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[Opened] ST6000NM0115 Seagate Enterprise Drive 6TB, 7.2K 6Gb/s 3.5" US$84.69 (~A$128.33) Shipped @ EastDigitalHK (China) eBay


ST6000NM0115 Seagate Enterprise 6TB Capacity 7.2K 6Gb/s 3.5" SATA Hard Drive -A$128.33

Opened – never used

Not bad for the price, will it get any lower?

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  • Is it free? Then, not bad for the price!

  • pleasd put on the price follow the template

  • Not bad for the price, will it get any lower?

    Wot price? What is lower than nothing?

  • US $84.69
    ApproximatelyAU $128.33

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    Hong Kong

    Opened – never used

    Yeah that's a lie.

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      firmware is rewritten.

      • Out of curiosity, everything is reset with a firmware upgrade too doesn’t it?

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          But the issues remain + worn off mechanically.

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      According to the pictures DOM of 2018/2019. For never used drives.

      I'm very skeptical.

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    It has six terrible bites

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    buyer beware!

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    This listing - and drive - has spiders all over it…

    • ??

      • Have a look under ‘revisions’ at the original post before it was later edited and cleaned up.

        No vendor, no price, the drive listed as opened. Way too many variables to trust in an enterprise environment. Eight legs and counting…

        Why the neg?

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          I didn't neg?

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            @Mondorock: No worries. Someone else must have around the time of your ??’s.

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    East digital is what ozbargain have done group buys from previously. I've bought a couple of drives from them no issues at all, quick delivery from Hong Kong.

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        They maybe good but take a look on gumtree before and if there is a better price…

        Maybe they can post a full smart report. I'm an optimist?

  • Why is it the SSDs are getting cheaper by the day … but HDD prices have actually increased from where they were 6-8 months ago

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      Because you should buy SSDs

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        Tell that to my 96TB server.

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          it would be way better with SSDs

          • @barg99: Not really. Throughput in RAIDZ2 is more than I'll ever use. Plus then I'd also need to upgrade my network to 10Gb as well to accommodate the speeds.

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      I’m not sure why there was a drop in prices for about 6 months that then has gone backwards. Overall though, I don’t think there’s really demand for mechanical drives in consumer devices now days what with solid state dropping in prices, gaming sort of needing an SSD now, and cloud storage being an option.

      It feels like the progress in the mechanical drive space is higher capacity enterprise drives, a segment where higher storage density is important so we’re seeing a lot of larger drives but the prices are also pretty high to boot. Feels like now days most of the mechanical drive deals are for a drive that’s intended for servers of some description.

      If you’re budgets high enough there’s some decent $ per TB deals to be had, but doesn’t feel like there’s stacks happening in the sub $200 space.

      • I am looking to buy higher capacity drive for my NAS storage. But the local stock is generally very highly priced. The deals to be had are from Amazon US or that OzB GB.

        • Yeah fair enough. Personally I’m ok with Amazon US, but haven’t had to deal with them for warranty yet for drives purchased through them.

          • @Smigit: I got a 8 TB from Amazon US during that great offer (120$ i think). But the HDD makes strange noise in my NAS and takes a bit longer time to respond after idle (compared to my other NAS drives - all of which are iron wolf)

            • @snickerz: Not ideal to spin down a NAS specially with Enterprise drives.

  • Any concerns with using this in an NVR for CCTV? Half the price of a Seagate Skyhawk or WD Purple

    • These are less reliable. Not much more than the others, but 2% is still a chance.

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    Sad that 28 people already bought this Chia drive… hope they get the full 6TB and more than 30 days of use

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    OEM enterprise drive. No direct manufacturer warranty. Warranty is only offered from the seller. That's how it is. So you've got to deal with the seller if you need to return it for warranty. That's some thing to keep in mind.

  • Ideally someone who has purchased these enterprise drives 6 months ago could comment about their experience…

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