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Google Pixel 7 5G 128GB $699 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi



128GB Pixel 7 5G. Not the cheapest or dearest.

Screen: 6.3" FHD+ Smooth Display up to 90 Hz
Camera: Wide and ultrawide lenses with up to 8x Super Res Zoom
Battery: 4,355mAH Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours

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  • +5

    Now just need JB to have trade in bonus…

    • +58

      I will personally give you the $1 difference to buy it at JB instead of Harvey Norman

      • +6

        I love this hatred for HN because I know my local will always have stock when other retailers are sold out lol.

      • +2

        I price matched something at a JB that's right next door to a Harvey Norman the other day, they didn't bat an eyelid. I'm guessing it happens a lot.

        • when shopping for Pixel 8 on flack Friday I asked in OW about price matching the voucher deal JB had (and OW an hour or so later copied).
          The OW staff member mentioned that the cheeky JB hifi staff next door had left flyers around inside OW.

      • Don’t think you will say that when it comes to Optus cancel deal

    • +10

      I will personally give you my $10 perks discount to buy at JB instead

    • I'd rather buy it from JB.

    • But Gerry's stock price shot up 4% today! How relevant is Ozbbs?

  • +4

    Wasn't the pixel 8 like $100 more recently, so this isn't really ideal?

    • +1

      actually was same price with trade in trick

    • The pro was 800

  • +5

    Beware if u like taking close up photos of things or scanning docs etc, this camera is very blurry at the edges.

    • Using 2x zoom "fixes" that weird effect it does when close up apparently.

    • -1

      A professional lens which cost equal to this Pixel still have blur at the edge. What do you expect about it ? :D

  • +8

    Where's that $200 iPhone is faster guy

    • +6

      He got banned for a day and now very quiet.

  • Where is the 7pro deal

  • +3

    Pixel 6 for 388 where is

  • Wish I liked pixels now but last I liked was 3 … now they don’t appeal

  • $699 isnt a deal. It was this price or less before the Pixel 8 came out

    • subjective photography had the model before winning.
      Compared to HN deals this one can possibly be OW pricebeaten

      not financial advice, I get negged out by HN affiliates all the time.

  • Does JB do trade in?

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