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[eBay Plus] Valve Steam Deck 64GB $628 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Product Description

  • Portability meets power
    Steam Deck is partnered with AMD to create Steam Deck's custom APU, optimised for handheld gaming. It is a Zen 2 + RDNA 2 powerhouse, delivering more than enough performance to run the latest AAA games in a very efficient power envelope.
  • Thumbsticks and triggers
    Best-in-class thumbsticks with capacitive touch sensor built-in - provide a level of precision and comfort not found in other portable gaming devices. Analogue triggers provide a full range of input for the best experience - especially in driving games.
  • Grip buttons
    Four user-assignable buttons on the back of the deck put the next level of control right at your fingertips while keeping your thumb firmly planted on the trackpad or stick.
  • Handy trackpads
    Play PC games that were never designed to be handheld. With increased precision and customisability, trackpads also give you a competitive edge when playing fast paced FPS games.
  • Gyro feature
    With an IMU and capacitive touch thumbsticks on-board, Steam Deck helps you aim better. By physically positioning the device you can achieve more precision than using a thumbstick or trackpad alone.
  • 40W battery
    Steam Deck Gaming Console's onboard 40 watt-hour battery provides several hours of play time for most games. For lighter use cases like game streaming, smaller 2D games or web browsing, you can expect to get the maximum battery life of approximately 7-8 hours.

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      If you wait long enough the price will remain the same but you'll get 256gb instead.

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      old lady from titanic: its been 84 years

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      “Stay on Target … this is not the price you are looking for”

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        They have altered the deal. Pray they alter it further.

    • Never

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    Whoever marked it as sold out, it's not.

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    How much storage do you need? 64gb is enough?

    • +40

      elden ring is 60gb

      so yes

      • +3

        Hahaha, great response

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        You get 46gb actually usable though, So unfortunately not.

        64gb is only good for indies and retro emulation. Otherwise grab a 1tb ssd and upgrade it.

      • o shit this thing can run elden ring? is the frame rate any good?

    • +16

      "640K is more memory than anyone will ever need"

        • -1

          Now do this one!

          "The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.”

            • -2

              @seamonkey: You are great at fact checking about Bill Gates. Can you help us understand why he met with Jeffrey Epstein multiple times, post Epstein's child trafficking conviction?

                • +1


                  sinister political angle

                  is stating facts sinister and political ?

                  edit: also, wondering what contacts Epstein would have had that Bill Gates didnt have? And was Bill Gates strapped for cash, to seek funding from Epstein?

              • -1

                @Andard: Wasn't Epstein blackmailing him regarding his affair?

                • -1

                  @FabMan: Oh absolutely! Maybe even Bill Gates knew of some underprivileged children that were captive by Epstein and the multiple dinners with him were a secret sting operation to try and save them!

                  I'm spewing the previous commenter deleted all his comments. He had said it would be hard to find people who weren't connected to Epstein. I was going to help him make it easier by shortening the list to people who had a relationship with Epstein POST his child sex trafficking conviction. Oh well.

                  • -1

                    @Andard: What are you ranting about? "Maybe even Bill Gates knew of some underprivileged children that were captive by Epstein and the multiple dinners with him were a secret sting operation to try and save them!". Why say that?

                    Newspapers were reporting that Epstein was blackmailing Gates to keep his affair secret.

                    • @FabMan: Sorry, weren't we were sharing unsubstantiated speculations?

                      How about this - Bill Gates has this special gun that kills child sex traffickers but it only has a range of about 3 feet so he needed to have multiple dinners with Epstein in order for it to work.

    • +2

      Combine with a Samsung Evo 256GB Evo Plus SD Card

    • +7

      Buy this and upgrade the internal drive to a 1TB NVMe for $90.

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      What people do is buy this version, then make either or both upgrades:
      1. Remove the 64gb SSD (2230) and install a 1TB or 2TB SSD - these are from AliExpress (SN740, for example) - runs about $180-200 for the 2TB.
      2. Install a large microsd - e.g. Samsung Evo plus 512GB, SanDisk extreme /pro 1TB

      The install of the SSD may seem daunting but it's quite doable, just need to watch the many videos, have the right screwdrivers and take your time.

      Having said all that, the new Steam Deck OLED has been released and by all accounts is amazing. The issue is getting one into Australia. This deal price of $628 is about $60 cheaper than the average deal price in the past - given the newer model is out but hard to get, I don't think this discount is that great.

      If you are despo to get one now and don't mind too much for the newer model (read up on it!) AND wouldn't be willing to spend the extra $200 or so to get the newer model, then carpe diem my friend, carpe diem and spend more time gaming!

