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[eBay Plus] $300 off Apple iPhone 15 Pro Series: 256GB $1729, 512GB $2079 (Sold Out) Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay



Pretty much as per title. If anyone can help edit the prices into the description with links that’ll be great cheers.

$300 off latest iPhone 15 Pro phones on 256GB and 512GB.

Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/404526686180

Use discounted gift cards to bring the price down even further!

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    I smell work 😔 plus vote for posting bargains from work 🫶

  • what about 128gb model?

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        Pro series starts at 128gb. Pro Max starts at 256gb.

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  • Oh good deal

  • does OW price match ebay plus?

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      Not when discount/coupon codes are involved

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      They were refusing to match Amazon last week, OW will not match coupons and member only offers
      They also require the exact product number to match with their stock

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    Great price.

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    Nice one ISP and @AHUANG

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    Would this be Australian stock for warranty?

  • Still can’t work out the exorbitant cost of these phones now aday. Still hanging on my 11pro max.

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      The 256GB iPhone 11 Pro Max was $2149 on release… the 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max is $2199 on release.

      • The 14 Pro Max started at $1899 and the 15 Pro Max at $2199. Yes they changed the base from 128 to 256GB but that is not a $300 upgrade. Speaking as a guy who buys components for a living, they essentially just did this to increase the starting price of the Max model from $1899 to $2199, a $300 increase

        • -4

          The cost of RAM has probably decreased since 14 Pro Max, so the increase is not justfiable if it was solely because of RAM. That being said, why do you assume that the price increase is because of RAM only? 15 is a different phone, you are not comparing the same phone with different amounts of RAM.

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            @bio: 128->256GB is not a change in "RAM", it's storage. The 15 Pro Max has 8GB of RAM :)

            • @Martinii: Lol, you are right. These days those numbers feel like they should be RAM.

              My point still stands, though. Why lump the price change on one spec, while the product is completely different?

              Google Pixel 7 launch price was $999 while Pixel 8 is $1,199. They are both 128GB phones.

              Samsung Galaxy S23 starts at $1,349 while S22 was $1,249. They are both 128GB.

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          Max size, Max cost.

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        Maybe I am poorer nowadays😀

  • Damn just got OW to price beat the costco deal on 128gb Pro for $1660. Would have gone for 256gb for $1729 instead.

    • OW won't match this though

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        I know. But the extra 128gb for only $69 is worth it.

        Plus the ebay seller invoice will be the pre voucher price - which you can submit to your accountant for claiming depreciation ;)

        • Oh - I see. That makes sense!

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      128gb is fine. Get some icloud subscription and you are good to go.

  • Apple don't want price match Ebay

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    waiting for a 15 pro max 512 deal

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    Fastest pricedroping iPhone ever made.

    • Supply and demand

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    Need pro max deal my guys

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    If you claim TRS on this at the airport is it at the pre voucher amount

    • yep

    • -4

      Doubt it, would be what your final price is on receipt.. can’t claim gst refund on amounts you didn’t pay..

      • I bought from MobileCiti a couple of weeks ago. the price on the Tax invoice (which I had to request from them) is PRE voucher.

      • Many sellers on eBay publish their own tax invoices, and they don't include the ebay vouchers as the seller receives the pre-coupon amount.

  • uh wtf the delivery estimate jumped to 2-8 Jan as I was about to check out.
    It was showing 7-8 December before. Now theyre saying it wont arrive before I go overseas.

    • Same situation. It arrives after my trip. It takes age for delivery. No click and collect option

      • I actually got an order in where it said 7-8 Dec.
        It went out of stock, and then it popped back in stock with free express post, so I jumped on that.
        Gonna be very mad if it doesnt actually show up in the next few days

  • Oh no!!! Just placed an order yesterday for 15 pm from OW. Price beat + discount GC + 5x FB points. Should have waited !

  • Could be a stupid question but do you need to have eBay plus for this coupon to work? I will sign up to it to take advantage on the deal but couldn’t find any details on the code online so wanted to check it definitely works

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      Title first 2 words literally say “eBay Plus”

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    Just be careful with mobileciti and warranty.

    I had issues with beats headphones after 3 months and mobileciti said warranty would have to be claimed via apple directly.
    I did go to apple and they were about to facilitate the replacement when they looked up the serial number and said it was an import from China and that they therefore couldn't facilitate a replacement here. They said if it was direct from them (or at least Australian stock I assume) then they would have.

