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Logitech diNovo Edge Wireless Desktop Just $89 FREE SHIPPING


Logitech diNovo Edge Wireless Keyboard

Find this sleek, ultra-slim wireless Logitech keyboard with touch pad and media controls at over twice the price elsewhere.
($229 at JB - http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/computers-laptops/computer-ac…)

I'm feeling the love from our last Ozbargain deal, so we are reducing it another $20 PLUS Free Shipping!
That makes it $89 delivered for this innovative wireless desktop from Logitech! Don't forget to use the coupon code at checkout: NEWKEYBOARD

Till next time,


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  • +1

    $11 cheaper than in the logitech sale, but only because of the coupon ;)

    • +5

      Not this again. I'll take it for $30.

      • Why did you + the deal if you only want to pay $30 for it ?

        • +7

          So LTS sees it.

          Edit: it was a joke.

        • I hope LTS do see this! COTD shipping times has been terrible lately. LTS have always impressed me.

        • +1

          COTD shipping is actually quite good recently!!!!

        • yes, about 4-5 working days only

  • +1

    I have one and it is pretty good, the only downside is that the trackpad is small and can therefore be difficult to use with precision.

  • Omg i paid about $180 for this keyboard back when it was new and i have not regret it at all! The only downside is the lack of a numpad, so its probably not good for gamers. But its sleek and just a pleasure to type on, with a very sensitive trackpad. One recharge will last you about 3 months and it only takes less than 24hours to fully recharge it!!

    • +1

      Wow, thanks for pointing that out. Big flaw on Logitech's part in my opinion. Honestly, I've almost never needed the numpad for gaming, but I use it so often for work/uni/calculator. Will stick with my sleek Logitech Illuminated until they can pump out something significantly better.

  • +2

    Waits for LTS to beat it

    • just bought one so I hope not!

  • +5

    it is 5 years old…

    • Keyboard technology hasn't changed much in the last 5 years.

      I bought this keyboard back in '08, and have never been happy with other keyboards since.

    • This keyboard was discontinued and then brought back by Logitech. Whether this is a second revision, I'm don't know.

  • I just got one! Under $100, it's a deal for me.

  • +8

    Rep… Are you selling AUS stock? Or is it grey import? Cause the specs on the logitech website have the DiNovo Edge as 3yr warranty but you only have it as 1yr for the one you are selling?

    • Due to the laws changing in Australia, a lot of companies are dropping more than 1 year warranty.

    • when i bought two the last time they had them….they had AU power adapters just kinda thrown inside the parcel, not actually in the box, so possible imports i would say.

  • I love my mechanical keyboard too much. Its the bee's knees.

    • +10

      Cool story.

  • Bought one of these for $100 a couple of hours ago via the other post :) Ah well.

    Absolutely worth the money because as I said in the other thread I purchased 40+ of these over the last 4-5 years (20 of them were for work for a new building fitout over 4 years ago) and they're absolutely rock solid. 500+ users treating them like crap during that time plus I haven't even started to notice battery fade after all these years either! Highly recommended for anyone after an 'all-in-one' Wireless/Bluetooth keyboard. They just keep on keeping on.

    Incredibly good value at $100-$150 let alone here for $89.

    • Have to agree about the battery life. Mine has "faded" a bit but it can still last for weeks without a charge. The touchpad and keys are starting to lose responsiveness though from quite heavy use on my part.

    • Same usage here.
      Had a few batteries go, but generic replacement batteries going well.

  • QQQ you obviously posted this due to the logitech shop sale.

    why not compare the price to the deal you're copying instead of JB hifi's price?

    Misleading Deal of the Day at it again.

  • can you connect this keyboard to a Samsung Galaxy S3 via bluetooth?

    Edit: I actually bought this keyboard around 3 yrs ago for about $135 and then sold it close to what I paid for. You need to be careful with the keys as they tend to fall out, and it's quite hard to source a spare key. I did however manage to find one on Ebay.

    • in terms of the keys scuffing away i bought keyboard letter stickers to replace the ones which rubbed off.. my only gripe with this expensive keyboard was that the lettering was not laser etched..

      • I've had no issues with losing keys (and I toss my keyboard around quite a fair bit) but I have lost the printed letters off the keys.

