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MacBook Air 13" (2022) with M2 Chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD $1549 Delivered @ Emporium Electronics (Price Beat $1472 @ Officeworks)


Apple MacBook Air 13" (2022) with M2 Chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD $1549 at Emporium Electronics, online website selling in brand new condition with free shipping. Just got this price beat at Officeworks and purchased for $1472 :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Waiting for the 8GB ram comments

    • +12

      Pls help my new laptop can't run more than 2 chrome tabs what do I do 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

      • +1

        Buy 2 new laptops and daisy chain both. Oh wait it’s apple you can’t do it.

        • hol up how do I daisy chain my laptop

        • +3

          I love how you use an example that isn't even possible on any other product, or even make sense at all.

        • Universal control. Make sure it's enabled and you should be able to control both 8gb Macs.

    • +6

      It's just not enough to browse Ozbargain with 30+ tabs open!

      • +2

        Going to need 50+ tabs to simultaneously enjoy all of the 8gb comments. At that point, obviously, 8gb won't be enough.

    • Good one AF, you will bring all the salty 8GB ram angry fanboys out

      • +10

        I think you meant "anti-fanboys" - they already have 8GB and Apple in their notification settings.

        • +8

          I’m an Apple fan. 8gb is ok-ish for 2023 as a base for people with simple work flows.

          What isn’t ok is:
          1) The price to upgrade the ram.
          2) Because most retailers only sell 8gb models thanks to the upgrades being custom builds, there’s not much chance of getting deals.
          3) Having 8gb as the base in the Pro models.

          I am salty my 2017 Pro that I paid $3500 for has 16gb of ram and works fine, will no longer receive software updates.

          • @PainToad: Are they stopping software support for 2017 models? Damn!! That seems unusual for Apple… is it something to do with them switching to Apple silicon in recent years?

            I'm sure (well, hopeful at least) you should be able to continue updating the software via unofficial channels/means.

          • @PainToad: @PainToad Had mine for about a week now and fully impressed. It’s transfer to usb is lightning, testing out Parallels is damn fine, no slowness that I have noticed, all while streaming/office and guess what, more than 5 tabs open at once….. woooooow

          • @PainToad: Have a look at OpenCore Legacy Patcher.

            I've just upgraded two machines (iMac 27 and MBP) both to an OS they couldn't normally run (Ventura) and both work extremely well. They had a pretty good spec (32G/16G of ram and both have SSDs) and it was a shame they were stuck on Catalina/Big Sur..

    • +12

      Is this RAM for ants???

      But seriously, come on Apple…

    • 8gb ram!

    • I thought RAM 1500's started at 80K, waste of money if you ask me…

    • +1

      8gb is criminal at this day and age

    • +2

      You're paying nearly $1600.

      Why accept 8GB ram, and ridicule people who expect more.

      • Isn't "nearly $1600" what Apple charges for upgrading ram? :)

  • +1

    Would JB Hifi match O/W price beat of $1472?

    • Doubt it but worth a try I guess

    • +22

      The real question is, would Officeworks price beat JBs price match of Officeworks price beat of the original Emporium Electronics price?

    • +3


    • They said no when I tried

  • +12

    Only 8GB ram 👀

    • +4

      Dunno how it will handle my workload of 16k video editing and simultaneous crypto mining but we'll see

    • Yeah, I couldn’t even run Llama2 7B… it’s a bit frustrating.

      Ended up selling the Mac and bought a framework laptop to add more ram

      • How do you find the framework?

  • +8

    I might be wrong, but it seems that Officeworks requires Emporium Electronics to show the product code for price beating. (MBA256M2MN)

    Apple is offering bonus $320 Apple Gift Card for buying Macbook Air M2 chip, so if you are also after other Apple Product maybe buying directly from Apple is the best option. Pay with discounted Apple Gift Cards to make it even better?

    Alternatively, JB hifi with 15% TCN gift cards is the next best option.

    • How do u get the TCN gift cards that give 15% off at JB?

    • +1

      Good point. OP probably got lucky as there is no model/product code mentioned.

      • +2

        If OP managed to get price beat at Officeworks and stack with 15% off ultimate gift cards from a while ago will be really good one haha

        Edit: As mentioned in one of the comments below currently discounted Ultimate Gift Cards at Big W will be alright too.

    • Is this deal eligible with MacBook air m1?

  • wouldnt pay the extra over the M1 - M2 has a bit better performance but the ssd is worse.

    • Can you kindly elaborate on the SSD difference?

      • +4

        basically the m2 uses a single 256gb NAND module
        the M1 used 2x 128gb NAND modules, which is a lot faster

        wont affect most people but paying more for worse in this case

        • +1

          Thanks for that , i wa about to get it to run unreal program. I was thinking of getting cheaper m1 that maybe enough to run unreal engine .

          • @tanastra: I think it’s more about copying large files, or lots of files… 2 NAND modules is significantly faster than one.

            Intensive tasks like unreal engine might run faster too, but I am not sure.

      • +1

        The base ssd is split over two chips on the m1, and one on the m2, halving read speeds.

        On a 8gb that uses swap this will be more pronounced too.

        • +1

          If your active task is running in swap you are going to have terrible performance no matter what.