      • +3

        Ok. Thank you. I'll stick to my gaming pc. Sweated enough blood and tears to build it

        • +1

          Sweating blood is not a good thing

        • It has crossplay with ur gaming pc. A switch does not.

          • @Wootwootwoot: Thank you. But your pc has to be on for you to play on the deck? I don't understand cross play

      • wait what? you can remove and replace the ssd in these things?

      • +1

        extra $200 or so to get the newer model

        More like $650. Kogan have it for $1279.

        It's $US549 for the 512. That's $AU830. Then you add GST, Shipping and Resellers margins.

        • +1

          Thanks DASHCAM NOW DUDE, I'll update my comment. It's definitely more expensive!

          Edit: but I see can no longer edit now that ppl have commented! Good input though!

    • 64gb model has slightly slower internal storage compared to 256gb but still pretty serviceable.
      i have a 256gb model but have basically all my games running off micro sd no problem

    • -2

      I've got 2TB in mine.

  • -8

    No gamepass kills on steam deck kills it.

    • -2

      Just run through edge. Easy peasy

      • That's for the Cloud streaming games only. It works well though but nod all games can be streamed.

        • Yea fair, I guess just buy the XBOX portable then

    • -1

      Just dual boot Windows 10

      • +4

        The problem is that Valve rarely update the windows drivers and the custom SOC isn't supported by the normal AMD drivers, so you run into games that wont run with the old drivers, even once you install third party software for fan and controller support. If you want a local gamepass machine get the ROG Ally.

    • I use greenlight and can stream gamepass games at 60fps

      • Yer i dont like thr thought of streaming. Ive never had a perfect smooth run. Also consumes lots of data when no wifi.

        • Yeah i understand. I'm an at home steam deck player so I stream my PC through Sunshine and it works surprisingly well. I do have an asus router which helps a lot too as my home pc is too far away for ethernet.

          I think Xbox will 'greenlight' some support properly eventually. They are going through a few changes next year so hopefully that gets sorted as more and more people get rog allys and steam decks.

  • -2

    I think a fairer price for this in light of the Ally, Legion Go and the OLED steam deck should be closer to $400. Not saying that OP has any input on the price of this though.

    • +6

      Everything you mentioned is more expensive.

      Also, Ally melts micro sd cards and has a lot shorter battery life.
      Legion Go has issues with controllers sticking and usbc getting hot af when charging while playing.
      OLED is currently over 2x this price when buying from local companies that are importing them.

      I don't see how any of thoseshould drop this to over $120 below what its pre-gst and shipping cost rrp

      • SD card issue is fixed on new builds of the Ally I believe.

        Battery life is shorter, granted. But it's also a much nicer screen including VRR, and runs games much better when connected to power. If you primarily play on the go without a battery pack, a Steam Deck is a better choice due to far better efficiency at 15W. If you can bring a large power bank, or play at home with power access, an Ally is a better choice (IMO).

        • I probably bite when ally drops to $1000

    • +9

      It's $US399 and isn't available here officially. It's never going to be $AU400.

      A Switch costs $400 here.

      • The $399 version is the 256gb model. My point about it it being $400 here takes into account that the 64GB model has been discontinued.

  • Is that possible to order a special edition of OLED version? Website shows it only available in USA & Canada

    • +5

      Official Steam Deck is not available at all inAustralia;, every Deck sold is technically gray import. You might be able to order one using a shipping forwarder, otherwise maybe wait a few months and expect 50% markup.

  • +5

    HODL for SD Oled?

    • That's my plan

  • From a different handheld page -

    When I saw the recent retro handheld post here I did a deep dive comparison into all the handhelds. Ended up buying the Ayn Odin 2 (pro) that is newly released from their page which ended up about $600 with a case and screen protector shipped. It does everything up to Switch (- PC games). I personally wanted a handheld primarily for all those systems in a device (including android) and will keep the PC games for my desktop set up.
    Biggest differences between the steam deck are more portable size and much longer battery life though no PC gaming (Xbox and ps3 emulation arent great anyway)
    Let's be honest you'll likely be connected to a wall with this thing playing the latest games given the 2~ hour battery at which point I'd just use a desktop

    • +1

      link to the handheld page plz? cheers

    • SD makes more sense? similar costs that can play PC and PS3 games

      • +1

        Not all PS3 games. Expect some stutters and under 30 frames at times

      • +1

        More sense for who? Personally wanted an emulator that could do up to Switch level games which this does well. If i want to be jacked into a wall to be able to play the top pc games (for more than 2 hours) i have my desktop or a laptop which will do this better anyway

      • +1

        I highly doubt you’re playing any decent games at playable frame rates via RPCS3 on a steam deck. RPCS3 still brings RTX cards to their knees.

