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$50 Reward for Referrer & Referee with Westpac Choice Account after Referee Deposits Min $500 & Makes 5 Card Purchases @ Westpac


Westpac comes with refer a friend option like anzplus - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811865.

Refer friend to a Westpac Choice account and you'll both get a $50 bonus when they meet the eligibility criteria. Max reward $250.

Steps needs to be done (Starts from 8/12/2023)

Open their new transaction account and within 30 days and:

1 Enter your unique referral code as the description for their first deposit

2 Deposit a minimum of $500

3 Make 5 eligible* transactions

Update- Referrer random code is available to add your info..

Please check if you got the email from westpac with unique code.

More info from https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/bank-accounts/tr…

If you are the Referee:

You’ll need to read the T&Cs of the Promotion detailed on this page and can review information about the Westpac Choice bank account to see if it suits your needs.
If you have decided that the Westpac Choice account meets your needs, you will need to open the account within the Promotion Period and complete the Promotion eligibility criteria set out on this page within 30 days of opening your account.
Where a joint account is opened, if one of the joint account holders have held a transaction account with Westpac before, then none of the remaining joint account holders will be eligible for the Promotion in respect of the joint accounts.
Once you have met the eligibility criteria, and on the condition that a Bonus has not already been paid 5 times on the unique code you’ve used as a deposit descriptor, the $50 Bonus will be paid into your Westpac Choice account. This will usually be within 50 days from the time you opened your new Westpac Choice account.
If a Bonus has already been paid to 5 other referred friends, then no Bonus will be paid to your account.
Your new Westpac Choice account must remain open to receive the Bonus.
You agree that the Referrer who told you about the Promotion may also get a Bonus as a result of referring you.
If you have any tax-related questions about your Bonus, should discuss those questions with a registered tax agent or the Australian Taxation Office.

If you are the Referrer:
The following criteria, shared with you via email when you were selected for participation in the Promotion, apply.

You must be selected by us to participate in the program during the Promotion Period.
If you have been selected, you will be issued with a unique code that can only be used during the Promotion Period and this will be shared to you via email.
You need to tell your Referees to visit www.westpac.com.au/referafriend so that they can read the T&Cs of the Promotion and can review information about the Westpac Choice bank account to determine if it is right for them and how to open it.
You need to tell your Referees the unique code so they can enter it with their first transaction if they open a Westpac Choice account.
You should only share your unique code responsibly with Referees who you genuinely think are looking for an everyday account within the Promotion Period and who consent to receiving information about the Promotion.
Westpac does not support sending unwanted or unsolicited promotional messages. Don’t “spam” anyone by forwarding this email, or sending text messages or any direct mail, newsgroup messages, message board messages, or any other form of electronic communication about the Promotion.
You must not market this Promotion or otherwise make referrals using any merchant site, keyword bids, black hat SEO, paid advertisements (e.g., pay per click), or other similar methods, or otherwise undermine the fair and intended operation of this Promotion.
Once your Referee has met the eligibility criteria, your $50 Bonus will be paid to your Westpac Choice Account within 50 days from the time your Referee has opened their new Westpac Choice account.
If you hold multiple Westpac Choice Accounts, the Bonus will be paid to your earliest opened account which must remain open to receive the Bonus.
You will only get a Bonus for the first 5 Referees that open a new Westpac Choice account and meet the eligibility criteria within 30 days of account opening. The maximum you can receive under this Promotion is $250. The maximum any Referee you refer can receive is $50.
If you have any tax-related questions about your Bonus, should discuss those questions with a registered tax agent or the Australian Taxation Office.


We can change these T&Cs at any time. If we change the T&Cs, the version that was in effect at the time a Referee successfully opened the account will continue to apply.
We may refuse to pay a Bonus in our absolute discretion without notice if, in our reasonable opinion, Referrer or a Referee did not comply with any of our Promotion T&Cs, or we reasonably think one of them is acting in bad faith or in a way harmful to our interests.
We may end this Promotion at our absolute discretion without notice.

