he had seen from the Aussie players right across this year….may have even been still playing himself; would have turned 35 next week…RIP

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    Did you just 'champ' Travis Head?

  • Honestly now that the tournament's over this could easily hit 60 - 70% if sales stall.

    • Is it over? I heard they may drag it out to a best of 3 under some rules…

      • If Modi had his way I suspect this would be true.

    • possibly, but possibly only on fridge magnets and shirts for the larger and smaller of us

      • Time to jump on the pizza and KFC deals then

  • Will the champion ones go on sale?

  • They really wanted to do it tough didn’t they? I, suspect, that is why they managed to beat India in the final. They had to keep finding a way to win even when it looked like they would fail. That match against Afghanistan was astonishing. Let’s give them a huge start then have a guy bat 200+.

    I have no idea where you would wear this gear apart from attending the Boxing day test in Melbourne.

  • -3

    Let’s face it, the only reason Australia won that game is that they batted second. Completely different wicket batting under lights with the dew

    • +5

      Woulda, coulda, shoulda, didn’t. The Indian captain said he would’ve batted first if he won the toss.

      • That’s what you’re supposed to say as an opposing captain after losing the toss. The stats at that ground batting second don’t lie. Win the toss, win the game.

        FYI this has to be the ugliest jersey in world cricket. I heard that if you buy the trousers, you get some free sandpaper thrown in as well as a ‘mental disintegration’ book containing 101 ways to sledge an opposing player’s mother on the cricket field

        • +1

          Actually you don’t have to say that after the toss, especially after you lose the game. You use the loss of the toss as the excuse as to why you lost.

          This result seems to have hit you hard.

          The fact is the current Australian team seem to be terrific blokes. FFS the critics have complained that Cummins was too “woke”, whatever that is meant to mean. They bitched that the Australian team refused to drink the celebration champagne because one of their players is
          Muslim. You are living in the past.

          None of these outfits are ever attractive. They are to be sold to blokes who follow the cricket. Not known for their sartorial elegance.

  • Thanks OP. Bought half a dozen for fam and friends

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