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[Price Error, Switch] Turok 3: Remastered - 42 Gold Pts for Owners of Physical Games Released in The Last Year @ eShop Argentina


The link is to the Australian eShop, where the game is currently $43.95.

42 Gold Points is about 1/5th of what was needed for the last such price error for the Blasphemous 1+2 bundle, which was 205 points.

Claiming the Metroid Prime Remastered cart in the Agentina eShop last time got me 308 points. The amount of points you get from different games can fluctuate a lot, but I expect any game you can redeem will probably give you far more than 42 points.

Copying and pasting my recommended process:

1) Create a new Nintendo account
2) Put in all the necessary details to create an account, setting your "Country/region of residence" to Argentina.
3) On your Switch, go to System Settings > User > Add User > Create New User, then you should be able to link the accounts.
4) You may have to log into the eShop at least once with the new user profile, just to make sure the new account recognises your Switch as the primary device.
5) Insert a game cart to your Switch, press the + button, scroll down to the My Nintendo Rewards Programme > Earn Gold Points, then choose the new user profile for the points to go to.
6) When you try to buy the game, it should give you the option to use Gold Points to reduce the price. In this case, 42 Gold Points brings it down to $0.00.

Some things to be aware of:

  • Gold Points can only be earned this way on physical game cards. (On digital, it's always against the account that made the purchase.)
  • Gold Points can normally only be earned within a single year after the game's release. (For physical game cards.)
  • The chances are not zero, but if you've neglected to redeem the points of games that are already over a year old, you're probably out of luck.
  • Once they've been earned, the Gold Points will expire on the last day of the month 12 months later.

Here's the page to check if you have expiring Gold Points on your account: https://my.nintendo.com/point/expiration

Confirmed working (the game is currently downloading on my Switch) as at the time that I hit "Submit" on this post.

Advance Wars 1+2, which I got for $40 (through this deal + $10 Target newsletter sign-up) offered 231 gold points from the Argentina eShop… Meanwhile, it offered 80 gold points (worth $0.80) in the Australian eShop.

Based on that metric, this price error is equivalent to getting the game for around $0.15.

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  • +1

    Got it. Thanks OP.

  • yeah another

  • +1

    Thx OP. Easy as 123. Also noted that first party games like Mario or BOTW yield around 1,2k gold points on average compared to other games.

  • +1

    So you need to keep an argentina account on your switch forever?

    • And is there any chance that this will mess up your OZ account? Or am I just being too paranoid?

      • +2

        Yeah you're too paranoid. I got another 2 accounts on Japan and US as I bought some games there before. Played normally on my main account.

      • It's a separate account altogether, so I don't see any plausible reason why it'd mess up your Oz/main account.

        If anything, it's safer for your Oz/main account this way, since if getting games this way ever was to cause any problem somehow, having separate accounts for each region isolates them from each other.

    • I've never tried that method, but I've see hearsay that if you just switch region on your main account, games might not auto-update for the games you switched out of regions for.

      For me, it's just easier to manage different regions with different accounts, so I never bothered trying to switch region on my main account.

  • Damnit.. I only have 26 points :(

  • +1

    You can just login to your Nintendo account online on PC, and change your region to Argentina, (it should ask you sign in again). Do your biz in the store, then change your region back.

    It will automatically sign you out on the console, so you'll need to sign back in again. Add your game's gold points. Change your region back on PC.

    Source: I've done this before. I've got enough kids' accounts on my Switch, I don't need another account.

    I don't have any new games to add, I'll have to wait and see if St Nick is kind to me and gets me a Switch game for Christmas. I hope this deal will still be active!

    • +1

      Fair. Tbh I'd like to browse around on eShop in a dedicated account and the amount of time setting up a new account is probably the same if not a tad longer than switching region back and forth so I created a new one anw.

    • Are you still prevented from changing regions on an account while you have credit (not gold points) with this method, or has that changed in more recent years? I don't remember off the top of my head.

      Anyway, as someone who already have accounts for different regions to buy games that sometimes have better prices in different regions (or isn't even available at all on the AU eShop), I find it's just easier to manage by having a specific regional account.

      Like Grey 13 said, the process to set up a new account once is not that different from what you'd need to do each time that you want to switch regions on a singular account.

      And if you're only playing your games on a single primary account, it's easy to get used to double-tapping when you start a new game, so there's no real delay caused by having to select which account you want to play with.

      • +1

        You still lose any credit (or have to spend it first) when you change regions on an account. Gold coins are not lost, but stay in the region they were earned in.

        I did it recently to redeem code-in-box DLC for imported games (Final Fantasy X2 from UK and Baten Kaitos art book from Japan). This also affects credit on any supervised accounts under yours. I had to create a new Nintendo account and add to the family to be the supervisor so I can change regions without losing any credit my kids have.

        You also cannot change region if you have any auto subscription renewals like Nintendo online. The auto renewal needs to be cancelled first.

  • Damnit.. I bought Prodeus from JB and it cannot be redeemed for gold points? Was released in April 2023!

    • +1

      Some games can't be redeemed due to region restrictions etc. I tried this with front mission 1st remake and it refused to redeem but with super mario wonder it was fine so I don't know.

      • Yeah I think that must be the case. Probably has to be a physical release in Argentina to be eligible?

  • +1

    Thanks for this. I didn't get around to getting the blasphemous last time so this is perfect. Ended up redeeming gold coins off a copy of super mario wonder and got over 1000 gold coins on the arg account. I'm wondering if there are any other good deals on here.

    • Sheesh, I must have only got 231 for that because I used it for the Blasphemous error and only have 26 points remaining

  • Does anyone know any cheap games I can get that are eligible for redemption? Is there a list which are eligible to redeem on Argentina store?

    E.g anything in JB 2 for $30 collection? Mostly junky games but I don’t want to miss this deal and can always resell the cartdridge

      • On JB, go to Switch games page, sort by New to Old, "Available Now", and max price of $30, like this.
      • Open Deku Deals on an incognito tab, change currency settings to Argentina.
      • Cross-reference one with the other.

      Can probably do the same thing with EB Games, Target, Kmart, and Big W.

      Mato Anomalies Day One Edition might qualify. Available as part of 2 for $30 on JB, and shows up on the Argentina eShop.

      • Thanks very helpful. Hopefully this deal is still working tomorrow.

        • Got a PS4/PS5? Might look at combining it with a copy of Like a Dragon: Ishin.

          • @pj1351: Only a Xbox Series X and the Switch.

            I’m going to go to JB tomorrow. Stock on some of these games is a bit thin around me, might have to visit a few. Just hope this Turok deal lasts and I can redeem some points on the games. Annoyed me not getting anything for Prodeus, as it was a gigantic stuff around just trying to collect it due to JB system issues early in the morning.

            • @nubzy: Forgot about the Xbox Series X version of LAD: Ishin until I saw your comment, lol.

  • Damn! The Pathless not eligible for gold points either..

    I think first party are the only safe bet

  • +1

    Decided to use $20 off Afterpay in store purchase + $10 perks voucher to get Pikmin 4 for $34. Successfully claimed over 1000 gold points and downloading now.

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