    I told mobileciti and they denied that it was imported stock and asked for proof of this. Apple refused to give me written proof of this (tried in store and on phone again) and insisted that the retailer had to organise the replacement.
    I never ended up getting a replacement, and just burnt my money for nothing.

    I personally will just pay extra to buy apple products from an Australian retailer.

    • @AHUANG any input on this?

    • Hello Pointblank,

      I'm sorry to hear about this issue. Could you please send me a private message with your order number? I'll look into it and help resolve the matter for you.

      • Is the delivery time frame correct @AHUANG? 2-8 January?

        • most order will be delivery immidately

          • @AHUANG: Yeah ok, that doesnt help when I need it before I go in 2 weeks.

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              • @djz: I would also like to know!

              • @djz: Or you can sell it to me?

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                @djz: I googled the Part number and Harvey Norman are selling the exact same part number

              • @djz: Mobileciti only sells Australian stock. 2 full years of Apple Warranty.

            • +1

              @theguyrules: I mean we have instock, warehouse already prepare dispatch some this morning's order, extra lead time just to prevent oversold or shipping delay.

              • @AHUANG: Thanks, I've ordered as your ebay page updated to 7-8 December delivery.

      • @AHUANG, can you please confirm if these are Australian stock, with Apple Australia warranty. Thanks

        • +1

          Mobileciti only sells Australian stock. 2 full years of Apple Warranty

      • hi @AHUANG,

        Is this code still valid? I am looking to purchase iPhone 15 pro max 1TB before going oversea at the end of this month. thanks

  • Any gift card with good discounts? I only can find 2.5% swap celeb gift card fr shopback

    • 4% off with Reward Gateway. looks like $1300 a day max though

    • +1

      While the discount is more enticing on high value purchase, but it's not without risks.

      • What if the platform doesn't email gift card details soon after purchase? They all have delay clauses. Your money is locked with them, what do you do? Wait while stock runs out?

      • What if the seller couldn't fulfil an order and issue a refund, again stuck with gift card.

      The discount is so low, no one would bother to buy them.

      • +1

        exactly why I didn't bother with the extra 4% off

  • And its over.

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  • OOS

  • 2 white left


  • Out Of Stock

  • OOS

  • -8

    Only $1700 zomgggg so cheeep la

  • Anyone had a shipment notification yet?

  • Someone please help!
    Does anyone know if this DASO20 code can be applied to any other iPhone 15 Pro listings by this seller?

    Can it be applied to listings from other sellers?

    I don’t have eBay plus yet and I’m assuming it won’t tell me if I can use it until I sign up, I’ll sign up once I know the code will work

    Thanks guys

    • It doesn't work, no. it was for "eligible items" only
      I think cause it was an eBay plus tuesday promotion

    • Discount applies to item on this page:


  • Mine just shipped

    • Yep mine too

  • Received today, thanks!

  • Received mine yesterday.
    Seeking recommendation for a nice case.
    Please post the like if you know any. Under $50.

  • That's a pretty damn good price. Does anyone know of any similar deals, without eBay plus?

  • Received the phone, but came with a scratch on screen.
    Have contacted them in eBay and through OzB.

    Phone was brand new and was sealed so, I'm guessing it happened in the factory.

    • +1

      That's insane and rare and MAN I would not wanna deal with that :(

      • Agreed.

        Never had this issue with a brand new phone, so was certainly a surprise to see it on an iPhone.

        Final resolution by mobileciti eBay, I got a refund.

        They were meant to contact me once the iPhone arrived to confirm how I wanted to proceed (wait for new stock or get a refund)

        I did confirm with the ozb rep that I wanted to wait, but I don't think this was communicated through to the eBay team.

        Stuck with a Spigen case for now which puts me out 50 ish which kinda sucks, but I suppose it's better than getting stuck with a dud iPhone at 1729.

        Wish mobileciti communicated better or had a better resolution, but it is what it is.

        • AHUANG on Ozb has reached out to me today, to try and see if they can follow up on stock allocations, or get the $300 coupon active again from eBay, however no longer interested in moving ahead with a replacement.

          Pretty long timeline, as purchase was 5th, and first contact for assistance was 12th of Dec.

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