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Boost Mobile: $15 Cashback on $12 50GB SIM (+ $5 Westpac Bonus - Expired) @ ShopBack


Saw this on the app, + 100% Bonus (cap $5) for Westpac(expired)

  • Multiple SIM purchases need to be made as separate Transactions
  • Cashback is qualified only for New Boost customers.
  • Cashback is not qualified on recharges & prepaid phones.
  • SIM must be activated within 30 days of ordering.
  • Purchases of SIM plans not listed on ShopBack will result in the lowest cashback tier ($0.60)

Referral Links

Referral: random (3949)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • +5

    Sorry something went wrong

    Been stuck since last promo too

    • +2

      For me I had to use the exact same info (name, DOB, email) as my Telstra account

      • wait until the number added up and we will be in the same boat :-P

    • +1

      same.. damm annoying

    • +2

      Well, every Ozber will be on the same boat eventually!

  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year

  • +5

    These boost sims are not worth the hustle anymore.

    Always "something went wrong" when buying it, and even worse for activations.

    • I've never once seen that error or had trouble activating.
      I do have an issue with my Telstra ID that they don't seem to be able to fix though. I can sign in during activation and it pre-fills all my details, but as soon as I try signing in to the Boost app (or Telstra website) it sends me into an endless loop saying "You don't have any active services, click here to add one".

      It just doesn't work. I'm at the point now where online chat don't know what to do so they've suggested I call up and ask them to de-link and trash my Telstra ID so I can start from scratch. Apparently they can't do that via chat.

  • Has anyone coined the name of this new way of raising capital yet? 😂

    Over the years, we had innovation in the capital markets like crowd funding, SPACs etc.

    • +11

      Is Pizza Hut a chain of pizza shops, or a secret charity tasked with distributing millions of free ice creams to the community? Is Boost Mobile a virtual communication network, or a clandestine operation with a mission to give thousands of Australians an immediate path to early retirement? Most importantly, why does Turkey have 86 million people, but 200 million Netflix accounts?

      • +2

        And YouTube premium account as well 🤪

      • The skies the limit when it comes to innovation and creativity.

        • Exactly. That’s why space travel is not going to work

    • Underneath the address labels on the envelopes that the SIMs arrive in, it says "WHITE MAIL"

      • What are you proposing?

      • "WHITE MAIL"

        Better than “BLACK MAIL” ?

        • -1

          systemic racism built in to our language right there

          • @peacenik: I guess, you are racist if you see it that way.
            What does it have to do with the races? Black and white are the colours.

  • +2

    The 50GB is showing as $35 for me. I don't see the coupon code in the app.

    Will I get the cashback + Westpac bonus if I use the code?


    • It’s in the app. Cashback info -> Deal -> $35 for $12.

    • +3

      The coupon code is there

      Head to the Promotions tab, then expand the details section on the $35 for $12. Code is listed in the details

    • I can't guarantee anything, but it is on the promo banner.

    • For me it also showed as $35 in the app. When you start the purchase and enter the promo code then the price changes to $12.

  • -4

    shows $35

    • +14

      Need to enter code at checkout

      • +1

        Got negged for being helpful haha

        • +2

          I reupvoted you

  • +1

    12 month deal please :(

    • +1

      When JSONBourne wants to be tracked, the cashback knows it’s headed for an ambush

    • +1

      The Jason Bourne I know only buys monthly burner plans

  • +2

    'Rose' on live chat mentioned that Boost has updated its system and is blocking customers from buying or activating multiple SIMs with different mobile numbers. Boost wants customers to recharge. Hence the something wrong message.

    I haven't been able to purchase in the last 3 weeks and had to contact Boost to activate. Haven't reached the 35 SIM limit either.

    • Ive done it heaps of time dont know why its not letting you

    • Yeap blocked. Let's see if someone figures out which details they cross check.

    • I never add a number when I activate my sims must be why ? Not sure always using the same email to buy and activate have approx 10 sims active atm

      • I too don't add my actual phone number.