  • +1

    Does it have it's Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)?

    There's penalties these days for even possessing devices without it, no longer just supplying.

    • +1

      There's penalties these days for even possessing devices without it

      Really? Any link to this?

      • Buried in the legislation that ACMA oversees - the 'simple' version is by following the Rules to follow.

        The most direct reference is under ACMA's powers with the call out to issue permits for 'unlabelled equipment'.

        The Equipment Rules are a fun read, if you want to go down into the legislation itself. It's a bit of a web however, and requires reading other things like the Labelling notice(s).

        That all said - it's one of those 'your risk of being caught, and then actually fined are almost nil' - but IMO the entire category of legislation needs to be fixed (there's no exemption for overseas travellers bringing their non compliant mobiles with them, for example).

        • -1

          your risk of being caught, and then actually fined are almost nil

          That risk lies with whoever imports and sells the device in Australia. For you to purchase or import for personal use is not illegal.

          • -1

            @Clear: This is incorrect. Possession of a device is included in the equipment rules.

            Separately, importing it yourself makes you the supplier. Even if only for your own use.

            There is a list of exemptions in the equipment rules, personal use is not one of them.

            • -1

              @Argenteus: I look forward to hearing how your case goes.

              • @Clear: What case? I'm not the one suggesting that an exemption exists that doesn't.

                Happy to be corrected, if you can link the section of the legislation.

  • Are these hard to mod to play emulators and roms? and what can it run upto? can it do Nintendo Gamecube?

    • +5

      No mod required, it's just a (Linux) PC shaped like a Switch.

    • +1

      can run a lot of PS3 games

  • +5

    Personally, I would wait to get the OLED models, they are significantly better in a lot of ways.

    Better screen
    Better battery life
    Longer sustained clock speeds
    Better screen
    Much much better screen

    In all seriousness, wait for the newer models.

    • +8

      This whole “just wait for the newer model” mentality when it comes to tech products is ridiculous.

      • +11

        Just wait 500 years till the new steam deck hyper holographic with 1trillion petabytes of storage and headsetless vr comes out.

        • +1

          cryogenic freezing has entered the chat

          • @Ethan Bargain-Hunt: Hello there, welcome to the future, what do you think of the shithole 2023 so far? Noticed what you can buy for your 1 dollar?

      • It's much better though. Also, OLED model should be cheaper when comparing RRP.

        • By the time the OLED comes down in price, here would probably be full of HODL comments saying that the Steamdeck 2/Pro has so many better features

          • +2

            @brosk1s: The OG steam deck has been this price months ago though. Not sure why so many up votes now.

      • -1

        I'm still waiting for my PS5 Slim. I was reliably informed on this website several years ago that it's probably a year away.

      • Yes and no. There are better and worse times to buy a product in relation to software support for it (in this case new game releases) and value for money.

      • +1

        What are you talking about? The OLED version exists, you aren't waiting for a possible technology, or one that is announced, people are playing with the damn thing now. It is Australia that is being given the shaft, you can order one through Kogan if you want it.

        • +1

          OP is literally saying “wait for the OLED version”. Australia is not “being given the shaft”. We’re a tiny market that Valve won’t bother with thanks to the ACCC.

          Yeah, preorder the OLED for $1300 or buy the the original for less than half, which further highlights the ridiculousness of waiting for the next big thing as if there will be some big payoff.

          • -2

            @aja12: So waiting 5 weeks for a better model is considered ridiculous? The PC builds that take 5 to 10 days to build here, is that ridiculous too or is the cut off somewhere in between? This isn't the same as "New technologiy to be announced sometime soon" and then have to wait 18 months for the product to arrive. It is in people's hand and you can order it right now.

            When comparing prices for older model bottom tier vs newer model middle tier, you might expect a price hike. I don't think the OLED price is good value for money, so I'm not interested. However, you can order it right now, and you are getting more than just it being newer.

            • +7

              @FabMan: Waiting 5 weeks and paying more than DOUBLE is fine if you want the latest and greatest, but saying “just wait for the new model” is ridiculous when you are completely ignoring the cost differences.

              “Don’t buy the Steam Deck for $630, buy the OLED version for $1300 because it’s better”. No shit it’s better, and you’ll pay for it. Not a hard concept to comprehend.

      • Seriously though, wait for Switch 2 unless you're loaded or desperate to play the last few years of first party games. It'll be out in less than 12 months, I 100% guarantee it.

    • And probably at double the price makes it much worse value. All the "better" in your list, aren't revolutionary better, just slightly improved.

    • Personally agree. But someone might need this as a Christmas gift.

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