          • +1

            @Aureus: Macos switches active task to ram, and background to swap. Its why current m2 and m2 have bad performance on 8gb, but m1 actually decent performance

            • @Feeblely: Yeah. I guess it does make sense that it would degrade performance if you are out of RAM and switching tasks.

      • +5

        If you need to ask to know the difference, likelihood is that it won't affect you in the slightest. Basically the M2 base model has halved the SSD speed compared to the base M1 (using a single larger chip rather than 2 smaller ones).

        In practice though, it's still plenty fast for the types of use cases that the target demographic are going to be using these machines for.

        That said, I definitely agree with the sentiment that the base M1 Macbook Air is the GOAT in terms of value. The M2 biggest plus points are really the bigger screen (although notched) and the MagSafe connector (so both TB3 ports are free when charging). Oh and the colours… but apparently the Midnight is a fingerprint hussy and also scratches more easily than the silver/space grey

  • +1

    I’ve got this lappy and it’s sweeeeet

    • @Aerith-Waifu: How did you determine the sweeeetness level of your lappy? :-) :-)

      • +5

        Licking it?

  • +1

    Can you price match with Officeworks Online and pay in store with gift cards?

    • Don't see why not, I called ahead to check if they could price match then went in and paid.

  • Anyway to get discounted Officeworks GC?

  • -1

    grins in 16gb 1tb mba13 m2

  • But my Windooooows machine has 64gb RAM to browse Le Reddit?

  • +4

    But it's 2023 almost 2024

  • Besides fuel for ozbargain, i wonder if the base model is sold as is to makensales redudnant for people who want more ram or ssd. Anything on sale won't be an CTO, so why bother?

  • Less RAM than my phone. And has the gimped base spec SSD also (https://www.theverge.com/23220299/apple-macbook-air-m2-slow-…)

  • +4

    From the same store, just price match the M1 Air (Gold or Space Grey) instead at $1199 (SKU is shown on page).

    Officeworks $1139.05 - 9.1% from Big W Ultimate Gift Cards - $28.47 in Flybuys points with Onepass Trial = $1007.03

    JB HiFi $1199 - 15% from Coles TCN Gift Cards = $1019.15

  • Need a MacBook for my daughter starting high school next year. Hopefully there will be a back to school/uni sale in January.

    • from experience, even if there is a sale in January there usually is not stock.

      • The other option is to use the AOC site.

      • Do you think 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD is enough to last high school?

        • +1

          It'll be good enough.

        • yes

      • Yeah, I did this yesterday with Coles Celebration gift cards I bought a few weeks ago at 15% off, so it cost me $1360 and I’ll get the GST back when we head overseas next week, which will take it down to about $1200. I’m not thrilled about the 8gb but my daughter is only in year 6 and the school insists on Mac, so for the price it’s not a terrible option. My son wasn’t limited to Mac, so he got a much better ASUS but it cost me a lot more too. Kind of kicking myself I didn’t see this first but I jumped on it because the $1599 is only for a week and they often run out of stock.

    • Fwiw: Back to school/uni for Apple usually is free AirPods and slightly discounted apple care - laptop itself stays at rrp.

  • -2

    Don’t do it sheeple, 8GB RAM is ungodly bad and your kids will start crying when its not enough memory to play an episode of Bluey!

    According to OzB tech people 8GB RAM isn’t even enough to load a safari tab!

    32GB RAM is the minimum for instagram and X and Facebook on laptops

    8GB will make people lose their shit and piss their pants!


    • +2

      8GB should be fine for X and Facebook.

      16GB should be fine for XX and Facebook.

      If you need XXX tho…

      • I believe this has night mode so it has XXX covered.

    • Do you own Apple stocks? Why do you feel the need to go into defence force mode?

      • +2

        Do you own Microsoft stocks? Why you feel the need to go into attack mode?

  • +2

    So if this is not a good option as advised by people due to 8gb ram . Kindly guide through which will be best option with more RAM. Cheers

  • Is the m2 air more robust with its screen and frame than the m1?

  • +4

    It's still ridiculous the M-series (non-Pro/Max models) MacBook supports only one external display. Having multiple monitors should not be a 'pro' feature. The integrated GPU on this is more than capable. Having to rely on hacky workarounds like DisplayLink shouldn't be required.

    • +1

      Just download more monitors … Just like ram if you need more ..👀😋

  • +7

    For people looking to buy, I have the M2 base model with 8GB and run 80 tabs on Chrome regularly with a few Word documents open. I haven't yet encountered any lag or issues. Take this with a grain of salt I guess

    • +2

      I wonder how frequent you are swapping virtual memory with the SSD though. That might appear to work fine on the surface (the high datapaths of the M-series chips indeed makes the swapping process quite efficient) but potentially comes at the expense of reduced soldered-on SSD lifespan.

    • Yay! Nws :)

    • Did you use the discounted gift cards?

  • 15 inch air for $1849 here. Decent price

  • +1

    Still can't play age of empires 2

  • -2

    Not a deal. Not a bargain.

  • Still waiting for 8GB comments


    • +1

      Everyone can already see Apple fanboys like you for what you are.

  • +2

    8GB is great for me on M1 MBA. Not enough performance increase from M1 to M2, but if I had an older laptop I’d jump on this deal.

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