    • +1

      It’s odd, something has definitely changed in their system. I just logged in to check how many numbers I have until the mythical 35, only to find out there’s only one active, and four expired. Irl I have about 8 active and expiring in a week or so. I then activated a few, nothing has showed up in the app. There must be a dupe account somewhere. Oh well, happy to be where I am 😊

    • wait, what's the connection between the number of activations and buying a new SIM? You don't need to be logged in when placing a new order, nor using your same details as your Telstra account.

      • They flag your details/device/IP/whoknows and fraud detection gets triggered.

        • +1

          I think the address plays the key factor. Did a fresh custom ROM install and purchased from a new location but still hit the wall. Even my bank card is new….anyways, waiting for profit to rise before I churn more!

  • +1

    This Boost deal is a little out of the ordinary from the usual ones where this deal requires to enter a voucher code:

    Use only promo codes from ShopBack

    Does anyone know if the cashback still applies with the voucher code for this deal?


    Cashback is qualified only for New Boost customers.

    Means this applies to new phone numbers only right (so you can still use the same email address when buying)?

    • +1

      yes and yes per my experience

      • Ok thanks. I took the risk and did it, and got the cashbacks tracked. Hoping nothing goes wrong and it gets approved.

  • Thought I'd mention the bonus $5 is only available once despite description about multiple sims

    • +1

      That’s copied from the store description. The Westpac upsize has the following:

      Reward capped at $5.00 per purchase, redeemable 1 time

  • Yeah online activations are blocked for customers with multiple Sims, but live chat works.

    • Yes can confirm live chat helps to activate multiple sims with same user details. Have done for 3 sims each for myself and partner ID details

  • +1

    Something always gones wrong

  • Slow tracking this time…not yet tracked

    • Cashrewards tracking is much better

  • +2

    Yay ordered! I haven't paid for my service this whole year, so proud! Thanks AMAYSIM, Lebara & Boost :). Better then owning shares in Telstra for those low dividends.

    • Wow, how'd you get free Amaysim and Lebara? Or are you saying you use Boost cashback to pay for those two?

  • AU post lost my sims, says delivered but can't find anywhere. Boost customer service bull shit with bunch of excuses not being able to send replacement. Told to buy a $2 sim from shop and activate.
    Does anyone know if it will still track if activate using another Boost sim card?

    • +1

      If my sims dont come i simply just activate it, I ask them to cross reference my order number with my sim serial and then activate it Im not losing money

      • How do you activate with no sim received? Didn't know Boost customer service that shocking until the need to contact.

        • +1

          All I need is the sim serial I ask them to cross check with my order numbers and if the sim doesn't arrive i just activate it, doesn't matter to me I have 3 other ones that have come

          • @StarPlatinum: Yeah they can't even give me the serial number when I asked.

            • +1

              @akte: You have to ask them to cross check it with your order number I've done it multiple times no problems

              • @StarPlatinum: Ok thanks, will try the 5th agent, hopefully will have better result.

                • @akte: Everytime I ask I say could you cross check my order numbers with the sim serial, and I provide all my order numbers

                  • +3

                    @StarPlatinum: Thanks, success with 6th agent now, the last one has no clue and asking lots of questions insisting I wait for the sim to arrive. The agent asked for reason, just told them I ordered multiple.

                    • +2

                      @akte: Glad it worked out buddy

                      • +1

                        @StarPlatinum: Thanks mate! This will be very useful for other ppl with same situation!

                        • +1

                          @akte: Make sure to cancel the SIM after cashback approval so you don't end up on a list or j@il

                          • @Fobsessive: How to cancel Boost's Sim? Never done it before, I just not recharge and let the number expire.

  • Ordered the $35 option.. Offer code applied, paid the $12 with my Westpac
    Approx 30 mins later, Shopback tracked $15 + $5 Westpac bonus.

    • Needed a sim card for a family holiday in Torquay VIC.. where optus my current sim, gets patchy at best coverage.

  • +2

    Does anyone cancel the sims immediately after the term is done? Or let them automatically cancel after 12 months. Online or has to be done via live chat?

    • +2

      I have a SIM older than 12 months but still active to receive calls. Strange.

