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Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Coffee Machine with 64 Coffee Capsules $49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Pretty much a free coffee pod machine considering the RRP of 64 pods (4 packs) is $50.
Please note this machine is not compatible with Nespresso original pods. Having said that, IMHO Lavazza pods are comparable to Moconna and Vittoria and a 16 pack can be found frequently on sale at Amazon for around $7.xx

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  • +2

    This is a machine that has been around for a while.

    RRP of 64 pods (4 packs) is $50.

    $6.48 (S&S) for pack of 16 on Amazon at moment, so $26

    Bought those pods for Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy machine with Alexa built in.
    RRP $349 (But no pods)
    Cost $59 after cashback last Prime Day.

    • Hey Buddy would you recommend this coffee machine?

      • +1

        Hey chrisie!
        Only compatible with 1 type of pod.
        So need to like that coffee.

        It's a basic pod coffee machine with no fancy features.
        See Past Deals for commenta

        Have been enjoying the coffee for years. But I did receive 480 free pods & other free Lavazza machines.

        • Ok might wait maybe for a better deal, if you see one give me shout:)

          • @chrisie: Best to know what type of coffee your Greyhound likes😄

            Like ink jet printers, you are locked into the manufacture's pod system.

            • +1

              @Rather be Travelling: Strong and black maybe with a dash of milk in a big mug like me 😂

              • @chrisie: Different pod makers produce different coffee blends.
                So you really need to know if you like their coffee. Which is difficult until you buy a machine & pods…
                Have been using Lavazza pods for almost 10 years.

                • @Rather be Travelling: Yes I might wait thanks

                  • +1

                    @chrisie: Only been using Lavazza A Modo Mio pods - for nearly 10 years. So I'm used to it.

                    • @Rather be Travelling: Usually only have one to two mugs of coffee a day of instant with 2 spoons of nesscafa or Robert Timms so maybe not worth getting a coffee machine

                      • @chrisie: Am the same low use, but with a pod machine. Very low maintenance - empty the used pods & top up water. (Just slightly more effort than instant.)

                        That's why I started with a free machine with pods. Can't compare brands as only tried Lavazza.

                        This was about free as they come at moment. The pods are then dearer than instant of course.

                        Recently bought Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy machine for $59. Has Alexa with good sounding speaker built in. Music with my morning coffee ☕
                        (Alexa / app control isn't much benefit in making the coffee.)

                        Also have a Moka Pot for a good stronger coffee. Picked up a used one free. Got a knock off one from Spotlight for $21 - $20 voucher😉 Uses ground beans.

                        Not worth the hassle & much greater expense of a full expresso machine plus grinder for little use like that.

                        Cheaper to go to local coffee shop for occasional good coffee☕

  • +1

    Well then $23 for a coffee pod machine that retails for $119 is not too bad I suppose

  • +1

    I’ve been using this machine for over a year now. Zero issues. Great coffee (long black guy here) and pretty low maintenance.

  • +1

    L'OR Barista Sublime Compact Coffee Machine, Black $79 (was $159, Black Friday deal)…

    • What coffee pods does this one use and are there any compatible pods?

      • +1

        LOR pods and Nepresso pods

  • -3

    I never understood the point of pod machines, they're basic as basic can be. It just pierces the pod, heats up water, mixes with pod content, heats milk and adds it to the hot water and pod mix and that's it? You could literally just open the pod, pour in a cup, add hot water/milk, mix and done. Only benefit I see is the froth from the machine.

    • Yes have been doing this when I find a real good price on pods that are reasonably strong

    • +2

      Well sure, you can also manually wash your dishes or manually wash your clothes, whats the point of a washing machine or a dishwasher?

      • Works well though if you got a good partner 😜

    • You could also boil water on a stove instead of a kettle…

      Machines are a convenience. It heats and pressurises the coffee through the filter

    • +3

      Bro.. what the fk? You can’t just pour the contents of the pod into a cup and drink it. Those are grounds and the pods have filters built into them, it’s not some instant coffee mix you can just mix into hot water.

      The point of the machine is that it pokes a hole into the pod and delivers water at high pressure to extract the coffee through the filter so you aren’t chewing on coffee grounds.

    • heats up water, mixes with pod content, heats milk and adds it to the hot water and pod mix and that's it?

      Seems you're thinking of mixing ordinary instant coffee with hot water…

      Pod machines don't "heats up water, mixes with pod content". That would be almost useless & produce a very poor quality & tasting "coffee"!! Yuk!

      The correct temperature & pressure produced by the pod machine… does the job it is designed to do - to extract the flavours & produce the crema from the ground coffee.

      Only benefit I see is the froth from the machine.

      Basic pod machines like this don't heat / froth the milk. If you want that, there are other ways to produce it.

      I never understood

      Maybe be better informed! Do a search.
      Rather than offering opinions on something you know nothing about😜

      At this price, many pay more for a kettle to just heat the water!

  • bummer, missed out on this … any other coffee pod machines with pods on deal ?

  • +2

    $20 @Coles - if find stock!

    • Yes I'd grab it but a bit hard when your in Singapore

      • Can pop over a good used (looks like new) Lavazza machine (plus a few pods to try) on your return. Consider it a stocking filler🎅🎄

        Happy Holidays!

        • +1

          Happy happy happy yes yes yes Please,,,😜🥰🥳
          I'll give you a yell when I get back

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