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$35 Logitech Ultrathin iPad Case with Free Shipping


Up for grabs is the brand new Logitech Ultrathin iPad keyboard cover, us the code ipadcase for free shipping (works for the whole site btw). It will make your iPad almost as cool as the Asus Transformer Pad Infinty! JK.

Now in order to avoid a fanboi brawl here we are going to divert your attention by playing a little game. The deal expires next Saturday. We are going to have a little guessing game during that time. You need to guess what the final number of votes the deal will get when it expires. Now to make it interesting the first person who guessed the correct number will win, so you can't just wait till the end, or you can but you risk someone getting it before you. One guess each! Oh and obviously if you have already purchased we will just refund 50% so you don't have to worry about ordering it now.

A prize you ask! Surely pride should be enough, but just in case the winner will get their choice of one of the covers for half price, or a $40 voucher for anything on the site.

Any issues shoot us an email [email protected]

Oh and just in case this does turn into an android/ios/webos/symbian flamewar the most upvoted comment gets a free 8GB transcend USB key.

UPDATE: Price dropped to beat the other guys… We will refund the difference to everyone who has already made a purchase.

UPDATE 2: Well this is just silly at this point…

UPDATE 3: unbelievable…

Update 4: At this point you are better off buying from LTS, please email us if you would like a full refund so you can purchase from them.

Update 5: Well we woke up this morning and thought, even if the game is who can be stupider, we hate losing more than we hate looking stupid. So we are dropping the price to $35 shipped. Hopefully LTS will honour that price as well for everyone who purchased last night from them. limit 2 per customer as well though.

UPDATE 6: Well that was almost as quick as the $3 USB keys! I would like to thank every one for playing by the rules and not ordering more than 2 units, great to see people giving others a chance to get a great deal!

UPDATE 7: Just want to clarify that selling at this price is not sustainable for us or LTS. If you got this deal from either of us you were very lucky to be at the right place at the right time. There is basically no chance we will be offering these at anything close to this price until they are being cleared out with the release of a new iPad. Sorry to disappoint anyone who missed out, but it was one of those once in a blue moon things.

UPDATE 8: If we could bring this deal back at $59 shipped can we get an idea of how many people would be interested? And same question for the android version.

UPDATE 9: 188 - issh wins the $40 voucher, fincky wins the USB key. Will be in contact soon.

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