Referral Links

Westpac Choice Account: random (130)

Referrer & Referee get $50 after referee makes 5 card purchases & deposits $500+. Maximum of 5 referrals allowed per customer: bonus is not paid to either parties if the referral code has been used more than 5 times.

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  • +7

    I wouldn't put my family and friends with the hell that is Westpac.

    • +7

      it's called $50 then close

      • +1

        how much is your time worth? It doesn't appear to be a deal unless you have lots of time and nothing else to do

        • -2

          What is your hourly rate?

          65 dollars an hour is pretty good

        • +4

          With a name like that surely you're hustling these deals whilst on the crapper like the rest of us?
          My time is worth zero whilst doing that on company time

      • +1

        That's true, but I signed up to a product that offered free money, only for Westpac to go back on their word.

        In the end they gained a customer but refuse to pay out. So I let the account sit with $0.

      • I've been trying to "close" an account since 2021 (they disabled it because I didn't spend enough on it), I've even been to ombudsman and have them send an order to them to close it. The account comes up in credit checks, Westpac is so incompetent no one knows how to clear the account out. Westpac now almost at the same level of incompetency as ANZ.. What is your time worth, as the man said! Or do you really want to be getting posted letters for the rest of your life for an account you cannot close and have it show up on credit checks for all of your life?

  • +4


    You must be selected by us to participate in the program during the Promotion Period.

  • +2

    The account-keeping fee is waived for each month:

    • you deposit a minimum total of $2,000 into the
    account between close of business on the last
    business day of the previous month and on or before
    close of business on the last business day of the
    current month. If you make a deposit in a month after
    the close of business on the last business day of that
    month, that deposit will be included in the deposit
    calculation for the following month.

    • you or any other account holder for a joint account
    is under 30 years of age. In the month after the
    youngest holder turns 30, the fee waiver will be

    • +1

      what if you keep your balance at $0, they still going to charge you $5 a month?

  • +1

    So tomorrow is when the 'targeted' emails will be sent out to existing Westpac customers?

    • I too am curious

  • How do we find our referral code?

    Edit: right, so it’s selected members only

  • Targeted

  • Dang i just referred a family member like 2 weeks ago 😔 got nothing back

  • +13

    Having a $5/month account fee is ridiculous in this day and age. Why would you pick Westpac over other banks.

    • Maybe use it for 10 months, enjoy the bonus Westpac cashback and close it ?

      • +1

        Honestly I found even with the Cashback it wasn't worth the hassle. Until they remove the fee there's no real point going with them.

        • +5

          Transfer $2k in and out once a month, it takes literally less than a minute

          • @cook99: how dare you…. ….not suggest that they put the transfer in and transfer out on a schedule so the money shuffle happens automagically ;)

            • +1

              @quick-dry: I didn't want to create drama with the magic of scheduling…

    • +2

      i opened westpac for the shopback bonus cashbacks

      • Same. Money gets transferred in at the time I want to use it for a Shopback/Westpac purchase and that's it.

      • Which one? Have consideree doing this

    • +1

      The same for a 'package fee' with any home loan. There is NO reason for it WHATSOVEVER. It offers less than nothing.

      Almost (if not all) of the Big 6 have a package fee.

      I have a couple of loans, some with basic credit unions , the other with CBA.

      The Credit Unions smash the CBA on EVERY front…

      Customer service (miles ahead..you ring a number someone answers - none of this push 1, push 2 and wait for half a day).
      Their netbanking is way more intuitive and OSKO etc just work. CBA originally wouldn't even let me name my accounts with an alias!
      They have no fees..none, nada, zip..and offer 3 100% Offset accounts free..even the fixed loan has a 100% offset account. CBA don't offer half of this even with a package fee.
      Their credit cards are rubbish.
      The rate increases are way slower than CBA, and they both started the same, CBA is now 1.2% higher.