      • That is strange indeed, all my older sims from first quarter of 2023 has auto deactivated, I never needed to ask then to cancel. I have yet to hit 35 but even if I did I’ll just use mrs’s details ezpz

        • +1

          got this from chat just now "For purchasing the sim system only allows 15-18 sims you can seek help to one of your friends or relatives who can purchase the new sim for you"

          • +3

            @attalisie: I have had operators telling me “max 3 sim activations/24hr” then some say 5, which I know all are crock of shyt coz i keep tryin and eventually hit one that can do multiples more than mentioned above.
            So now when I try activate i just open several chat tabs and let the race begin! Whoever can help serve me best in one sitting 🤣
            So if that happens to activation, i wont easily believe what they say re: SIM purchases either.

            • +1

              @noelhoi: LOL set up a stopwatch and time them! She was saying I can have 35 in my account but then said I'm getting error as I can only have 15-18. I've only got 18 sims now and have the dreaded something went wrong message. Will give it a while to cool down and hopefully resets. Next time there's an offer may aswell get 35 at once.

    • They automatically cancel approx 7 months after the date you activate it and they are deleted off your account.
      You get a reminder text close to the date.

  • Is there a way to activate a second SIM to receive the cashback, whilst still using boost as a primary SIM?

    • +1

      You can activate as many sims as you want.

      • Do you need to use a second email address on boost or can multiple Sims be linked to the same boost details? Thank you

  • Was able to buy one but no tracking 🤦‍♂️

  • Bought one this morning. Keen to give it a try because the Vodafail reception along the Seaford to Adelaide trainline is s**thouse at best, and it's getting worse and worse.

    EDIT: Just checked my newly created Shopback account and there's $15 in there!

  • still no tracking after 2 hours

    • just tracked, $15+$5
      all good now

  • Ok new to these cashback Sim deals. Would like a bit of education.

    Is the general idea for some people to just get a new cashback Sim each month and have the same number , your own personal longstanding number, keep being ported to a new sim each month?

    Alternatively judging from the comments some people just buy multiple Sims and do nothing with them as there is profit from just purely buying them?

    Anything else I'm missing?


    • you can port out to other provider then port back with same number every 28 days.
      if you do not feel troublesome.
      Most of time, processing time is in 10 minutes.

      I am just using it as new number for mobile data.
      then my main number is 365 days prepaid with lowest data plan, such as 60gb per year.

  • Currently on Boost. What does it mean by “new boost customers only”. Some say you need to port out then port back in to be considered a new customer while others say getting a new number when activating the sim is all you need to do regardless of whether the account is already with Boost. Could someone explain? Cheers.

    • +1

      Both are correct

  • +1

    No matter what I try, still get the error. Started from last deal.

  • +1

    Looks like the good times are coming to an end for most people and eventually anyone who can still purchase. Haven’t been able to buy any since late October.

    Whether it’s because of Boost restricting number of boost accounts, phone numbers, etc per person or because of the heavy abuse of these deals, it has been a very good run. I’ve saved heaps on new number deals, and offers. As well as a free phone plan every 2nd cycle. Didn’t use it for free home internet, but I’m sure many did.

    A reminder for people who have multiple accounts on apps and sites with new numbers. Withdraw all your cashbacks, flybys, rewards, etc. The number will be deactivated after 6 months and you won’t have a new number to change it to on your account. You could lose all that you earned.

    I couldn’t care less for the profit. 100% cashback was good enough for me. The new number and free phone plan was worth much more for me.

    Hopefully there’ll be future telco deals that offer a free new number.

  • can I use the same set of name, phone no and email to buy multiple sim and still have shopback?

    • +1


  • Done & tracked.
    50GB of Telstra data to burn over the Xmas break, and some free money.
    Thanks OP.

  • +1


    We’re sorry but we’re experiencing technical issues. Please try again later.

  • So this deal's only for Westpac customers? I cannot find any details about the $12 SIM and promo code in the Shopback app.

    • Arh, found it now. I needed to click through to the deal from the app to the Boost Mobile website and then it shows up under Cashback Info.

  • Worked first time, this time. Previous times have taken multiple attempts. Not sure what let system they're using.
    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    I actually never got a problem, but I only buy 1 each time, maybe that's why.

  • +1

    Doesn't seem to be expired but I am still stuck in the something wrong club anyway.

    • +3

      $5 Westpac bonus has expired but $3 cashback is still on. Also can't buy

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