  • +2

    This keyboard sucks, don't buy it, you'll definitely regret it. The logitech K400 is a much better wireless keyboard and touchpad. http://www.logitech.com/en-au/keyboards/keyboards/wireless-t…

    • You're possibly right… but the diNovo Edge is Bluetooth (USB receiver included) and has a built-in rechargable battery charged via a nice little stand/dock thingy & power supply (also included).

      Still a Wireless Keyboard with built-in TouchPad sure but to say that it 'sucks' is a little naive.

      • I've actually used both models on HTPC's. The Dinovo Edge has a short range (don't belive logitechs claims), cuts out a lot, tiny touchpad, heavy and more proprietary parts that are hard to replace.

        The K400 is cheaper, has a larger trackpad, much better wireless range (it uses logitechs new receiver), light, uses AA batteries (last very long) and it's easier to use.

        • Agreed, for HTPCs I'd say you're right. I've never used a K400 so I can't comment on it but after having such a love affair with so many diNovo Edge keyboards in an office environment with 500+ less-than-careful users for the last 4+ years I just can't go past them ;)

    • +1

      I disagree.. I have both. The Dinovo edge is rock solid, absolutely no lag, exceptional distance and the bluetooth connectivity trumps wireless any day of the week.. To me it is like comparing a new BMW to a 70's mini moke. The only nenefit to the K400 is that it is cheaper

      • +3

        Oh so many fors and against! Question is will my ass look big in this thing?

    • +1

      i too prefer the K400… not sure why so many ppl like this one. it doesnt even have a mouse pad!

      • i got the K400 at $37, sounds a big price difference.

  • Good Deal - keyboard is old, but it looks good

  • Would it be better to wait for Windows 8 release and see if there's any decent movement with mousepad technologies/hardware?

    • +1


  • +2

    ive had this keyboard for 2yrs + maybe, still going strong, charges in a few hours and with heavy use will last me 5days+

    damn im so tempted to get this as a spare, spent $200 on this 2yrs ago.. great friggin keyboard.. low profile and its like typing on a laptop.

  • +1

    not the best keyboard to type, but it is the BEST keyboard to show off in the living room. also, the touchpad is not multitouch like the new K400.

    Been using the 2nd one for the 4th year. The battery does not last for 3 years, so, do not lose the receipt!

    Is logitech shop better for warrenty?

    • +1

      It doesn't matter who's the supplier because warranty is provided by logitech (I have sent a couple of products under warranty and their service is outstanding)

      "Warranty provider

      This warranty is provided by Logitech International SA, Rue de Sablon 2-4, CH-1110 Morges, Switzerland (telephone:+41(0)21-863-5111)"

      • +1

        who paid the postage? did they refund it?

        • if it's DOA there's no way I'm going to pay for the postage. But in both cases the products were more than 2y , so I paid for the postage to send the faulty unit and they paid for the return postage, with seems fair when it's RMA.

      • +4

        Just quoting Logitech Australia relating to this issue: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/71047#comment-887129 . They do not cover warranties related to grey import purchases from COTD.

  • took the plunge and got one.. dirt cheap for a quality keyboard.

  • can this be connected to the playstation 3 and also Apple TV 3?

  • +1

    Delivery of COTD is terrible lately. Ordered several items from COTD. Order went through smoothly. About a week later, got told that the item I wanted to buy the most was out of stock and offered refund. I then requested a full refund.

  • Bring back the dinovo mini, love it for the htpc

    • +3

      LTS are selling it for $115 delivered.

      • That they are, I already have one and quite like it other than my htpc died so the keyboard is kinda redundant atm.

  • +1

    Omg my 11 buck >_>

  • Not reducing it $20 per keyboard, only per order (max 5 allowed)

  • Got one!

  • Mine was shipped via Auspost today. Unfortunate that I still have to wait til Monday.

  • Just picked up mine now.

    Comes with a US plug and no Australian adapter. What the hell?

    • Well I'd say that you got catched… :-(

  • Mine came with an Aussie adaptor but I haven't had to charge it yet.

    But the right side of the palm rest is popping out very frequently: http://i.imgur.com/b6lCT.jpg

    Anyone else get this problem?

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