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½ Price: Just Cook Prawn Gyoza / Pork Gyoza / Vegetable Gyoza / Prawn Hargow 1kg $11.35 @ Woolworths


Just Cook frozen gyoza / hargow on ½ price this week.

KB by other name.

Same Tasty Product.
New Packaging.

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    Same Tasty Product.
    New Packaging

    I'm always sceptical when they change packaging…

    Just had a quick look at the nutrition information, and they appear to be different (comparing 100g servings)

    Appears that KBs are now exclusive to Coles, while Just Cook is exclusive to Woolworths.

    • they are the same,and JC has addressed on package that both KB and JUST COOK are same company

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        Same company doesn't necessarily mean same product. Changes in nutrition information usually suggest a change in ingredients.

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      Every KB product I've ever looked at the supermarket is made in China. I presume this is the same.
      I'm not poor enough yet that I'm going to eat food from China. I've seen what they've done to their natural environment

      • If I recalled correctly, the country of origin varies on the KBs Gyoza/Hargow:

        • Chicken and Pork Gyoza: Australia
        • Vegetable and Prawn Gyoza: Thailand
        • Prawn Hargow: China
      • product page has country of origin. as RichardL says below, it is from Thailand

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    I was wondering why Kailis Bros. did a KFC.

    It turns out the KB is 90% Chinese, and 10% owned by Kailis family.

  • Haven't tried Just Cook before. How is the Just Cook's Prawn Gyoza compared to KB's? Worth buying when it's half price I'm assuming?

    • Same product company, new look

  • Yummy

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    What are the reviews on these Gyozas?

  • C'mon, anyone tried em yet? Comparison to KBs?

    • we've had both. tasty

  • Need an upright freezer now ! Tasty as forget the rest

  • How do they compare to the aldi gyoza's?

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      Having tried both, I rate these/KBs above Aldi, but only worth it when they're half price like this.

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    Does anyone else notice that the slight single movement of initials from KB to JC are similar to those from HAL and IBM ?

    It's probably just me…………….

    • ? enlighten me please

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        Each letter moved ahead one spot on the alphabet

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        I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.

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      Yep, first thing I noticed, but that's my kind of thinking. See also (Microsoft) MS -> (Windows). NT

    • Nice observation

  • No wonder why I couldnt find it at woolies yesterday.

    • Maybe coz u trolled life earlier, so now u gotta suffer?

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