      I have no idea why we use these scumbags? I only took the CBA loan for the Cashback…regretted it since. Refi app is in after they wouldn't offer any better rate and a joke process to get one… they play games. Need to ask for your discharge paper work before they will actually offer you a better rate, or an amount to stay. They offered me $1000. I'd rather just discharge now. DONT play games CBA.
      Even the complaints department told me to leave as CBA doesn't care about customers anymore and is old and hasn't moved on. Said they prey on the elderly and unknowledgeable (some disgruntled employee their.. but might be the only honest one they have).

      Summary, dont pay package fees, savings account fee's…. you don't need to.

      • Credit Unions + Mutual Banks are far superior than any of the Big 4/Big 6 for all of the reasons you suggest.

      • The main reason is access to offset, and if you want, splitting your loan to variable+fixed. These 2 options are usually done with the package fee. Waiving credit card fee is a bonus. Personally I like the ANZ/Tiimely way of doing it $10 per month for offset, but most banks haven't switched to this model yet. I've never been with CBA for home loans but I heard they are definitely not on the cheap end of the market

        • Read my initial comment above bud. With Easystreet/ CFC/ TMB… Multiple fixed offset accounts, even on fixed loans. No charge whatsoever. No fee credit cards..no probs. You are being conned by ANZ.

      • I agree, one should not pay saving or any account fees as everything is online and bank saving millions on realestate cost so why pay extra fees for opening account.. !

        only reason i don't have westpac account is because they charge account fees and also their app has poor rating on android.. !!!

  • +2

    I have requested Mod to add the referral option for westpac. Hope it will be added soon.

  • Where to find the referral code?

    • have you got the email from westpac? if so, you will find a code in your email.

  • +2

    I like the idea of the referral generator, however the main concern is drawing a code that has already been used 5+ or more times, invalidating your signup as a referee

    Shouldn't a PM system be used in this case so referee's can communicate with the referrer to ensure they are within the 5 people referrer limit?

    • Good suggestion, also with random click, sometime we cant track whether user signed up or false click. PM is best way to manage so that even we can request to update the status whether they have opened or not.

      Not sure if 6th referrer eligible to receive $50 or only first 5 referrer. tnc says only referee will receive max $250, referrer receive max $50.

  • I dare say anyone who has signed up after the first 5 would be deemed not eligible, since it states only max 5 in the terms

    With only 5 so far in the generator, that number would be exceeded fairly quickly, given the large base of Ozbargain users, maybe best to get it pulled and replaced with PM system ASAP

    • i agree. Not sure how to request them ? messaged Mod. lets find out is there any solution.

  • The referral pool is pretty small right now with just 6 entries and there are only 2 users who have not fully met the 5-person limit from what I can see


    I'll change the referral from coupon code generator to private messaging. Please keep count of your own referrals, if you believe you have all 5 customers referred already please remove / uncheck the referral to remove yourself from the pools

  • +4

    Another day, another useless bank account.
    Sorry Coles, I have 5 accounts to tap 5 times each so I just bought 25 grapes to make 25 transactions.
    All the wasted recources!

  • +1

    anyone signup without actually needing to enter any form of ID, like Driver License etc?

  • So I didn't receive the targeted email and spent 30+ minutes on the live chat with a Westpac representative trying to find out why I hadn't received the email - I'm not elligble. Been with westpac and had a choice account over 16 years. Bye bye westpac I'm off

    • Wonder how do they select customers eligible for this referral program.

  • I forgot to enter the code as my first deposit oh well

  • Referee Eligibility Criteria:
    Has never held a transaction account with Westpac before

  • My referral bonus arrived yesterday (2024-01-18) after I deposited money and made 5x$0.01 transactions on 2023-12-27.

  • I've messaged 6 people for a referral and haven't got a reply…

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